Developing a Kingdom View

Our ubiquitous “Fred” is on a journey from traditional Christianity to a design-based worldview.  In this process, he discovered that the Teacher portion of his spirit is hugely called to understand the Kingdom of God.

This is no surprise since understanding and celebrating the government of God is a key component of any Teacher’s calling.

He has no objection to the concept of Kingdom, but couldn’t really figure out how to get traction in a real life application.  Fred is more of a doer than an ivory tower person.

I suggested that he take the whole and break it down into categories.  What does it mean to have a kingdom?  Under pressure, on the phone, never having thought about it before, He got as far as having a king and a nation.  I suggested that two categories was pretty skimpy.

I said he could go to Wikipedia and look up his nation.  In the index to the article, he would see a huge number of different categories.  There are sundry other grids for analyzing a nation and he should cruise through a few making a master list of all the components of a nation or a kingdom.  He could sift through those and decide which ones might have applicability to his list of categories within the concept of the Kingdom of God.

Having done that, the next step would be to keep the list with him when he is studying the Bible.  He is currently using a Bible program that takes him through the Bible in a year. After reading each chapter, he should look over his list of categories to see if there was anything in that chapter that would fit in one of those categories and if so, jot it down.

And if he saw something about the Kingdom that didn’t fit in a category, then he needed to make a new one.

This discipline will help flesh out the concept for him in earthy ways.  After a year of going through Scripture with one focus in mind, he should have a very respectable grasp of what the Kingdom of God looks like on Monday morning in a whole lot of different applications.

At the same time as he is trying to fit the Biblical principles into his categories, he should work on the other side of the equation and see how much of his daily life could fit in those categories.

He is a businessman.  If he has a good experience with a vendor or a bad experience, are either of those a Kingdom event?  Would they fit in one of the categories in his list?  Are hiring and firing, paying taxes, dealing with computer viruses, brand building and window washing Kingdom dynamics in his business?

By using the list of categories with life on one side and Scripture on the other, he can begin to understand the Kingdom and see it in real life.

Eventually three things should happen.  First, he will discover the sweet spot of his design. The Kingdom is immense.  Each Teacher will have a different area of passion.  One of those categories will produce a much larger emotional spark than the others.

Second, he will discover the soft spots in his own expression of the Kingdom and can move to remediate those deficiencies.

Third, he can see how to expand the hegemony of the Kingdom of God through his business and circle of relatoinships.

All it takes is about a year of meticulous attention to one single subject all the way through the Bible.  Fortunately, this is the strong point of Teachers, so I have no concerns for how it will play out.

Of course, the first year is just to break up the fallow ground.  If he goes through the Bible a second and third time on that one theme, he will become immensely dangerous – a Noble Subject of the Great King.

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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2 Responses to Developing a Kingdom View

  1. Kate's Grin says:

    I so appreciate this. My desire to understand Kingdom & principles sometimes overwhelms me. Taking this suggested approach seems utterly beyond reality in my case, though perhaps it is because I lack perspective.

    I am curious how it might play out for an exhorter who hungers since the essence and free money are not that of a Teacher. The playing field, at least as I see it now, seems to be how Kingdom reality works in relationships.

  2. Sonia says:

    I love this! This puts alot of pieces in order for me from various teachings and what Holy Spirit has been teaching me. Blessings on each of our Tribe!! Blessings on you!!

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