7. Chaim: First Strategy

This has been an incredibly challenging task for me.  We have an army of one and a strongman with a bad attitude who is not afraid to use it.

My first objective is to keep my army alive, and the second is to do some damage with it. No small task.

I circled around the data we have for weeks looking at a truck load of different strategies we have used in the past, and nothing seemed to fit.  Eventually the King tired of watching me spin my wheels, so He pointed me toward the third day of creation and the third letter to the churches in Revelation.

As a side note, this is magnificent fathering.  He let me try my best first, to see what I could unpack by myself.  When it was plain that I could not get there on my own, He gave me the bare minimum of information to get me going again, without handing me the whole answer on a silver platter.

His first objective in this process was to continue unpacking what He placed in me, and only secondarily to develop strategy for Chaim.

That said, I soaked in the third day of creation, and the piece that bubbled up in my spirit was medicine.  On the third day, God’s herbs were created for healing.  Man has since taken them and done some good and not so good things with them.  And in the perverting of God’s healing mechanisms and the whole culture of calling evil “good,” much authority has been ceded to the devil in the culture at large, but especially in Teacher cities.

So I feel that Julie’s first strategy should be to war against the mesmerizing spirit that is protecting evil in the hospitals in the city.  To bring light and justice to bear on the human beings at the top of the feeding chain in the medical sector of the city will significantly inconvenience the strongman.

Julie, I think you should focus your prayers on the top three layers of administration in the hospitals of the city.  An army of one is a bit small to take on the whole medical establishment.  Your prayers would be diluted.  So focus on the hospitals, however many there are, and on the top three layers.  I would suggest you get a prayer trigger to go with that.

Now, for all of you reading this blog who are NOT fighting for your own Teacher city (since, as I shared before “Chaim” has been claimed on five continents so far!) it would be interesting for you to join Julie in beefing up her army.  If you feel any desire or freedom to back her up, she would welcome it.

Just make a note in the comment section that you will be warring against the mesmerizing spirit with her for 90 days or more.  I think as deeply entrenched as it is, it might take six months to see results.  Fortunately, Julie is a marathoner.

The second area of focus is the air.  On the third day, the trees were created.  Their role in absorbing the CO2 put out by mammals and converting it into the oxygen needed by animals is immense.  The contribution of trees to the vibrancy of an ecosystem is immense.

I don’t know exactly what this means in the spiritual realm, but this “conversion” process that we see in the microcosm of the leaves, is actually taking place in many other applications.  So in the city there are great marriages, good parents, life giving pastors, passionate worshipers and integrous businessmen and women.

Every bit of righteous “conversion” that takes place in the city is an asset in the hands of the King.

God took me back to my childhood.  We learned to fear tetanus as it killed so many people and were taught (rightly or wrongly) that horse manure and rusty nails were two very common causes of tetanus.  However, we were taught that the tetanus bug is highly vulnerable to oxygen.

If we fell off the bike and scraped ourselves up, we could expect a major dose of oxygen peroxide to kill any tetanus in the scrapes.  That was easy to do for surface wounds.  What we feared were puncture wounds like you would get from rusty nails in our feet.  Those we soaked in hot salt water in an attempt to kill the bug.

Anyway, righteous conversion of any of the life factories in the city produces oxygen that is damaging to the strongman and his activities.  Again, Julie you should narrow it down to one sector of society that means the most to you:  school, parenting, church, or whatever.  And in that place of passion, pray strong blessings for the noble subjects in the city who are doing a good conversion with the resources God has given them.

The third strategy came from Revelation and the church at Pergamum.  The believers there were willing to die for their faith when confronted by demon-driven civil leaders, but they did not have the courage to confront sin in the camp regarding church leaders.

Today, almost everywhere, it is considered socially inappropriate to cause Christians discomfort by your moral standards.  It is forgivable to have different theology, and we are usually fairly comfortable discussing and living with differences of opinion on theology, but when one Christian raises the bar in their own life, others often will become quite upset at that person.

That social contract of not making another person look bad by the intensity of our own pursuit of God is not limited to the Teacher communities, but is perhaps exacerbated there.

