Some Thoughts on the Brexit

-The polls were wrong.  Again.

In most of the Western world, pre-election polls from the last ten years have been wrong — massively wrong at times.  Clearly there is a larger and larger percentage of people who have very strong opinions, who absolutely plan to vote, and who have no intentions of sharing their opinions with anyone before the elections.

I wonder if this is the result of the PC police and the harshness with which personal opinions have been assaulted in recent years.  At the end of the day, the PC police are not making much headway in changing people’s hearts, but they do make the ideologically non-mainstream people go underground with their opinions.

-I think both sides lied. 

I do understand that there is a global economy, and the Brexit will disrupt some established economic patterns.  However there is a huge economic powerhouse in London that is vastly creative, immeasurably vested in self-perpetuation and deeply in bed with the political establishment.  I believe they will use every imaginable legal and covert tool to mitigate the consequences to the nation’s economy and, in the medium term, be reasonably successful at righting the economic ship.

Five years from now I doubt that the real economy (as distinct from the phantom economy of the stock exchange) will be significantly better or worse for having left.  And if Britain had stayed, I doubt that their economy would have been significantly better or worse five years from now either.

The Draconian threats and Utopian promises were both myths.

-Locking the barn after the horse is stolen

William Congreve is credited with the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  I think this will be well applied to the EU.  Having been scorned by the Brits, I expect the EU to do everything in its power to make the divorce brutal for Britain.

This will be in part to punish them for spurning the Grand Dame, but much more to the point, to dissuade other EU members who are already talking about their own exit, from ever considering a divorce.

-False accusation

The liberal press alternatively blames the Brexit vote on immigration issues and then denies that this had anything to do with the question at all.

For those who do embrace that explanation, the Leave camp is excoriated for “xenophobia” which is the high brow word for racism.

And this is simply unfair.

Humans are passionate about boundaries and personal turf.  From the child who valiantly fights for one toy while shrieking “MINE!” to the adults who fence their yards, lock their cars, guard their passwords and long to have their own reserved parking space, we are creatures of ownership and boundaries.

When God created a single-race couple, He gave them turf with boundaries. Throughout history, men and animals have defended boundaries and the right to have boundaries, relentlessly.

A great number of people feel their governments have sold their birthrights by failing to defend the boarders of their nation.  When the government or the press diverts attention from the border issue by calling it a racial issue, it is simply that.  A diversion.

Are there racists in Britain?  No doubt.

But I am highly skeptical that the racists carried the day.

However, regardless of the press and the government’s attempts to downplay or deny the border issues, I am guessing that the basic, visceral, God-designed human drive to have safe borders did play into the final vote.

Just a hunch.

Copyright June 2016 by Arthur Burk

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18 Responses to Some Thoughts on the Brexit

  1. Nico says:

    Maybe the Brexit is the full circle of what was mentioned in the final track of the Redemptive Gift of Scotland set (in the free stuff section) Where Scotland is was called to be a Brother’s keeper of England to bless and not to curse. How their union caused a great blessing from God that resulted in the great century of missions…then mentioning how it is believed that the subordination of the throne to the EU is not in the best interest of either Scotland or England

    In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis mentions,
    “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

    Maybe this is the first step in the UK’s ‘about turn’

  2. Deborah says:

    Deuteronomy 32:8 (ESV)
    8 When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance,
    when he divided mankind,
    he fixed the borders of the peoples
    according to the number of the sons of God.
    As I read through the commentary and the comments regarding borders and boundaries, this came to mind.

  3. Peter Stevens says:

    Glad to get your comments, and the input from others – it’s a very complex multi layered issue well expressed by all.
    I and my siblings were born in Scotland, English parents, live in Canada since 1967.
    I emailed my siblings on June 24th after hearing the Leave result – and said if Scotland separates from England over this – I will get a Scottish passport (it’s the heather and maybe a wee dram!).
    God’s timing is amazing, Later that day I listened for the first time to these two countries Redemptive Gifts that you recorded in 2011 – I was greatly encouraged by the higher and longer term perspective of the potential of God’s Redemptive Gifts – particularly for England. I would encourage us all to pray that the Lord would bring repentance in Scotland for the 17th Century Covenanters Curses against England, and for Scotland to then stand alongside England and support God’s plan for both countries and the world. In any event the Lord’s will will be done.

