16. Giver Prayer: Flow in Community

On the fifth day of creation, God added fish and birds to the emerging ecosystem.

The role of each in community runs the gamut.  On the one hand, there are both birds and fish that are predatory, devouring other living things around them.  The community does not like them because they represent death.

At a midpoint, there are species that serve the larger community.  The raven family is appreciated by wild life in general for their watchman role in advising the community when predators approach.

On the marine side, there are small fish like this who serve larger fish by grooming them.


Oriental sweet-lip & cleaner wrasse

But when birds or fish do community on a vast scale, it is emotionally gripping for us as spectators and probably for them as participants.  Savor the beauty of these two videos.

Starlings in Flight

A Shoal of Snapper

Imagine the Giver tribe operating as a tribe, flowing in community with this kind of grace, joy and life.

Unfortunately, when most of us think of the Givers in our midst, the dominant frame that gets put around them is an independent spirit.  This is the reality of how many Givers choose to live – in a lightly adversarial relationship with the communities around them.

However, it is not how God designed them to live.  He began with the Giver Abraham, but God’s design was for the one to become a nation, and for the nation to fit into the community of nations, becoming a major source of life to the entire global population.

We have a choice.  We can see the current reality of Givers who fall short of that majestic, blessed flow in community, and accept that as the way it is.  Or we can go back to the original template and press in for the Givers in our midst to transcend the solitary model and learn to move with the grace and majesty of the flocks of birds and schools of fish.

Join me in a prayer that defies history and stands on God’s design instead.

16. Giver Prayer: Flow in Community    Building a Growth Project Noble Subject blog

Copyright December 2015 by Arthur Burk

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9 Responses to 16. Giver Prayer: Flow in Community

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    I have found myself pondering this article this past month and have a question. Marveling at the flocks and shoals as a beautiful analogy for Givers flowing in community was the point you were making, and I appreciate that.
    I have been wondering about your comments in the audio clip about birds of prey.
    This is an old video and you may already have seen it, but it is a great example of how wolves keep balance in Yellowstone.

    Unless you add the argument that this is fallen nature and natural predators are not God’s original design (I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t know), then it is fair to at least consider that variety includes the unpopular birds of prey.

    But! We are man made in God’s image so perhaps there is a difference… I am very much open to correction, just floating an idea that everything has its place for a reason.

  2. viviennehines says:

    Hello again Arthur, I listened the the skeletal System and trauma tonight. I also know from study on bones that SHAME lands in the bone and dries the bones moisture. In Proverbs a broken spirit in dries out the bones. I have been dealing with some deeply wounding shame issues and trauma of being stalked in the past. During that period of being stalked I could not take a step without crushing pain in my bones. This information about AHS and bones gives me another avenue to search for answers and tools to heal bless my bones.

    • Kim Key says:

      Vivienne, where do I find the teaching on the skeletal system and trauma?

      • viviennehines says:

        Kim, I am on a learning curve at this point. Listen to Arthur’s teaching on AHS volume 2, there is a segment on health issues and the skeletal system. Listening to that teaching triggered and added to some other revelations I had about a year ago on the issue of shame. Blessing as you explore!

      • viviennehines says:

        Good Morning, Hoping Arthur and the SLG tribe is doing well. I need information to help solve a problem. several years ago I red an article Arthur about someone who set a house or apartment on fire. At the time I read it and thought interesting, BUT I am being flooded with water damage by a lawless neighbor currently. This young woman in her late 20, a baby and husband are living in grandma’s place while grandma and grandpa recover from an illness in an assisted living place. This young couple with child are reeking havoc literally among us. Lawless and continued parking issues with huge bad attitude when neighbors and or management ask them to comply with rules. They fight and he locks her out of the apartment. Besides my having to ask that they move their car weekly from my spot, they have flooded out their apartment and mine 3 times since October 13, 2015. This morning I woke up to water flooding my bathroom, hallway and my closets. I have water damage to many pairs of shoes, clothes, makeup destroyed again. This morning’s incident when I went upstairs shortly after 3 am to asked them to check their bathroom they denied that they was any water running from their bathroom BUT it certainly was. Granted they were still having a Christmas Party. I woke the management and when he went they were flooded and acetd as if they did not know they were. He had to clean up their flood before he could clean mine up.

        I remember in this article that you Arthur shared some principles that I would like to read again so that I can use some of those principles to pray more effectively.

        The problem IS I cannot remember the name of the article. In the article the person set the place on fire before they left. I have been diligent in blessing and cleansing the land where I live and yet in the last 6 months since this couple moved in they have brought their chaos among us. Any help available. Thanks everyone. Vivienne

        • SLG says:

          Vivienne, I don’t remember the article at all so it is probably long gone. But this should be a test of your getting past the victim spirit. You need to graciously press every legal option you have to get justice and see what happens.

  3. Rosa Miller says:

    Dear Arthur,

    Its funny, when I was in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, I was having coffee with my aunt at a Dunkin Donuts, and I was facing the window, ans saw that exact thing happening with a huge flock of starlings. I said ‘Look at that, how beautiful!!” loudly enough, that everyone in the room ended up turning and looking out the window to watch. It is truly beautiful.


  4. Sam Roberts says:

    I could watch that video “Starlings in Flight” all day. Beautiful.
    I have Givers in my life in both camps – and it truely is beautiful to see those who have mastered the art of flowing with community in action!
    Great prayer today!

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