11. Giver Prayer: Receiving Generational Blessing

Imagine this scenario.

Your rich great uncle dies.  He allocated $100,000 to you in his will.  The will goes through probate and the money is set aside for you.

The only problem is, when he wrote his will, you were a freshman in collage and since then you have moved ten times.  The attorney has your money and is willing to release it, but has no idea where you are since you are one of those people who despise all flavors of social media and have never gotten in trouble, therefore you are not easily found through the usual web search.

And you are so far out of touch with that side of the family you don’t even know that he died, much less that he had enough money to leave an inheritance, much less that he remembers you at all when you only met him once.  No reason in the world you should send him a change of address note every time you move.

The kicker is, you could really use the $100K right now, but you don’t know it exists or that it has your name on it.

This is a picture of generational blessings.  They are not the result of your work.  You very likely do not even know the saints in your family line who accrued them.  They are yours in a legal sense, but they are not yours in a practical sense until you file a request in the Court of Heaven for them to be released to you.

There can be generational blessings from your blood line, your marriage lines and any adoptive lines in your family tree.

Some generational blessings are time sensitive, only to be released in a particular window of time.  Others are available for the asking.

If this is a new topic for you, you can read our E-book, “Relentless Generational Blessings” which is available for Nook, Kindle or iPad.

For now, let us once again step into our priestly office and ask Father to adjudicate on behalf of those Givers in our midst who do not know they have blessings in a heavenly trust fund.

11. Giver Prayer: Receiving Generational Blessing

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to 11. Giver Prayer: Receiving Generational Blessing

  1. Margaret says:

    For many who are not from Irish Catholic roots the issue of marriage as a specific blessing, may not need to be considered. There were very specific curses perpetuated on my family since World War 2 in this area ( and possibly before this), plus the wrong doctrines to do with celibacy etc., and God has been exposing much sexual abuse in this stream of the church. I have been pressing in to God for the Roman ( Egyptian) curses to be lifted off my family, and the blessings of generations of fruitful marriages released for the next generation . Praise God things are happening! Yes Arthur , the depth of your revelation in so many areas is so awesome. Thank you so much!

  2. Jennie says:

    Wow, I am amazed at the timing of this entry. The Lord often gives me discernment through dreams. This week I had a dream that I was going through room after room of my (dead) grandmother’s basement which was filled with stuff. I had a bag on my shoulder and was told to take anything I wanted. When I awoke and asked the Lord, “What kind of dream was this?” He answered, “It is an ancestor dream.” Through prayer, the Lord showed me that I had been breaking off curses, but hadn’t claimed my generational blessings. Then I read this blog and am now in wonder of God’s confirmation and timing. I didn’t even know I had blessings to claim & now the Lord has said it to me twice in one week!!!!

  3. The timing of this is amazing! Listening to Fighting Futility this morning, and the section on Generational Blessings sent me into a spin of prayer! Woohoo! Reading my mail? HIS timing! Blessing you, Arthur!

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