    • Heidi Colquhoun says:

      I agree! My husband hails from Aberfoyle now living in the states, and even now that centuries old animosity pops out of him. There needs to be a heart change in Scotland and in England. They both keep the past going!

  4. Patricia Horgan says:

    I think the human cell is a good example of boundary issues. If it is too porous, it lets in harmful bacteria and other material. However if it is not porous enough then nutrients cannot get in and waste material cannot be removed.
    The point at which boundaries are healthiest for the cell is the issue.
    I am half English on my mother’s side – and half Irish and my father’s side. My father did not settle in England until well into his 40’s – so was an immigrant. I have always felt that my own ‘soul’ identity finds unity in being European – so for me the vote has produced a good deal of grief.
    However, this has bought up for me something even deeper; the problem, I see, with people who have spiritual authority mis-using it in the realm of the soul.
    This is not meant as a criticism of Arthur or Sapphire, but in some areas of the church, we being told that, if we are ‘prophetic’ christians, we have to vote Right Wing, because this is ‘God’s Will’. For example, God wants the UK to leave the EU or God wants Donald Trump in power.
    Jesus told Pilate that His Kingdom is not of this world. It is plain that even at His Ascension the disciples did not get this. I am wondering if even after two thousand years we still have not got it.
    I am not saying that we should not discuss these matters – or that our souls and the issues that affect us in this world are not important – but that maybe we need to be careful when do not keep properly boundaries of authority and influence in this area too.
    These are only my tentative thoughts – and I need to work this through – so would be glad to hear what others think.

    • SLG says:

      Patricia, that is a brilliant analogy. A cell is porous, but in the right way and for the right things. And yes, the incestuous relationship between the political right wing and the Charismatic sector of the church is sickening. I have long ago withdrawn from the Republican party because I cannot tolerate much about them. But the one blog I wrote raising a few questions about Trump produced some very non-Fruit of the Spirit responses from the Christian community. We aren’t doing a very good job of demonstrating to the world how to explore complex topics in a safe way.

  5. Debora says:

    Thank you Arthur, for sharing your thoughts on that one. I can follow your ideas and your argumentation. But I also wonder about that boundary thing. I totally agree with you, that we need healthy boundaries and a safe place as human beings. And I also agree, that heads of nations have the responsibility to make sure, that this is the case for their nations. On the other hand, there are always two sides to this. For example: During WW II Switzerland wanted to provide the best possible “safety” for the nation – which included not letting in any jewish refugees. That meant, they were sent off to concentration camps in most cases. I am Swiss and I can understand, that the choice our government made back then was to protect the nation. But also I think we made ourselves responsible for the death of many people. And in the end it was Gods Grace and a miracle, that we were not waltzed over by the Nazis – and not our attempt to secure our borders.
    I know, this is all very complex and I see only a few facets of the whole picture, but the questions I want to raise here: What are “safe boundaries” in God eyes? Where do we have to “protect ourselves” no matter what it could mean for others – and were does God challenge us to trust Him to keep us safe? I really don’t have answers here.
    One last thought: In a systemic way our western society constantly violates the boundaries of many people and nations – for example a lot of our food and clothes come out of unfair trade, which in many cases means fabricated by people who have had violated many of their boundaries and some of them even being modern time slaves. I am part of that system too and I often feel overwhelmed by my own “unfair” lifestyle. I just wonder, how much I do have the “right” to have safe boundaries, while me and my culture are violating those of others constantly.
    Ok, that was prob too long and a bit out there – if you read up till here, thank you!
    And if someone wants to share their thoughts about mine, I am looking forward to ur post:-)

    • SLG says:

      God’s ideal seems to be for a nation to be healthy enough to receive a significant amount of immigration and be life giving to them. Israel’s history is full of foreign people living in their midst. Sometimes, the foreigners are toxic. Other times they are life giving. So the boundaries question is not a clean simple definite point.

      Please note that I did not say that Britain was right or wrong in the way they voted or the way they see the immigration issues. I simply said that I think there is a world of difference between xenophobia and boundaries.

