8. Chaim: God’s Surprise Strategy

I received an update from Julie in Chaim.

1)            She continues to push back against the mesmerizing spirit in the medical institutions.  She has kept an eye on the news but not seen any results in that area at all.  But, there is grace to continue the marathon.

2)            Blessing people who are pouring into the next generation is not going so well.  There is not an instinctive ability to spot those people and there is a learned habit of observing the details of the moment – traffic lights, people in the way, the price of goods – rather than zooming out to observe and ponder the nature of people around her.

Since this is getting scant attention but is part of the strategy, she is doing what she can with her will to override the deficiencies of her subconscious.  That is a fancy way of saying that she is going to take some dedicated time to go into the community for the express purpose of observing people.

This is what I like about Julie.  She can downshift.  When you can’t make it up the hill in fourth gear, you downshift to third or second, but you get there.  She lacks a skill set, but she does have the discipline to build a skill set.  By allocating time in the schedule, she can bring her fierce intentionality to bear on developing the desired skill.

Nicely done, Julie.

3)            In the midst of our plans and strategies, I am always alert to what God might be doing so we can pitch our plan and lean into His.  Points 1 and 2 were from Julie’s report to me.  The following is my observation and once I saw what God was doing, my response was the highly inelegant “Well . . . DUH!”

There are several areas of Julie’s life which are in motion.  As she interfaces with each of these fluid situations, she wants badly to “get it right.”  She will invest whatever effort it takes, yet time and again, things go weird.

Imagine for example (and this is made up) she wants to give the gift of holy land to a friend who is getting married in the park.  Let’s pretend Julie would go every day for 21 days to bless the land where the couple will stand when exchanging vows.  A nice, linear, well thought out, sacrificial gift.

And when wedding day comes, it rains, and everything is scuttled and moved indoors – where there was no blessing of the land!

These things are happening with regularity.  Julie has a high work ethic, a high tolerance for pain, a willingness to do the heavy lifting for the Kingdom, no need for public kudos or immediate fruit.  But . . . things don’t play out the way she expected.

As I have fielded the various situations and replied to them, my answer has become monotonous and probably predictable.  “Life is an art form.”

She is being called on, time and again, to finesse a moving target with a little of this, a tad of that and a dash of something else.  She has to remain nimble as she watches her prime target vanish before her eyes.  So she settles for finding another tangential area where she can make some sort of progress on the fly.

Suddenly I saw it.

The Teacher gift loves to lock things down into THE right way to do things.  There is one principle that applies here, another there, and if you just follow the rules in the official religious protocol, you will be OK.

So what God is doing with her in crafting fluid, multifaceted situations that force her to abandon goals and sync with Him and living life in the moment with creative responses to situations is exactly what is needed for the long term authority over the core of the city’s stronghold.

Teacher cities are about control above everything else.  Ideology enslaves.

So God is spinning her life out of control to teach her to dance instead of to build, and in so doing, He is equipping her to someday conquer and build.

What an AWESOME God we serve.  Legitimacy Noble Subject blog

Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to 8. Chaim: God’s Surprise Strategy

  1. Elouise says:

    I can run with this metaphor! I love ‘dancing’ and dancing! I bless her with learning from the foxtrot, dreakdancing, borrowing from ballet or whatever she needs to dance the most expressive, timely contemporary dance at that moment in that rhythm! Jesus knows the moves, some serious moves! Jesus has rhythm, like nobody’s business! Yeah! Go Julie!!!! Go dance!

  2. Sam Roberts says:

    A lesson in third level synchronization? Resting in the knowledge that everything is Father filtered causes me to delight in the randomness. The fine balance I find in my life is to stay prepared and in step with Holy Spirit, and not get lazy and forfeit His wisdom and knowledge for the sake of “winging it”.

    Go Julie! So encouraged by your long term faithfulness to this project! May it bear much fruit!!

  3. valynda says:

    Learning to dance instead of building. A good question to ask God when life is out of control. Are you teaching me to dance, Lord? Very thought provoking and will be chewing on this for a while.

  4. Jim Alseth says:

    Thanks Arthur. This makes sense considering the blessings for effectiveness for Teacher are the release of supernatural strategies. May I ask what Julie’s RG is?

  5. Colette says:

    Wow! That completely re-frames my perspective on why things go pear shaped – Iearning to dance instead of to build. Thank you for that concept.

  6. viviennehines says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow. Blessings to Julie.

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