Arthur, SLG and Sports

No, we are not starting an SLG sports team.  This is just an analogy.

In golf, everything is stationary except the one person acting.  The ball is still.  The ground is still.  The hole stays right where it was placed (perceptions of golfers to the contrary notwithstanding).

The one human engages with a very stable world and seeks to make progress with his game.  He is the only variable he has to take into consideration.

In baseball, the pitcher and the batter are for the most part involved in a duel with two variables:  ball and bat.  However, if you get a runner on base who is trying to steal a base during a pitch, it massively complicates the work of the pitcher and batter.  They each have to deal with two or more variables at the same time.

In American football, there are 22 men on the field at all times, and to some degree, all of the players need to keep track of all the other 21 people, plus the location of the football during the whole play.  Each player on the field – on your team or the opponent’s – has the potential to change the nature of the play with wonderful or catastrophic consequences.

This captures some of the progression of my life recently.

I love my research.  I turn off the phone, close the door, shut out the whole world, lay out my pens and Post-it-Notes, break out the books and begin the dance through myriad loosely connected ideas, listening for the sound of the truth in the growing mountain of mere data.

While I love the quiet solitude of research, that does not represent my life right now.

About eight months ago we began the warfare against the Egyptian curse, then segued into studying the Hebrew worship.  This is bearing fruit.  Old structures are breaking loose and there is so much positive movement in many directions.  This complicates my life in perfectly wonderful ways.

Slow walking is out, and God speed is romping all over the place.

One that excites me is the sudden welcome in Southern California.  This has been a desert for us for so long and now God has shifted something and there are abrupt open doors I could not possibly have imagined.

At the same time, we have declared war on the Satanist I have code-named Henry along with his group of human and spiritual associates.  They have pushed back vigorously, pinging every soft spot I have.  That means we are putting out fires while trying to keep maximum pressure on them.

I have been delighted and shocked at the fact that we have around 5,000 households who have seen this call to arms.  Some of those clicks are surely from the dark side, as I am certain the enemies of our King monitor our social media, but it is OK for them to see the specific call for us to fight with light, since darkness has no weapons to suppress the light of God.

Nonetheless, it is a full blown war, not a little side skirmish.

In addition to all that, God gave the revelation last week of the evil covenants that are hidden within business contracts.  We have recorded those renunciations and posted them in our other blog,, and have seen about 15,000 engagements already in just a few days.

It is so exciting to see this tool go wide in just a short period of time.

And we just released our long awaited, much beloved album on Legitimacy which will bring extraordinary fruit for so many lives since it is a universal issue.  Every single person needs this truth, regardless of their journey.

AND, I have ten events open to the public in the next 60 days, plus the usual smattering of private gatherings.

A.N.D. I have a mother, wife, kids and grand-kids, all of whom are in different points in their journey needing things from me.

BIGGEST OF ALL I am actually a person in my own right, pursuing God in my own journey with fun and un-fun stuff at any given time.

So this is more like football than golf.

I am not whining – simply observing that there are different seasons to my life.  This is a football season.

On the physical and emotional level, I think I am managing the intensity with great grace.  Health is very good and my anchor truths are holding solid in these times.

My sole concern is keeping track of the right variables.  In football, that means knowing which player matters right now and who is doing what with the ball.

The light prayers are our old favorite for situations like this.  We ask the Lord to shine His light and hold it where He wants, to force us to see what HE wants us to see.

These are good, time-honored prayers which have produced stunning results.

I began this blog intending to ask you to pray those for me.

Interestingly, when I got to this point in the blog, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Not this time.  You need to HEAR the right sound.”

I sighed.

Why am I always late to my own party?  As I looked back, I can see that the shift took place at least three weeks ago.  I have been hugely sensitive to spiritual sounds.  This is not about the sound of the voice of God.  I am hearing that clearly and regularly.  No concerns there although there might be some changes in His sound.

It is mostly the spiritual sound of other things.

