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22. Giver Prayer: Aligning Sound

Think back to your childhood.  Hiding around the corner and saying “Boo” was a source of joy to many darling little predators.  The content of their sound was not as significant as the timing. Fast forward to the marketplace.  Being … Continue reading

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Apple vs. FBI: Spin City

The current ruckus over Apple refusing to give the FBI access to a phone is a pretty absurd farce, rooted in non-reality and spun for big, big bucks by Apple. Here is the nonsense on the government’s side. -They are asking … Continue reading

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Triage for Spiritual Warfare Wounds

With physical wounds, pain and danger are not equivalent.  I have heard that on a pain scale of 1 to 10, kidney stones rank about a 15.  Most of the time, they are not deadly. On the other hand, bleeding … Continue reading

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8. Chaim: God’s Surprise Strategy

I received an update from Julie in Chaim. 1)            She continues to push back against the mesmerizing spirit in the medical institutions.  She has kept an eye on the news but not seen any results in that area at all.  … Continue reading

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21. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Sound

God, Givers and sound have some gnarly history. Sound existed in many layers before the Giver day of creation.  Servants get to lay claim to lightening, thunder, wind, rain and all other weather related auditory delicacies. But love in sound … Continue reading

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Stopping Division in the Team

Fred and Sally are in leadership on one of our plethora of teams.  The city they are engaged with has a loooooooong history of division.  It is an ideologically driven city.   When someone in the church, government, education or marketplace … Continue reading

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Arthur, SLG and Sports

No, we are not starting an SLG sports team.  This is just an analogy. In golf, everything is stationary except the one person acting.  The ball is still.  The ground is still.  The hole stays right where it was placed (perceptions of golfers … Continue reading

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