Following a Pattern

One is a data point.  Two is the beginning of a pattern.  We like to have at least five consistent data points before we build on an emerging pattern.

That said, there are four patterns that are emerging in this season of SLG’s walk.

-A significant assault on electronics that is demonstrably demonic, not just the nature of an imperfect industry.

-War over time.  The enemy has launched repeated assaults on our time, and God has pushed back with uncommon force and exceptional grace against the attempt to defile time.  Walking in supernaturally sanctified time is so invigorating.

-An increase in dominion in the area of sound.  I can’t quite find the soul words to express it, but all around us, words are carrying a spiritual weight that is beyond the nature of the content.  We have seen that from time to time in the past, but the frequency of the visitations of exceptional dominion embedded in the message is noteworthy.

-Heaven is launching a vigorous assault on strongholds of shame and powerlessness, seeking to restore dignity to His children.

All of that is background to the request that you go out ahead of me and sanctify Wednesday, March 16th.  Scrub the time from all past junk.  Bless the technology in Anaheim and Austria and cyberspace so it will work flawlessly.   And bless me with all of the dominion in my sound that God desires.

The focal point will be several hours of recording for a new trial project about hopeless despair.

This is one of the most toxic emotions a person can have.  There are many levels of brokenness that understandably produce that reaction.   However, there is also a group of people who go there without known reason.

Their lives are respectably functional.  They have work, health and some degree of social structure.  They might have two or three days of normal emotional engagement with their community, and suddenly, with no evident trigger, they are slammed into a headlock by hopeless despair.

The sudden crushing nature of the assault strips them of any sense of control in life.  Powerlessness is their constant companion because no matter how good life might be, the monster goes with them, and can assault them with no notice at any time and with complete  impunity.

I have walked with a number of people in this situation for quite a while.  For some, it is just a season in their healing journey and when we apply the tools we have, life stabilizes for them.

For others, absolutely nothing at all that we already have touches it.  Nothing prevents it.  Nothing draws them out of the deep valley.

Over the last two weeks, God has given me a different approach.  I am weaving together a number of different principles and will be recording a series of prayers and strategies in an attempt to destroy this stronghold and set these friends free.

We have a solid pool of guinea pigs that I have walked with for a while, and I will try this on them.  If it works, we will refine the tool and release it to a larger Beta test group.  In a dream scenario, we will have a product on the market by the end of the year — if this works.

But on Wednesday I need to do the first iteration of the idea.  I will be recording in the studio in our office.  I will email each clip to Serina in Austria to edit, add the meta data, make a playlist and upload it to cyberspace.

Please pray for the time leading up to that so my spirit, soul and body would rebound well from the trip to Switzerland and England.  And cover all of the other points above.

Thanks much for standing with me.

I should add a fifth pattern.  In the last three months, there has been an uncommon grace on the Sapphire tribe for intercession.  I have never experienced the eagerness of people to dive in, or the effectiveness of our prayer strategies.  So since the grace is there, we should lean in to more projects in this season.

Copyright March 2016 by Arthur Burk  Fighting Futility Noble Subject blog

From Room 345 in St. Gallen at 5:00 a.m.

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12 Responses to Following a Pattern

  1. sandra angus says:

    Yes, yes, I see this as a timely release from God in my life as well! A prophet released a word to me that said that hopelessness was in my generations, I have been praying through the generations, it has some effect but still hit by hopelessness at the strangest times!
    So thankful for all the Lord has taught you, it helps the whole body of Christ!

  2. Maggie says:

    I have just had weird mysterious things happening with my pc and also a spirit of hopelessness. Have to pray with you, its an urgency. This blogs stops me from my usual response to these things, think I am going crazy usually. Thank God for your depth of discernment .

  3. Sonia says:

    I’m in!!

  4. jsvetec says:

    I am and will be praying. HD has devoured enough.

  5. nancy says:

    Though I don’t live in this despair, I have experienced it deeply. It is a sneaker, hitting fast and hard, without warning.
    This is such a positive blog and I’m so happy you’re experiencing the up-side of all this, Arthur!

  6. Heidi Colquhoun says:

    I’m one of those that gets over-taken with dispare. It is getting so bad, I gave to force myself to go out of the house. I look forward to this new work and hopefully healing.

  7. Sam Roberts says:

    You have my prayers.
    I look forward to the finished product – most definitely on to something there! While I wait I will use existing tools with those God has put on my path. There are few things I despise quite as much as hopeless despair and its effect on people.

  8. jane62 says:

    Thanks for distilling the pattern of this season. I’m identifying on all levels maybe in different ways. In my case I think the electronics was 5th head (in which my behaviour has shifted and I’m learning). I’m loving walking in His time, it’s freedom on a huge level. Sound on land seems to be better, a project in progress. But suddenly I’m REALLY hearing what you’re saying in numerous teachings, after hearing them numerous times and ‘knowing’ they’re important, but not quite getting it until now. And Yes!!! I’m walking in Dignity and realised just this last week that I no longer feel the powerlessness that previously was controlling my life Lastly I’m back to your Ligt Prayers. They are timeless.
    Your finely crafted teaching, in partnership with Almighty God, is bearing fruit in its season. Praise Him, from whom all blessings flow. Thank you Arthur for never never never giving up, … with extreme intensity…
    Blessing you with quick intercontinental bounce back, of the supernatural variety.

  9. LaVonne says:

    I can relate to this and if some how can be involved I am available. I lost two cell phones in less than 6 months. Also electronics can be very difficult for me, with them not working right, computer. Can’t seem to wear a watch, with out it breaking or stopping. Strange Indeed. Gave Up Years ago.

  10. Rosemary Williamson says:

    Also experiencing major problems with phones, computers etc. Standing with you Arthur and SLG, always!

  11. Jena says:

    On Thursday my boss changed mine and two coworkers computers to a new server and only mine didn’t go well. He spent hours on it before he gave up and gave me a new hard drive. So my time has been spent sitting and waiting while he reloads programs and my trying to restore my settings.
    I will definitely pray. Hopeless despair has been trying to be my companion since I was a child.

  12. Louise says:

    Oh my gosh – in this season I have also had a major assault on my technology with my computer not working and running out of internet time and my cell phone dying! I knew there was some kind of pattern going but its also being as I am about to launch a special project that is finally in my area of excellence – art! wow the post puts it into perspective and I will be praying for this time – such a key time- thank you Arthur for all you are researching and doing!

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