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The name is shrouded in mystique as one of the legendary change points in church history.

Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf owned a large estate in Saxony.  Being a leader with a passion for Christ, he allowed sundry groups of ideologically driven religious exiles to live on his estate.

To his dismay, as soon as they were free from the political persecution, they turned their ideological passion toward fussing at each other.

The Count worked diligently from 1722 to 1727 to bring the passionate believers into submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  It was hard, slow work as he initiated endless discussions with people on the grass roots level, sitting with this band and the next one, bring individuals and small groups to a place of repentance for their resentment of their brothers and sisters.

Eventually his persistent work paid off, and there was a move of God on August 13, 1727 during a baptism and communion service.  The Spirit came with power.  Conviction was deep as was repentance, and the disparate groups merged into a Body led by the Holy Spirit.

From that event came the famous prayer meeting organized so that around the clock there were 24 men and 24 women praying at all times for over 100 years.

It is my opinion, not verifiable until we arrive in heaven, that this was the impetus for the Great Century of Missions that began in the late 1700s.  God used the water behind the dam from that prayer group to drive the Body of Christ in the Ruler nation of England to engage in an unprecedented level of missions work.

There are wonderful levels of the redemptive gifts tucked away in this story.

Germany is redemptive gift of Prophet.  The downside of the Prophet is division in relationships.  Hence the already fractious visionary groups quickly defaulted to rejecting their brothers.

The upside of the Prophet is radical faith and the ability to embrace extreme pain for the sake of a vision.  Hence when the Holy Spirit moved, they quickly coalesced around a focused commitment more intense than any other people group has sustained.

The Count was Mercy, and he had the ability to engage with each of the dissenting groups long enough to bring them all into submission to the headship of Jesus Christ.

Today we have the upside and the downside of the Prophet all over again.  The German government has been the most overt in accepting refugees, knowing it will be an intense time absorbing them into the culture.

The German people have fallen into both extremes.  There are communities that have done extraordinarily honorable things in embracing refugees.  And there are communities that are militantly divisive in their response to strange cultures, manners and values in their midst.

Vintage Prophet on both sides.

While the refugees are coming from many places, Syria, a Prophet nation, is one of the largest contributors to the stream.

So we have Prophets coming to a Prophet nation.   The incoming Prophets have a chance to embrace their new homeland or to hate it.  The resident Prophets have a chance to embrace their new residents or to hate them.

All four things will happen widely, I am sure.

Where does that leave the church in Germany and the church worldwide?

I find it interesting that this year marks 70 years from the end of WWII.  There have been sundry conferences all around the nation with huge international delegations announcing that this is a monumental change of season.  The past is over and there is a new day ahead.

I agree.

I believe God has placed an open door before the German church to redeem the past and to position themselves in the cutting edge, transformational mode that befits the size of their gift and the immensity of their godly heritage.

Historically there have been myriad evangelistic efforts aimed at the Muslims.  Most are highly unproductive.  One stands out above all the rest.  God meets Muslims in dreams and visions when the Christians ask Him to.

Don’t ask me why.

It is a viable strategy everywhere, and God meets some people in every generation and every culture through dreams and visions, but He has been more active with bring Muslims to salvation through this means than any other people group I can find in church history.

When the people of God come together in focused prayer and ask Jesus Christ to go to a person or a community and introduce Himself to the Muslims, He has done so over and over and over again.  Entire villages have had a visitation from Jesus in a single night.  The tool works!

Germany already has established the gold standard for intercession.  The church in Germany in 2015 is strong in its many different streams of the faith.  The gift on the land for radical faith executed with self-sacrifice is just as present today as it was in the 1700s.

What if the church worldwide supported the German church in vigorous, focused prayer for a few years for God to visit the Muslims with dreams and visions while they are in Germany, bringing them to radical salvation?

What if in the new season of 70 years, Germany became the #1 sender of Christian missionaries back to the Muslim world as a result of this juxtaposing of gifts – radical Muslims, radically saved in Germany, sent out by a vibrant German economy, supported by the prayers of radical German Christians to prepare the way by praying for dreams and visions back in the Middle East, ahead of each of their ultra-radical missionaries!

All the pieces are in place.  God is just waiting for some Germans to set a match to the kindling and to redefine themselves in human history.  No longer the nation of Luther or of Hitler.