On the negative side, I have been more and more agitated by spiritual tones in man-made sound that is not right.  I heard a violin player last night that was playing more than a violin.  Wasn’t good.

But on the positive side, I have been able to follow the trail of harmonious sound in nature. When a person’s spirit and soul are in alignment with their message, there is a distinctly different sound.  It is sweet.

When a message is in alignment with the right time, not released too soon or too late, it has a special timbre to the sound.

When visible earthly colors are reflective of the actual, righteous colors in the spiritual realm at that time, there is a different kind of sound.

I am just beginning to be aware of the art of following the King by tracking the trail of aligned sound that He leaves wherever He goes.

It is like being on the field in the Oakland coliseum, while tens of thousands of the Raider Nation raise the noise level to unimaginable intensities, and still being able to hear your quarterback calling the snap.

So pray into my spiritual hearing and discernment.

There is a lot of noise on the field.  God wants to make a public spectacle of the enemy by guiding me through sound for a season, instead of the usual light.  So bring it on!

Thanks for standing with me in this season.  I have walked long roads in loneliness.  It is amazingly healing and enriching to have the Sapphire tribe be so engaged, involved and loving in this season of my life.

40. Hebrew Worship: Redemption Presaged

Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to Arthur, SLG and Sports

  1. Got it and on it! Blessings of alignment of sounds!

  2. Adam Esbenshade says:

    While I and many others joyously form ranks in the prayer army assembled by Father supporting you so your spiritual ears are aligned to the vibrations rippling forth from the tuning fork of heaven, I declare that the sound of your heart message behind the principles is coming through loud and clear. You as a person, not just the principles you bring to the light, are a precious treasure to me.

  3. viviennehines says:

    Arthur,you got it that the sounds of heaven, earth, and hell will be clear and distinct no matter how faint. blessings

  4. Sam Roberts says:

    Thank you for putting language to this season.
    Spot on, albeit on a grander scale than my experience, the flavour is similar.
    So much good stuff going on!
    It has been 2 months now since I watched anything on tv or a movie. It’s not an act of the will (which would be a battle), it’s just that my spirit is learning to lead and couldn’t be bothered with it, even though my family still watches. Learning to see and hear differently.

  5. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Always standing with you Arthur! And yes, sounds at the moment are more than light, we need to hear the change of key and be ready to shift with it.

  6. Francois says:

    Clarion call gone out…Povertybreakers in this instance have all taken up golf!

  7. Soo Fee says:

    Moving from Light Prayers to Sound Prayers:
    May God quicken your Giver portion so that you may hear and be heard according to His perfect holy will.
    Talking about earthly colour being reflective of righteous colour in the spiritual realm, I remembered once while worshiping God for His good sense of colour coordination in the nature, I also asked him why did he choose to colour it in such a way besides making it look good. Why did He paint the sky blue and not other colour? Can you imagine having a red sky? It is just not right. Why does the pigment chorophyll gives leaves a green colour and not other colour? Why are the colours in the rainbow (which are a reflection of the colours of the seven redemptive gifts) in such a sequence? Beats me. But God knows and He has a reason behind it.

  8. Rosa says:

    It’s kind of the way a mother can pick out the sound of her own child in the midst of a cacophony of a bunch of other children. Also, I love your description about earthly colors being reflective of righteous colors. Beautiful. Color is a big deal to me right now.

  9. Jim Alseth says:

    So encouraged by this news Arthur. Keep on keeping on, as the saying goes. There are many with you…

  10. Deborah Foster says:

    Arthur, Thank you for sharing this. You are deeply valued. You are a Kingdom treasure. It is a blessing and an honor to come alongside of you! Praying that you will hear the sounds of heaven and have clear discernment.

  11. Erika says:

    Wow, I have also been very sensitive to the sounds around me and had to block out many sounds in the last 2 months. I don’t nessecerly hear them but I have a knowing that they are wrong. I even had to move away from places and spaces with the wrong sound. So interesting and I would like to learn more.

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