It Was Bait and Switch

I started my storm day in El Segundo.  That beach has special significance to me because of a baptism I did there.  A friend flew in from out of state to be baptized.  She toured several of the So Cal beaches and opted for that one because it was most exposed to the weather and had the most violent water.

Baptism represents dying with Christ and she was bound and determined to die big — a monumental change of season for her on that day.

I think that was only her soul reason.  I suspect there is an amazing portal there and her spirit sensed that.  When she stood on the beach and read her prepared renunciation, prior to being baptized, there was such a reaction in the spiritual realm that about 100 seagulls lined up in a semi-circle, three rows deep, in amazing order and reverence, listening intently while she read.

Seagulls are not known for order, reverence or silence.  Unless, of course, God is present in which case, their ancient software kicks in and they know what to do in the presence of Majesty.

This beach directly at the end of Imperial Highway has had a strong draw for me ever since.  It is not a popular beach, or an elegant one, but there is a raw intensity to in that I like.  Considering all the skunk works in the city of El Segundo, I imagine the area is Prophet, although I have never explored the history.

Logistics were not in my favor, and I was not able to get where I wanted to go.  I bumbled around for an hour or so, then decided to head south on PCH, listening for a nudge to head for the shore a block or two away.

The nudge never came, so when I hit the 110, I headed north to the 405, then south to the 55 and into Newport Beach.  There is a restaurant on the end of the pier there which seemed like an option to be indoors and still see the intensity of the weather.

During this whole time, the rain was minimal.  The weather man’s promises of rain for So Cal generally have about as much relationship to reality as national financial statistics produced by the Chinese government.

The wind, however, was steadily increasing.  I walked through the light rain driven by a 20 knot wind to the end of the pier, but the restaurant was utterly not suited for my purposes. I walked back to the town, exploring options.

The three closest restaurants were closed or a dud, so by process of elimination, I ended up in one I would not normally choose.  Lunch ordered, I leaned back to ponder.

So far, the day was OK, but hardly scintillating.  Almost everything I tried had been a no-go.  The weather was interesting but not gripping and certainly was not filling my tank.

The food was good.  The restaurant small.  On the wall opposite me, a large screen was playing some sort of competition for world class snowboarders.  Classic California disconnect.  Sitting in a restaurant that is beach themed, watching snowboarding.

Go figure.

I watched intermittently while decimating a plate of guac and chips.  The athletes would meticulously check their gear at the top of the run, then push off the slope, pick up speed until they went off the edge of a man made cliff.  While airborne, they would do remarkable acrobatics – each one, according to their own design.

God said, “Pretty extreme, huh?”

I agreed and waited, knowing there was more.  After a while He asked, “How long has snowboarding been around?”

I hit the Internet with my cell phone and found out that there is considerable debate about who made the first one, but essentially, common usage of snowboards began roughly mid 1970s.

“Less than 50 years ago, Father.”

“For a very young sport, they sure have developed a lot of complexity, very quickly, huh?”

That started a cascade of data points being connected.

The culture was ripe for what we now call extreme sports.  That sociological dynamic is a long discussion in and of itself.  Interesting that The God Who Plans Ahead had me study that ten years ago.  It was a readily accessible file.

And snowboarding was not regulated by any established rule making organization – there were no rule making organizations at the inception.

So the fortuitous junction of extreme social energy channeled through big spirited individuals in a context devoid of any man made rules (the laws of gravity still held sway!) allowed the rapid development of a new idea.

The science of board development raced ahead, with each year bringing innovations, when permitted new activities.

By 2,000 the cutting edge of the sport was to be dropped out of a helicopter onto a mountaintop that had no man made provisions for safety or direction.  You snowboarded in blissful solitude down a virgin slope.

It was obvious God was not talking about snowboarding but about my project.  There is such a need for this piece of science to bridge the gap between spirit and body.  And when my first crude prototype is brought to the market, I think there will be massive engagement by the innovators in the Christian community, taking it through multiple iterations with amazing speed.

It was a deep confirmation from God that the time is right.  It isn’t just the right time for me, because of my time line, but the culture’s time line also matters.  This will explode.

I ponder the church’s obsession with having yet another Ruler season revival.  I really wonder if God is actually sitting there aching to do yet another rerun of an old movie.

What if the Mercy season model involves bringing spirit and nature into proper alignment with the hidden colors of God’s wisdom that are embedded in the laws of science?  What if the whole consternation over GMO and drug resistant infections and Zika and Ebola and myriad other science issues, all culminated in the Kingdom of God being advance by the believers who can use God’s hidden secrets in science to heal the disasters made by sinners’ violations of God’s principles in nature?

I don’t know if that is the new move or not.  I just know I am going back to my research this week with renewed certainty that this is the time, and the Holy Spirit will be breathing on my efforts because the spiritual time line of world history is ready for this new idea.

After lunch the rain had stopped and the wind was topping 30 knots.  I walked back out to the pier and watched the waves rolling in with delightful intensity.  My soul luxuriated in the picture, but would have rather been on the water at the helm of an Ericson 39, running clean with the jib furled, mainsail reefed, on a beam reach with the lee rail awash.

My spirit was quietly savoring the massive force of the will of God behind this new project.