      • Debora says:

        “Sometimes, the foreigners are toxic. Other times they are life giving. So the boundaries question is not a clean simple definite point.” I agree. I think, it cd also be ok to have some “toxic” ones to give them a chance to let God turn them into life-giving people.
        Prob it depends much on the health of a nation itself how much “toxic” stuff it can handle…

        “Please note that I did not say that Britain was right or wrong in the way they voted or the way they see the immigration issues.” I also didn’t understand it that way and I also didn’t mean to comment on that myself. I don’t feel like am in a place to have an opinion about it. I just wanted to comment on the general ideas about boundaries. Which are per se a healthy godly thing – and have nothing to do with xenophobia. I just often think about what that really means in a global way out of Gods perspective and where I have to change my own way of thinking and acting to align with His ideas in this matter.

  6. Grace Jones says:

    All I know is that when I voted ‘leave’ ahead of time by postal vote, I had a momentary feeling of great joy. So despite the bashing I’ve had since, I think God is up to something big! No idea what it looks like, but just writing this makes the joy bubble up again!

  7. Amanda says:

    Dear Arthur
    I agree with you on the boundary issue and feel God is also very particular about boundaries expecting those to whom the land is entrusted, to take responsibility for it.
    I perceive God has done some shaking of the nation’s. Interesting!

  8. Karibu says:

    Great observation about our proclivity for borders. I’m also curious about the role that Britain’s redemptive gift played in this decision. As a big-sized ruler, does this say about something of the desire of the ruler’s gift for independence? There’s been a lot of talk about Scotland (prophet) joining the EU. I draw two comparisons here – the US is a prophet nation and the union has stayed together pretty well (well, excluding the Civil War) since it’s founding. So Scotland’s desire for (belonging?) joining the EU may become actualized. And second, Britain to Russia and China, both nations which have tended to resist the types of political blocs the EU has represented.

    So I wonder if the ruler gift is more sensitive to having its borders violated than other gifts.

  9. John says:

    Nothing invalid in your comment, however each strata in our society has an angle.
    Bosses faced with overbearing regulations unrelated to INTERNAL trade.
    Workers whose industries CANNOT receive Gov aid by EU regulation and are thus out of work.
    Middle classes who cannot see a doctor within 14 days due to migrant overload.
    A seething fury that flying the national flag is considered racist by some councils.
    Schools of 100 children who have 27 native languages. English ones suffer as others are assisted.
    Health tourism robbing our NHS.
    A crime rate which is 50% immigrant in London.
    Finally the trampling underfoot of Christian values and the promotion of Muslim rights above all others.

  10. David & Ruth says:

    Not just physical boundaries but boundaries to do with finance, legalisation and most importantly identity. Now is the time for the UK to come out and have the spiritual freedom to be who we are as a nation so we can bless those around us rather than serving our own interests. Now is the time to bless Europe like never before.

  11. Carol Tattersall says:

    Thank you for your comments, Arthur. They are accurate. The Government and pollsters had no idea of the strength of feeling in the shires of England. The open border policy produced, as it of course would, a flow of humanity from East to West, many desperate to get to these Islands for the opportunity of homes, jobs and health care. It has changed rural towns and villages quite substantially. in the Midlands and the North. We are , I think, a quiet and kind people and have received the people. However the strain is showing on the services, and folk are afraid of where it will all lead if there isn’t some sort of security along our borders. People didn’t say very much but voted to show those deep anxieties.
    .If any of our local immigrant families are hassled, I fully intend to offer myself as an escort to schools etc and will defend them against any of the racist abuse which has surfaced from a few who are on the lookout for a fight against easy targets.
    Thank you again
    Carol Tattersall

  12. Kunle says:

    Arthur, I agree with your analysis and thoughts 100%. Furthermore, I also think Trump wins in November too and believe the polls may be underestimating his support. I know lots of blacks who voted for Obama, who now are for Trump but will never come out and say it nor put it on their social media.

  13. Joan Westaway says:

    I too love my personal space with boundaries! Yet as healing has brought revelation of the God-end of this, freedom within it has exploded! Releasing a breath of sweet healing over the nation, to strengthen their connectiveness with the Ancient of Days, to come into alignment with his flow! Seeing his hand drawing his river running through the nation! Jump in! Blessing you as you make God choices, to empower you to progress through that perceived powerlessness, to a new level in him! HalleluYah!

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