Redemptive Gifts and the Iowa Primary

My opinion is that Ted Cruz is a Ruler.  He has the personality of a wrinkled shirt, and I don’t care for his ideology.

BUT, like a classic Ruler, he put together a solid ground game.  One commentator said that he had people on the ground in every single county in the first four states a couple of months ago.

In the end, Trump is a much more captivating communicator than Cruz (setting aside his ideology which I don’t care for either) so because of his ability to gather large crowds, he was casual about the grass roots structure.

I have no idea how the race will play out long term, but for the moment, I tip my hat to the man who knew hard work on the granular level could offset the lack of charisma, and it allowed him to win the Iowa caucuses.

I get so frustrated with Christians who have grandiose dreams and visions, but can’t, won’t or don’t do the gritty work in the Kingdom.  I believe in miracles, but I also have a penchant for dirt under the fingernails.

Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

From home, on Monday night the 1st of February


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9 Responses to Redemptive Gifts and the Iowa Primary

  1. Nancy Henry says:

    Dirt, skin, blood and more. I’m in.

  2. viviennehines says:

    I agree with this assessment.

  3. Nathan says:

    I strongly resonate with this also.

    God give me the miracles and give me the grace to also walk through the process they create/imply. Split the seas so I can walk through AND let me walk though on foot, not stopping half way in, but let me go through the entire process – all the way to the land of promise, AND let me know Your joy in the process.

    He turned the sea into dry land; They passed through the river on foot; There let us rejoice in Him! -Psalms 66:6 NASB

  4. Chris Helton says:

    I’m curious what a female ruler and what the feminine side of the ruler gift would look like. It seems like all the examples I’ve seen are men with a masculine gift.

  5. smithtalitha says:

    Hi Arthur, thank you for saying things as they are. I enjoy your gift with words SO much!!

  6. Louise says:

    Yes, its like some of us don’t realise that we actually have to do some work in the kingdom and its not all up to God to magically make it happen!

  7. Kunle says:


    I agree with your post 100%, but I still think Trump will win the nomination. Well who knows? Time will tell. Blessings!

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