21. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Sound

God, Givers and sound have some gnarly history.

Sound existed in many layers before the Giver day of creation.  Servants get to lay claim to lightening, thunder, wind, rain and all other weather related auditory delicacies.

But love in sound was first expressed on the Giver day as the fish and the birds were created.

I love the wood duck who begins speaking to her ducklings while they are still in the eggs, so when they have to leap from the tree to the ground and sprint to the safety of water, they will obey the known voice.

In addition to sound in the key of love, there is sound in the key of joy.  There is something special about birds just singing at maximum amplitude just because they are full of life.

There is the sound of defiance as a bird will announce intentions to defend its turf.

The sound of cadence as the rooster presages the dawn.

The hens usually celebrate fertility without a shred of the virtues of modesty or humility.

So the textures of sound were multiplied in richness on the Giver’s day.

After the fall, the Giver’s sound became mixed.  Birds have been known to engage in a wide variety of uncharitable and unlovely sounds.  Who hasn’t cringed at the sound of a flock of crows having a committee meeting in your backyard, using some language they weren’t taught by The Almighty?!

The human expression of the Giver tribe has historically been the object and the source of a great deal of sound all across the spectrum.

The Jews, the Roma, the Armenians have been widely reviled throughout the centuries, as the world has been less than gracious about their Giver qualities.

Yet, out of the nation of Israel came Davidic worship which integrated music and the knowledge of God in such a fantastic way it became the largest book of the Bible.

New York City is the Giver’s archetype.  You don’t often go to NYC looking for the sounds of joy.  It is more of a grim, intense, even grouchy city.  Yet, Radio City Music Hall has generated some of the most sought after sound in the nation.

The Giver’s heritage is inextricably wrapped up in sound.  Their tribe was designed to bring a glorious expression of the heart of God to the world, but there is work to be done getting up to zero first.

I invite you to join me in washing their feet in this area.

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Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

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One Response to 21. Giver Prayer: Cleansing Sound

  1. Hi Arthur,
    It’s been quite a road with Serina and I trying to determine why I have been unable to comment safely in this forum – turned out to be simple, all I needed to do was log out of WordPress… but this reached me today as Sam Roberts shared it with me. I am a Giver – irrefutably. The desire I’ve had to be “free of my own tongue” over the course of my life has been insatiable and elusive, to say the least. Grew up in the word, never strayed from the path. Faithful. Thus my faults are clearly evidenced to me around every corner, in the pursuit of righteousness – which is both right and good – but KNOWING the power that MY PRAYERS EFFECTS disables my ‘propencity’ (which I realise is a half-truth) to gag myself as I KNOW that my Father uses me, so it hasn’t silenced me in ‘ministry’. The area of contention for me is at home. The closer people get, the more cutting my tongue becomes and I’m dead set on playing this out to His glory – this prayer is specific to me in the positive and the negative.
    Thank you. SO don’t want to ‘feel’ alone in this, however often I ‘punish’ myself with isolation.

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