Fathering your Spirit

One of the givens when working with the portions of the human spirit is that they do better at recognizing truth than describing it.

So when someone has brought all seven portions to the Seat of Dominion, the rescue process is over, and now it is time to father the spirit.  And we define fathering as discovering God’s design, and unpacking it.

This was the process Serina was going through.  She had asked each portion of her spirit who they were and all that, and essentially came up with nothing.  I suggested that she spend a week and take each portion of her spirit on a tour of her apartment, room by room and wall by wall, asking if there was anything here that connected with the designated portion.

This surfaced quite a number of interesting revelations, but many of them were vague.  One of those was the camera.  Serina has had a camera for a while and occasionally taken pictures with it, but there was no fire there.

When Servant claimed the camera, it was a surprise to her.

We talked about it, and as is common, Servant couldn’t really tell me anything about what she wanted to do with the camera.  So I floated a series of trial balloons of pairs of objects that were far apart, such as people or cars, morning or evening, mountains or lakes.  In each case, she shot down both balloons.

I hung in there and tried macro-micro.  I asked about picture of the skyline along a mountain range or a picture of a single drop of dew on a spider web.

That scored.  Definitely micro.

Sometimes we can make simple adjustments to allow a portion of the spirit to walk in that area.  Other times, it takes some effort.  Serina only had generic lenses, so she shopped around for a small tripod and a close-up lens, invested in both, and went for a stroll.

It was a huge success.  Servant has been wonderfully busy enjoying her joy with close-ups of all sorts of things.  Many of her pictures are of flowers, such as this one.


But Servant is not limited to flowers.  For all of you who have been waiting with bated breath to know what the inside of a cow’s nose looks like, Servant offers you this masterpiece, fully in focus, resplendent in clear colors and perfect lighting.


But what is really special is that we discovered something new about Servant.  The cow was so drawn to her that it walked across the field to her, getting so close, it shocked itself on the electric fence.

We would have figured that out with our method, except that Serina doesn’t have many cows in her apartment, so we never asked.   Will be interesting to see how Serina unpacks this facet of Servant.

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk

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10 Responses to Fathering your Spirit

  1. jane62 says:

    My servant loved the cow. Servant sense of humour. Thank you Serina!

  2. katshea says:

    I personally liked the grass hanging out of the cows mouth, her endless meal so interrupted by her curiosity! What do you think, Arthur–I bet she is a Servant animal, and recognized the Servant portion of a human, and came to commune! Animals trust humans who’s spirits are whole and present. They are a good litmus test for the condition of your spirit. . .(among other more spiritual validations).

    And that LOL view of the nose is the view baby Jesus had in the manger! That could be photo shopped into a Christmas card!

  3. Neridda says:

    Yay! Thanks for some more homework. We made a start on the ‘joy’ assignment from an earlier blog and are so excited by what came up already. So great to have a new direction to explore. Blessings in Christ X

  4. JOAN COMRIE says:

    thank you for this example of fathering. My friend and I did deliverance on my brain which was quite fruitful as some portions were really blocked from moving freely. I have been asking God to father me for years without knowing what that meant. I now realize that He is supposed to release me into my destiny by helping me unpack my spirit.That is a really big key for me and I am excited about walking around my apartment with each portion of my spirit. God bless you and all the SLG team and tribe.

  5. Phumla Adesanya says:

    I wonder if there is any connection between some servant tribes/land and the special place the cow is accorded! Very interesting discovery.

  6. karly dorozio says:

    hey arthur, in these blog posts you should have a link for people to buy your teachings from the sapphire website any time that you reference them..so for instance you mentioned about the 7 portions of your spirit and the seat of dominion..those very words could be made into actual links that can be clicked on to take people directly to the site where they can purchase the teaching on that subject..and they would recognize that common accessibility by the words being in bold or highlighted in some way..just a suggestion

    • Serina says:

      When you look at previous blog posts you will see that Arthur is doing that, with a link to an album or free audio.

  7. Rosa says:

    Love it. I like how you can see the tiny fairs along the cows ears… I do have a thing for cows! Great job, Serina

  8. Elisabeth Marti says:

    This resonated with my Servant portion of my spirit. It jumped up and said see that’s why you so love to take close up pictures of flowers and bugs and such. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Janis Leal says:

    So sweet, in many ways. Good for Serina!

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