Is this Truth?

Recently I was with a group of Christian businessmen, celebrating with them the life of God that was flowing to one of their products.  It was a special time since “Fred” had been carrying this vision for years and was now riding the wave of God’s favor.

In an attempt to affirm the work of God in his business and to celebrate that he was so on track, I shared with the group some of what God had been saying to me in the last year about his product/tagline/brand.

Fred got it.  Tears came to his eyes and he exulted over the confirmation that his wild idea was being validated by God through an independent source – me – when I had not been walking with him through his long journey.

However, others in the group saw me as a threat.  There was an instant disruption and a volley of questions to him about whether his lawyers had adequately trademarked his key terms so no one else – namely me – could use them.

He tamped down the ruckus as best he could, pointing out that the terms have been in use by other businesses before he choose those word pictures, but that yes, his lawyers had secured most rights to them in the areas of greatest financial import.

I left there saddened by the fear-based reaction and the avarice of his friends, seeking to protect him from a threat that does not exist, but brushed it aside.  Nonsense like this is common these days.  I move on quickly.

Over the course of the last week, God brought a number of different things into focus to show that our ancient nemesis has raised its head again.  This was not just fear and avarice, it was jealousy.  The fact that they did not have a monopoly on the grace of God was threatening to them.

As I have looked back at the recent past, there has been quite a spike in spiritual leaders coming out against me in public, seeking to protect their followers from me.

All I can say is that their fear-based response is absurd.  Here is my position in the Body of Christ.

-Our written, official company metrics include the following:

“The Kingdom sequence is:  receive from God, convert the raw material into a better form, then give it back to Him.  We own NOTHING:  not relationships, not ideas, not market share, not reputation, not family.  NOTHING.  EVER.  We only hold things in trust for a season, for the King.  No matter if it costs us our life to acquire something, it is still not ours, not even for a moment.”  

-We see every relationship as temporary.  God assigns people to me for me to serve for a season while they drink out of our stream, but we do not have enough wisdom to fully meet the needs of any single person, therefore it is the most logical, proper thing for them to leave at some point and go elsewhere for the next chapter of growth.  This applies to our employees as well.  Whether someone walks with us for a day or a decade, they are never “ours.”

-We are NOT exclusive.  We delight in everyone who runs with us for a season also drinking from other streams.  We do not limit access of any person to any ideas or organizations.  The world is our playing field, and we rejoice at those who are diverse in their experience in the Body of Christ.

-We use the term “our tribe” without control.  As I have described elsewhere, this means the people who God has assigned to us, who also choose to walk with us for a season.  My role in “our tribe” is to serve those whom God gives me, not to recruit them, count them, use them or gain legitimacy from them.  My focus is on my responsibilities, not my rights.

-My passion is to see the Body of Christ grow in every way possible.  I rejoice over every sign of the life of God anywhere in the world.  I am absolutely sure there is enough blessing from God to go around, and I am never diminished by God’s generosity to other people or ministries.

That is our position and our reality.  However, the enemy is creating a non-reality based on individuals and groups coming into agreement with lies.

God lined up a series of events this morning to reveal that the result of the jealousy coming against us is that our websites have begun to stink and the life that flows from us is perceived as death.  This is nothing less than the Egyptian Curse coming back, where things are upside down and backward.

If you believe that I am a threat to the Body of Christ, then please write me and share your concerns with me as Scripture dictates.  If you feel that our teachings and my values and my behavior bring life to the Body of Christ, then I invite you to push back against the Egyptian Curse and the spirit of jealousy and establish the fragrance of life, not death over us.

Below is a sample prayer relative to this current situation, as well as a link to our original teaching on the spirit of jealousy.

Thank you for joining me in turning things right side up again.

Spirit of Jealousy Noble Subject blogWarfare Prayer Against Jealousy

Copyright March 2016 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, on a Saturday morning



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  1. Beverly Wilson says:

    I would like to know why is this called The Egyptian Curse? I’ve looked for teaching, scriptures and haven’t been able to find any. Arthur, I appreciate your blessings and teachings. Thank you so much.

    • SLG says:

      Beverly, go to Free Audio on our website and the set on Spiritual Warfare. There we lay the foundation for the three major heresies: Edomite, Babylonian and Egyptian.