Copyright January 2016 by Arthur Burk  Joy Unstoppable

From home, where wind and rain have both subsided, but the fire in my spirit still burns hot.

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15 Responses to It Was Bait and Switch

  1. katura says:

    I used to think the best art form was to be an artist of life. The Mercy season is so ready to expand such small frames on the creative process as just one 2 dimensional medium. Not that translating life into an art form is not magnificent too, but to live it in the raw unfolding of meaning and beauty and the power of being in the presence of THE Creator.. .that is where life is at its finest, using all your gifts, on the growing edge of discovering what is next, in full spirit, soul and body aliveness.

    Every element of this blog entry captured the essence of this high calling–a baptism in churning choppy waves, the birds, as with St Francis, in rapt recognition of the Spirit to their wild primal environment, the human mastery of extreme natural conditions, God speaking thru a “random” television segment, and a project that involves bringing spirit and nature into proper alignment with the hidden colors of God’s wisdom that are embedded in the laws of science. . .And ending with the oldest extreme sport known to man, one you and your father and Jesus knew well.. .

    If “they” ever do a movie of your life, this would be a great opening scene. My heart is soaring with the gulls riding the wind.

  2. Anthony Sutherland says:

    I wonder if there is a parallel meaning, combining a portal, a new discovery of energy, an release of energy that can’t be regulated by man and a use of Father rules with a rapid growth and movement of something new by those who are eager to step off the edge and trust themselves to Fathers will without considering the consequences. All this tied to a release of wisdom and power from Father to those willing to risk all. What happens to a snowboarders spirit and mind when they are totally focussed on the ride?

  3. Grace says:

    Came across a documentary on Evel Kneival on Hulu tonight…struck by the timing when I’d just read this blog earlier. He was the pioneer of the extreme stunt, part of that movement that began in the 1970’s. They referenced that that time period was also the birth of the super hero, and how society was looking for real-life super heroes. Fascinating story.

  4. Maggie says:

    I love to paint the sea as well as the sound of waves wind salt spray and wild clouds if possible . I have done some large ‘abstract’ wind and sea works since 2004; I paint intuitively mostly. I sense its been in me so long this mercy season, now to be released. Arthur, thank you so much for partnering with Him, making our lives legitimate. Its time to forget the misunderstandings of living in a very harsh Ruler state of affairs, and move forward with the cloud of unknowing, with excitement of what will come next, like diamonds and pearls produced so amazingly with the pressure and pain of ignorance and hatred: these reflections of Light, truth and fulfilment in His intelligence. With mercy there is so much more to know and understand out there in the created world, so much more Love to worship the Creator. Even cliché is a cliché…innocence is Joy.

  5. Clif Petersen says:

    Thanks again for the gems you bring to the body.

  6. linzi says:

    Wow!! Go Arthur, go!

  7. Cynthia Jacobs says:

    Not sure how it fits but the land is crying out for proper care. Recently saw a video called “Back to Eden”. Paul, whom the film is about, shows the techniques God has taught him to grow plants and maintain or restore the land. As I am tied to the land it got me excited. So I say yeah, go for it!

  8. jsvetec says:

    “El Segundo earned its name (“the second” in Spanish) as it was the site of the second Standard Oil refinery on the West Coast (the first was at Richmond in Northern California), when Standard Oil of California purchased the 840 acres (3.4 km2) of farm land in 1911. The company was renamed Chevron in 1984, and the El Segundo refinery will soon enter its second century of operation.”(Wikipedia)
    – Maybe you already know that yesterday you were in a historic refinery, a working factory for the raw energy resources of California, a place of ongoing conversion. I love the Holy Spirit overlay, the natural and supernatural interplay between Father God and yourself and all of us, as we believe for the concrete, tangible, heaven-led implementations God is leading you to create. May you spark a revolution through innovation that Christians will grab hold of, as we each are led in unique design and Wisdom to enforce Kingdom for Mercy’s sake with practical tangible solutions here on earth.

  9. Jim Alseth says:

    I am so with you on this one Arthur. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’ve worked in the futility of our health system for a lot of years, my spirit screaming at times. The time feels so right…

  10. Joy Phipps says:

    Oh, how my soul lept within me as I read “the Kingdom of God being advance by the believers who can use God’s hidden secrets in science to heal the disasters made by sinners’ violations of God’s principles in nature?”

  11. Kate Mazur says:

    Oh, oh, OH!!!

  12. Deborah Foster says:

    Arthur, thank you for blogging before you followed The Lord on Sunday, not knowing where you were going or what would happen. Only knowing you had been called to reschedule your Sunday calls and follow Him. And, thank you for the quick report on your day and how He led you and met you far beyond the obvious. This encourages me for you and it encourages me for me as I am in a place in a situation that I have been working in for over 15 years. There has been much progress but the places that I am in right now feels like it could be a game stopper or there could be a huge breakthrough. I feel the game stopper like never before but know I must go with God–there is something here…..treasures in the darkness. Thank you for sharing these intimate, personal places it is so encouraging to The Kingdom. May our King bless you Mightily and Richly with your study and research on this project!

  13. viviennehines says:

    When I experience the ocean I like to feel the crash of the waves on the middle section of my body, don;t know why I just do.

  14. viviennehines says:

    sounds a tad intense Arthur, I am looking forward to what Abba does.

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