22. Giver Prayer: Aligning Sound

Think back to your childhood.  Hiding around the corner and saying “Boo” was a source of joy to many darling little predators.  The content of their sound was not as significant as the timing.

Fast forward to the marketplace.  Being first to know is the lifeblood of a great many businesses.

Now let’s flip the objective.  Instead of being an emotional or economic predator, suppose you wanted to be spiritually or emotionally life giving.  Timing would also make a big difference.

This is one of the most endearing facets of the Giver gift to me.  I love watching the Holy Spirit work with their spirit to give someone a heads up that there is a window of opportunity for a transformational sound to go forth.

I don’t know of a single Giver who claims this and trumpets it, but I know many who walk in it.  Because this is not one of the stereotypical gifts in the church, the Giver usually has to partner with the soul in order to try to achieve God’s objective.

Here is what it looks like most commonly.  The family is at dinner nattering about generic stuff.  Mom, the Giver, suddenly says to Johnnie, “Why don’t you call your Uncle Roger and tell him about your big home run today?”

On the soul side, Johnnie quite commonly pushes back and says, “I haven’t talked to Uncle Roger for a year.  Why would he care about my home run?”

And, on the soul side, that is a logical response.

But what Mom was saying is, “There is a window of openness here where the Spirit wants to do something.  If you would just use the soul excuse of the home run to connect with Uncle Roger, the Holy Spirit will do the rest, and it will be wonderful.”

How does the Giver know that there is a supernatural window with the relative they barely have connections with?  This can only come through the Holy Spirit – but this alignment of sound is part of the free money that God gives the Giver, for him or her to give to the community.

Rarely is the Giver the one to make the connection.  But they are incredibly precise in knowing that there is a window and knowing who the Holy Spirit wants to partner with at any given time.

Their capacity to align sound to the critical moment is their gift to the community.

Lamentably, the community normally laughs it off and misses the God-moment the Giver tried to give them.

If you have a Giver in your world, I suggest you try an experiment.  Make a commitment to yourself that for the next 30 days any time a Giver suggests you connect with someone to give them information or to get information from them, you will do it.

Test the waters and allow God to show you His magnificence packaged in the Giver key of music.

The only thing standing between you and some God moments is your soul not believing in the alignment anointing of the Giver.

22. Giver Prayer: Aligning Sound  Developing Discernment Noble Subject blog

Copyright February 2016 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to 22. Giver Prayer: Aligning Sound

  1. David Brown says:

    Although my wife is primarily a Mercy, you’ve helped me recognize her giver portion giving me an opportunity to synchronize with God. I will ask her forgiveness for the times and way’s I didn’t honor her gifting and will lean on Holy Spirit to yield and trust. Thank you.

  2. chesalz says:

    Reblogged this on cheleneblog and commented:
    Wow. So much true.

  3. Scott Cross says:

    As someone who can find the Giver so easy and difficult, I was taken back to a teaching I was told about that Ken Hagen did on the “Interpreter”. When addressing the gifts of the Spirit the norm is to say that is is to interpret a word in tongues, but he (as it was related to me) saw this as a person who understood timing and flow of the Spirit. It seems to be what you have shared regarding the Giver. At so many times it is so easy to see and understand the timing but seldom do people understand what or why I suggest this or that and often it is overlooked or tabled and forgotten. Thank you for stirring this again in me…!
    Side note my Strength Finders top 5 are Ideation, Input, Connectedness, Futuristic and Strategic seems like many of these would be in line with the Giver, as you present this aspect…Thank you

  4. Jana says:

    I find it fascinating that I see myself a bit in this. I’m a Mercy, not a Giver but I am from Dutch parents living in South Africa. According to what I have read here the Dutch people are a Giver tribe and South Africa is also Giver land. I find that I will do very well timed connection things like giving a hug, or a word of encouragement or phone that friend. Could that be related?

  5. Grace says:

    That is not at all what I expected “aligning sound” to be, but thank you. I will pay more attention to this.

  6. viviennehines says:

    Thank you for washing my feet today. I have struggled with this aspect of gifting because it has been so rejected and despised by spiritual eldership in the past. However, I feel vindicated reading this blog and asked my Abba to forgive me for rejecting this gift because of the pain of being ridiculed and despised in it. Blessings

  7. Kathlynn says:

    Feels like you just eavesdropped on my conversation two days ago with my younger son to contact his older brother because they do not usually connect……just felt like a ‘mom’ moment but I can see clearly this is a regular thing for me from time to time with many others but never thought of it that way. I will not hesitate to say anything from now on knowing it is a window of opportunity directed by Holy Spirit. Thank you.

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