Baptism Fun

We are a hybrid company.  That means that for tax purposes we are a for profit company. We have a real product which we manufacture and sell.  We have offices in seven nations. There are payroll, taxes, insurance and all the trappings of an ordinary business.

Yet behind the scenes, we are a church.  I see myself as the CEO, pastor and father of the people in the company.  We do evangelism, baptism, Communion, discipleship, teaching, deliverance, inner healing, worship, caring for widows, orphans, the foreigners in our midst, the poor, and all the “one another” commands in Scripture.

We just don’t do it according to the familiar rhythm of the institutional church.

So it came about that Agatha flew in last week for an encounter with God.  She found an AirBnB room with people who turned out to be walking tall Christians.  Her first hug from God.

She spent about a week driving around California, checking out various beaches, trying to find the one that was right for her baptism.  She decided on White Point Royal Palms Beach in San Pedro.  God met her there and said this was the place.

So on Thursday we closed the office for the morning.  Megan, Hanna and I drove there and met her.  She shared some of the story of how God led her to this beach.

Then she read the renunciation she had prepared, rejecting the kingdom of darkness and all the deeds of darkness, and all covenants associated with it, and committing to the Kingdom of Life and the King of Glory.

Agatha is intense.  Four pages.  She was going to nail this thing.

Then she carefully folded it, and put it in her pocket.  It was going to get baptized too!

We waded out into the ocean, found a place where the kelp was not too much of a nuisance, then she knelt facing the waves.  Here we baptize by Triune Immersion because of the mountain of evidence that this was the way it was done by the early church.  If this is a new thought to you, check out the teaching on YouTube.

The waves were large enough that the surfers were out, not too far from us.  We timed the three immersions to roughly coincide with the incoming waves.   The sound of the surf was so loud I am not sure she heard much of anything I said, but the Lord did, and I am sure her spirit did too.

Her euphoria after the baptism was substantial.  We waited for a while as she partied before the Lord, then we gathered at the top of the rock wall and enjoyed a medley of fresh California fruit before parting ways.

She stayed in the shade of a palm tree for a few hours.  The devil came and taunted her that she had not done it good enough and therefore it was not going to take.  Jesus showed up for the conversation and re-purposed the whole rest of her life in a single sentence.

The liar fled.

She glowed.  Sapphire Business DNA Noble Subject blog

This is doing church in a hybrid business.

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk

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23 Responses to Baptism Fun

  1. Nina Lilley says:

    Provoked to jealousy!

  2. agatharub says:

    Liebe Christine
    Gott ist unendlich viel grösser und doch so viel näher, als wir uns das je vorstellen können! So ist es für mich und so ist es für Dich! Gott wird Dir genau da begegnen, wo und wie Er es geplant hat und es sprengt jede Vorstellung davon, wie es sein könnte! Jesus ist so Gentleman und es gibt nichts Tieferes, als von IHM “überwältigt zu sein”!!! Go for it and wait upon the LORD.

  3. Lynda T. says:

    Beautiful! May your blessings continue.

  4. lisa4gzus says:

    Tears of joy, celebrating the King and His daughter.

  5. Stark Christine says:

    Mein Herz ist sooo voll Freude für Dich Agathe und soooo voll Hoffnung für mich……Neue Dimensinen werden unser Leben neu kreiren….Freude und Liebe in IHM Christine Schweiz

  6. agatharub says:

    Thanks for all your blessings , this increases my joy again!

  7. viviennehines says:


  8. Shauna A. says:

    Woo hoo! My spirit is rejoicing with you as I read this!

  9. Rosa says:

    So beautiful. ‘ Jesus showed up.. And repurposed her whole life in a single sentence.’
    Just live it.

  10. agatharub says:

    Thank you for celebrate with me our great and wonderful God!
    My Spirit says: This beach is Giver . About a hundred years ago there were hotels, restaurants and pools . Under the surface of the ocean , there was a hot water source . People came here for their health and to their delight . A storm destroyed the houses and an earthquake severed the lines leading to the source . You still can see a bit of a rest of the pools.
    For my eyes this beach is full of life and beauty, in and over the water and the water itselfs!

  11. Christine Fisher says:

    Dear Agatha,

    I SO know that specific attack from the devil.

    And so, as one who has struggled all too often with that battle, I bless you with building such a monument of joy and triumph over that life changing revelation given to you by Jesus, that the enemy can never again pull that trick on you with impunity.

    You are a child of the Most High God, seated IN Christ Jesus, BELOVED of the Father. And He takes great delight in YOU!

    Many blessings on this occasion of your baptism! I’m sharing in your joy!


  12. Janis Leal says:

    Ha-Ha-Halelluiah!! Joy… Oh Lord, I love this story – especially because it’s real. Just as real as new life and freedom in our triune God. Surf’s up, baby – Go, Agatha! May she ride the waves of grace all the way through.

    Thanks for sharing the joy, and all the other aspects painting the picture of the truth of “Let’s have church!”

  13. Sam Roberts says:

    Agatha doesn’t mess around! I enjoy hearing about her intense, intentional adventures 🙂
    Celebrating with you!

  14. Rebekah says:

    So I’m dieing of curiousity. What was the redemptive gift of the beach and is it the same as San Pedro …..?

    • SLG says:

      No clue about the beach. I believe I remember San Pedro being Prophet, but it has been a long time since I hung out there much or studied it.

      • Don Hank says:

        That beach seems like exhorter or mercy when I go there?
        (So many dolphins playing etc.)

  15. Excellent! my kind of baptism and church

  16. Devorah R.G says:

    Thorough. Real. Beautiful.

    “re-purposed the whole rest of her life in a single sentence” -> what a magnificent gift <3

    A precious story.

  17. dorisann says:

    That is so awesome. I am speechless.

  18. I enjoyed reading the simplicity of this- It was personalized and pure.
    They way a baptism should be!
    Rev Willson

  19. Can I share the Baptism post Sooo Good

    Rev Willson ❤️👍🏼

    Sent from my iPhone


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