What about Germany, the nation whose church changed the face of the Middle East through a narrow, targeted prayer focus, in partnership with the King who masterminded one of the biggest traps the devil ever walked into?

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Juma says:

    Thank you Arthur for your insight. I am working in Germany as a social worker among young unaccompanied refugees (age 16-21) . Their muslim faith is a great asset to most of them. It stabilizes them in a situation, where they have lost almost everything except their lives. They lost their families, their homelands, their friends often their health. How do I know? I am talking to them about about faith and about life. My experience is they can’t be won by “preaching”, the route to their heart has to be supernatural. Just imagine what if they had dreams and visions and what if they had a revelation of the Living God. I am excited about this perspective and will pray into that. I covet your prayers.

    • SLG says:

      Magnificent. Juma, not sure where you are, but I will be in Augsburg in April doing an event. Watch website for details.

  2. Janette says:

    Thank you for this post. It brings direction and structure
    of God’s plans according to His Wisdom and Heart.
    Being Light to the nations.

  3. Carol Brown says:


    From: Noble Subjects Reply-To: Noble Subjects Date: Friday, November 13, 2015 at 11:49 PM To: Macbook Pro Subject: [New post] Immigrants in Europe SLG posted: “HERRNHUT! The name is shrouded in mystique as one of the legendary change points in church history. Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf owned a large estate in Saxony. Being a leader with a passion for Christ, he allowed sundry groups of ideologic”

  4. Debora says:

    Arthur, I deeply appreciate your statement and what you suggest as God’s idea in all this. As someone living in Berlin, this is exactly what I pray that God will give Germany and his church here the grace and guts for. And yes, please pray for us – the challenge ahead really takes stubborn faith and endurance. And a lot of love, I guess. Exciting times!

  5. Sandra Iglesias says:

    As we walk in the Light, digest Sir Arthur’s anointed musings and prop them up against the latest eruptions in Paris, I am reminded of my one n only missions trip to Germany.
    One Mother’s Day , after a supernatural connection in Madison Squate Garden with an German-English interpreter, I flew in total obedience to plant scriptures in the land of Germany. Warfare and extreme favor manifested as we drove throughout Austria, Prague and Germany, culminating in a surprise stay in Hernnhutt set up without my knowing a thing about this place. The 300th birthday of the Count caused thousands to gather from all over the world (dress rehearsal?). I did many improper things in Europe and was corrected by my sister in Christ, with the exception of coming up abruptly to an older gentleman and his mom sitting outside after the service for a promised lunch. He welcomed us to sit with him: an ex banker from world bank, member of one of the original missionary families ! We were honored when he invited us to sit in his family pew for the following service the Chancellor of Getmany and his wife were going to be prayed for!! I had nothing but stained pants from being on my knees and chose the least dirt stained pair. As we entered, Iwas separated from my friend and she motioned for me to remain at the huge wooden door at the entrance. All of a sudden, a nice looking gentleman stopped in front of me and greeted me, asking where I was visiting from. I shook his hand and said that I lived in New York but was of Puerto Rican descent, and had come for the first time to plant scriptures and pray for the land of Germany, targeting specific concentration camps. He then held both my hands and genuinely thanked me for my obedience and continued on. When I glanced over at my friend, she was hopping up and down shouting HALLELUIA . Totally improper behavior, according to her previous instructions. When we finally rejoined, she tells me, “THAT IS THE CHANCELLOR OF GERMANY”. We both understood that Our LORD was confirming and blessing what we had just planted . Inside the gentleman who had invited us, was craning his neck to have us seated with his mom . We were in the second pew, right behind the Chancellor and his wife! They were called forward and rather than kneeling , they both went on their faces on the old wooden planks! Something beyond prayer went up: closest to words in our lingo might be Divine appointments set up with people and Germany and the leaders of the land , all being approved by Our Sovereign Lord!
    Just sayin’, Sir Arthur…

  6. Rosa says:

    That is the most positive thing I have heard yet on the immigration topic. Wow! Yes!

  7. Arianne says:

    This makes so much sense. Redeeming indeed. A chance to bring forth Muslim missionaries. Wow!

  8. Rebekah says:

    Hold on to your hats!! — Now that unleashes a torrent of awe!!

    • Maggie says:

      Yes, Jesus died for many to be saved including Muslims and Arabs. .God hears the prayer of the righteous who are righteous in Him. Continue to reveal Yourself Lord to these people in dreams and visions. Thanks Arthur.

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