It feels as though in preparation for something else down the road, Julie you need to synchronize with Father over your walk, and become even more fiercely intentional about walking where and how He calls you to, regardless of who is not comfortable with your pursuit of Him.

Beware of the social contract that says, “You must not make me look bad by your passion.”  That brought God’s judgment to the church at Pergamum.

That is my suggestion for the first round in the battle for Chaim.  I don’t know whether the international Sapphire family will invest lightly or heavily in supporting her in fighting the mesmerizing spirit.  For those of you who are not familiar with this teaching, you can go to Free Audio and check out “Life, Dominion and Honor” to get a handle on the strategy.

In general, almost anyone in our tribe has more on their plate than they can say grace over most days, so we don’t necessarily expect a large group of volunteers for any new project.  On the other hand, there has been uncommon interest in this project, so we will wait and see what happens.

The amount of sustained prayer we have against the mesmerizing spirit will determine how quickly or how slowly cracks appear in the hidden strongholds in the city.

And once Julie has determined which facet of the city she is going to bless with a higher conversion rate, I will pass it on in the comment section.  She is not commenting directly in the blog because of the need to keep a low profile in the natural.

So we start.

I will update as there is news or new directions from the King.  Mercy Season Noble Subject blog

Copyright December 2015 by Arthur Burk

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11 Responses to 7. Chaim: First Strategy

  1. Jim Alsethj says:

    Just some feedback from my Chaiyim situation.

    I’ve commented on the prevalence of GI issues in the Teacher setting. In only a week’s time I’ve noticed a significant shift in this area personally after going through the Covenant Within Contract series Arthur recently released. The link is here: http://www.theslg.com/content/177-covenants-within-contracts.

    Also a strategy I’ve adopted is changing the target of a major prayer-trigger/prayer-target campaign to the top 3 levels of healthcare in my city…

  2. Elouise says:

    I want to pray and learn with you.

  3. Joining in.

  4. Karibu says:

    As a teacher, this strategy really resonates with me. I would add one more element to this strategy already alluded to here – the prayer target. We can effectively join Julie by making her and Chaim our own prayer target through our individual prayer triggers.

    (Arthur teaches on this topic on YouTube (“Prayer Trigger, Prayer Target”). Watched it this week and it’s very apropos.)

    • Katura says:

      Thank you for this reference–it is new to me as a prayer strategy!

      I have a body oriented principle that might fit as to why it is useful. Body ailments fit into 2 broad categories–acutes, which are fast, short term irritants (like a cold) all the way to life threatening problems (serious car accident). But what ever end of the intensity, they are a radical departure from the norm. The other are chronic illnesses which are slow, often generational, degenerative illnesses or core constitutional limitations.

      Old school doctors recognized that when a person had an acute illness, the chronic symptoms went away. Or, in reverse, if you healed the chronic, the acutes got better too.

      I know this is not an exact analogy, but when we have an acute challenge that is not coming from our (or our city’s) essence, ie a spiritual irritant like the Egyptian curse and mesmerizing spirit in the medical field, and we pray for a chronic core issue in someone or something else, they both get better.

      It fits for me as a healing principle, since we are so connected as one body, and evil that has life in itself can produce acute symptoms like a virus, as well as chronic core issues common to all Teacher cities. It helps me to see potentially why this works, which helps me remember to use it!

      I want to be on the team, praying for all the Teacher cities represented here, as well as mine, as we crack the code on these principalities!

  5. Trish Smith says:

    Will war against the mesmerizing spirit that is protecting evil in the hospitals in addition to asking God to shine His light and bring justice to bear on the human beings at the top of the feeding chain in the medical sector.

  6. Shelley says:

    I’m in it to win it!

  7. Cynthia Jacobs says:

    Julie, I will pray with you

  8. Jim Alseth says:

    This really resonates in my Chaim situation. With you also Julie…

  9. Lee-Ann says:

    Dear Julie, I will pray with you!

  10. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Battling in our own Chaim, we will stand with Julie against the mesmerising spirit! We too, although not physical marathoners are well used to spiritual marathons! In there with you for the long haul.

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