12. Giver Prayer: Generational Blessing in Community

It has been a few years since I have purchased any dulse flakes.  This time when I went online to shop, I noticed vigorous proclamations that their flakes were from the Atlantic.

Last time I ordered, there was no essential difference between Pacific and Atlantic dulse.  Now it is a monumental difference because the only people who would purchase dulse are health conscious.  And, rightly or wrongly, the fear is that the radioactive debacle in Japan with the resulting spillage into the ecosystem might have polluted the dulse grown in the Pacific.

Imagine the economics of this.  You have a 50 year old family business with a strong brand, situated on the coast of Oregon, home to all things natural or funky faux natural.  You have been harvesting and selling dulse for decades, building your brand systematically, gaining a decent percentage of market share.

Three of your kids have come home from university with degrees in some facet of business and are planning to spend their lives living near you, raising your grandkids in the neighborhood, enjoying the quality work environment you have so deliberately built into the company.

Suddenly there is a nuclear accident in Japan through no fault of your own.  Over the next year, the environmentalists fill the alternative health care blogs and rags with fears about radioactivity in every facet of our West Coast.

Your business volume drops like a rock.  One by one you lay off staff, then your kids are faced with the horrifying reality.  They could not sell the business in this emotional climate.  They could gamble on a massive branding campaign proving that your dulse is the least radioactive of anything out there.

Or they could fold their cards and walk away from their dream.

Conversely, on the coast of Maine is another mom and pop business that is nearly identical to the Oregon one.  When the fear mongering started, their daughter, wise to the ways of marketing, sat down with their webmaster and was the first to place discrete comments all through the store about their guarantee that this was EAST COAST dulse.

Business boomed.

How many companies on the West Coast folded or radically modified their business plan because of a nuclear accident in Japan?

How many companies on the East Coast were able to catch the wave and prosper because of a tragic event six thousand miles away?

This is a picture of the impact of culture on a Giver.  By design, Givers function in social ecosystems that we call communities.  And communities are not insular or neutral.

Just like the three family lines – blood, marriage and adoption – so the communities a Giver is part of colors his spiritual inheritance.

The most dominant community bringing blessings and curses tends to be the religious affiliations of our forefathers.  Up until the current generation, church membership was a very serious matter and the membership was expressed in terms of a covenant relationship.

Almost everyone also has a national/political relationship that requires some level of passive or active membership.  That history also can affect our present role.

Many social institutions such as service clubs or country clubs require a membership with varying levels of commitment.

It is nearly impossible to measure the residual impact of the good and the bad of all the organizations our forefathers were involved in.  We know from the deliverance field that the negative dynamics tend to be quite sticky.  If one of your forefathers was a key decision maker in the French revolution with its social genocide through kangaroo courts and the guillotine, it might be affecting you negatively today.

Therefore, my belief is that the generational blessing accrued by institutions are also available to us today.  We tend to focus on the negative in a culture and overlook the righteous heritage.

For example, Germany.  It is so much more than Hitler.  What is the residual blessing for all Germans from the work of Luther and later of the Moravians?

Or the Church of England?  I know they have blood guilt from a century of atrocities against the Scottish dissenters, but there are also some majestic chapters in their history. Surely those who are active members of the Anglican Conference worldwide could lay claim to some of those generational blessings.

The denomination I grew up in has some pretty unfortunate chapters in its history.  It also has some larger-than-life heroic men and women of God.

My nation is a source of huge grief and shame on so many counts, but it also has some chapters of immense honor.

Now consider these two scenarios.  Let’s invent a man with no generational heritage.  Clearly this is a mythical person, but he is devoid of good or bad heritage and stands alone in the competence he has developed and the blessings he has accrued in his life time.

Deposit our mythical person in a community that is redolent with generational blessings and he will soar.  If the city, and the nation and schools and the churches that surround him are all thriving because of their institutional generational blessings, he can’t help but thrive.

Conversely, put him in a social context where the institutions in the community are minuscule and young like the Australian outback, or decaying and overwhelmingly defiled like Siberia, and the same package of competencies will be severely hampered by the social ecosystem.

Now, come to real life.  We have the Givers in our tribe who we have been cleansing and blessing.  We have cleansed and aligned their generational blessings.  Last week we called forth the available blessings from their family lines.

Now we will add two more things.  First, we will call forth the generational blessings from the communities they and their forefathers have been involved in.  Second, we will ask God to position them in a blessing-rich community where their blessings are multiplied by the blessings around them, not consumed by a devouring economic ecosystem.

12. Giver Prayer: Generational Blessing in Community

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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3 Responses to 12. Giver Prayer: Generational Blessing in Community

  1. David Brown says:

    I like the thoroughness of these prayers for givers.

  2. Maggie says:

    Many years ago the Lord started teaching me how to survive and learn to lean on Him. He spoke to me about extracting the ‘precious from the vile’. Thanks for reminding me that God is involved in institutions . It’s good to have input from someone who thinks outside the box…right brain etc. Thank you again. I bless the ‘Givers’ and giver nations today ; and may God release all the ‘lefties’, in every sense of the word from all deceptions and vile curses….( In my country a ‘leftie’ is a left handed person and also a left wing political person).

    • Maggie says:

      This ‘leftie’ political movement in Australia , I believe, has come out of the absolute poverty of our foundations..i.e. Celtic/English cockney migrants and convicts identifying often with the Aboriginal community in the desperate early day; where there has been an absolute dearth of blessing ,a spirit of desolation on the ‘never never’ as one of our writers called our north…What you say about us ( Outback Australia) is so pertinent because I believe this is where God’s mercy has been manifested in the most recent and strategically significant way in global history of the last 230 or so years on the globe. So many of my compatriots take this mercy for granted unfortunately, in this time of great tribulation on the planet called Earth, which He alone created for His own purposes and for His glory alone.

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