  2. clancy mcquigg says:

    concur with your prayer

  3. Anna-Marie de Beer says:

    I learn everyday when I listen to your teachings. I thank our Father that He directed me to you to hear His voice and His heart! I pray with you and for you that God, YHWH Elohim, and His Holy Spirit will teach you more of His Wisdom so that we can learn and drink from His well. That helps me to go out and share the Living Water for a lot of thirsty people. Thank you, Arthur, for listening to our King! I bless you in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

  4. A few days catching up because of ministry travels. This is part of the timing for me on this issue. Yes! of course, we stand with you against this Egyptian curse and refuse to agree with it from our perspective. As I read this today, I realize now what was going on with us. After an amazing time of ministry, worship, affirmation, on our way home I was blindsided by a similar attack. Suddenly the joy from our time with the Body of Christ was diminished, and the spirit of jealously rose up in me against another minister of the truth. Some times all it takes is the mentioned of a name to set this off. After repenting, pulling down, grieving, etc. I was finally able to rejoice in their victory. As I read this blog today I realized that I cannot stand with you or any one else as long as this thing has a foot hold in my life. So once again, it Look to Father alone for validation. Thank you for your statement for your ministry. My heart leaps at these statements and I too want to adhere to this standard. As I stand in THAT place, I then can walk in authority over this and pray for you, my friend. Thanks once again!

  5. Donna Kelly says:

    It will be an honor to join you in prayer.

  6. Frieda De Winter says:

    thank you arthur for your prayer ..your surrender to the Lord is the best and most powerfull thing to do ! I love the way you pray and think that the Lord appreciates it very much ! i also like your saying about where SLG stands for !!

  7. Ev Cowan says:

    Arthur, I stand with you and your SLG team against the spirit of jealousy in proclaiming that you have been so life-giving to me and many others that I know over the years as we have sought to implement the truth you have laid before the Body of Christ, often at great cost to yourselves. Thank you so much.

  8. Sally Sugrue says:

    Dear Arthur, I warmly extend honour to you and all of SLG: you’ve been a source of life to me, and to many of my friends for many years.

  9. Patricia Lawson says:

    Arthur, you are a blessing to the body of Christ, and I agree with all you say about your ministry and your purposes. I stand with you against this spirit of jealousy. However, I have to say that I believe others will be jealous of you and see you as a threat, simply because they are insecure in their own ministries, and may not be where God wants them. This is a problem in the body which I’m sure many have experienced, myself included. We push back against this curse, and pray the manifold blessings of God upon you, your family, staff and work/ministry.

  10. louisebowley says:

    Sapphire Leadership Group and all the people involved have helped me so much in many things over the years and the non-control of people is so life-giving and helpful to those in the healing process. Thank you for all the hard work that you do Arthur and SLG.

  11. Deborah Foster says:

    Arthur, you ABSOLUTELY are a LIFE-GIVER in the Body of Christ. I am joining with you in pushing back against the Egyptian Curse and the spirit of jealousy! Thank you for all of the seeds you sow into the Kingdom!

  12. Sue Taylor says:

    Father God Most High, I come with a heart overflowing with thanksgiving to You. Thank You Father for all that You have released to the Body of Christ through Arthur and his team. I especially thank You Father for the material You have given to us concerning design. I stand in awe and appreciation of the beauty You have graciously offered to us through Arthur and his team – again, with emphasis on the good news concerning Your own God-deposited treasures in us and in our lands. Thank You Father for showing us more about who You are – in showing us more about who we are.

    Additionally, I ask that Your original blueprint – Your design – be so entirely strengthened in SLG – that no outside forces of jealousy or offense or fear or any other weapon formed against Arthur or his team or his tribe – be given any landing space at all. Raise SLG to a place that is completely out of range, Father. Take them and their websites to an even higher more harmonic playing field – and give them all the resources of heaven to receive even greater revelatory insight to be generously shared with the Body of Christ – in alignment with their God-given design and Your plans for their past, their present, and their future. Thank You Father.

    In Jesus’ name, we agree and we pray in utter dependence on You. We trust You, Father. Amen.

    • David Brown says:

      Yes Father, we pray in agreement that those who honor you are to be honored. We willingly ask to be recorded in your courts as having been helped to see your majesty, to be in awe of you through Arthur and Sapphire Ministries. We ask for any demonic shields or evil energized shields placed over any person or aspect of Sapphire Ministries to be vaporized. We do ask for the shielding of your living presence, your walls of glory round about this ministry. We do so in appreciation of your generosity to them and through them.

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