14. Giver Prayer: Aligning Flow

Abraham is an example of a man who had good flow, but lacked good alignment.  All through his life, his blessing of flow was seen as a liability by the community around him, and he was asked to leave place after place because they could not successfully align their flow with his.

Jacob was the opposite when he was working with Laban.  He too had supernatural flow, and his flow blessed Laban so much, Laban didn’t want to let him leave for fear of losing the blessing of being aligned with him.

Solomon had the best scenario.  During his reign, Lebanon was at the peak of the cultural and economic excellence.  So was Israel.  The two nations were able to bring their flow into alignment, mutually enriching each other in the process.

This is an extraordinary gift from God.  Most of the time, the people with good flow are seen as an ATM machine that the non-flow people are seeking to empty.  As a result, people with good flow become battle scarred, put up walls in order to protect their flow and miss opportunities to engage with others who have good flow.

I find that all the time in terms of connecting with other people on a research journey.  I am going to see a doctor a few weeks from now, and I go with concern.  From the reports I have, he is GOOD at what he does.  There is no question that in terms of neurology and the implications of that on the body, he is FAR ahead of me.

He has been gracious enough to grant me some time, and he has exceptional flow in his practice.  Is he too far ahead of me?  Will I just waste his valuable time with my minimal understanding of the field he dominates?  I don’t know, but I wonder.

On the other hand, there are helpful people who send me information that is far more basic than the level I am working now.  They want to walk along side me and help with my flow, but just aren’t there.

Yesterday I had a two hour conversation with a lady who has excellent flow.  She shared her journey, and it is a masterpiece of God equipping her through a zig-zaggy trail to arrive at an extraordinary place.  She knows a lot of stuff about the brain and related structures.

I do too.

My knowledge is from a different perspective than hers.  I enriched her.  She enriched me.  We are going to walk a mile together and see how far our aligned flows will take our research.

Now here is the rest of the story.  When I first met her, I was less than impressed.  Her critters put on a show for me and her nerves got the better of her, and she was less than eloquent in the short time we had.

I would not have sought her out as someone who could run far and fast with me.

But God knew that we were designed to share our flows with each other, so He did a LOT of things to make possible my seeing her a second time – and He made sure I saw her in a very different light.

This is the treasure we desire for our Giver tribe.  At each point in their journey, there are people who are taking from their flow (or trying to) and there are those who are so far beyond them, that synchronizing with their flow would be like swimming the Niagara.

But at each point in their life, there are people who can align with their flow in a powerful synergistic way.  God knows who He has crafted before the foundation of the world to engage with each Giver.

The devil knows too.  Let’s pray God’s will into reality for our brothers and sisters in the Giver tribe who God has entrusted to the Servant tribe for a season.

14. Giver Prayer: Aligning Flow  Office of Personhood

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the bird sanctuary in Centurion, at 5:30 a.m.

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  1. Trish Smith says:

    Thank you Arthur…very helpful in the current oppressive climate over North America.

  2. Sonia says:

    Arthur, thank you! Praying and blessing this new venture!

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