LAC Blessings: Megan #1

In our Life After Church focus, we are seeking to develop clarity and to build strategic communities.  One of the various tools we will use to build community is prayer.

There are many times when an individual has invested much in a Kingdom project, but they are short of the energy to birth it.  A solid push from the tribe will shift the spiritual climate and propel them to victory.

Sometimes that would be simply through the volume of prayer.  Imagine where you would be if 500 people focused on one narrow facet of your life for a week!  In other cases, we will bring individuals who have high earned authority in strategic areas to focus tightly on one breakthrough point.

This week, we are running our first prayer project for LAC.  I will post a new prayer focus ever day for the next six days.  We invite you to bring the various flavors of your niche authority and your personalized relationship with God to the battle.

Our first target is Megan’s book.  It is written, edited, re-edited, and all that stuff.  Now she is moving into the production phase.  With Hanna looking over her shoulder, offering exceptional expertise in how to design a book, Megan is going to lean into the biggest graphic project of her life to date.

She has front loaded the investment significantly.  Writing is a lonely project and she has paid the price, cut lots of things out of her schedule, and spent the hours over the last couple of years.  She has brought excellence to the table, surrounding herself with professionals who coached her through the process.

She COULD continue alone.  There is no great crisis ahead of her.  BUT, we as a tribe owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her for the technological treasures she brings to the table, AND we will benefit immensely from her book when it is out.

Therefore, we will, for seven days, as a tribe, pour spiritual support into her birthing process.

Her dream is to have the book ready for the printer by October 1st.  She hopes to tour next year, teaching the methodology she has developed in a variety of different contexts of woundedness.

Our first prayer will be for the ALIGNMENT OF TIME.

This has endless applications.  One of the most significant has to do with creativity.  There are times when she has discretionary time to do creative work and the creativity has been driven completely into the ground due to the exigencies of the day.  And there are days when her creativity is at high tide and so are the demands of unspectacular duties.

Let’s pray that available time and creativity will come into alignment repeatedly, so she can design the book from the high ground of flow and sparkle, instead of from the valley of character-driven diligence.

Second, there are pockets of time in her time line that are spiritually charged already.  We have no idea what treasures God has deposited on her time line.  But the devil sure does. And he will run interference to be sure she is not at her computer when the treasures of her time float by.

So once again, it is time for alignment prayers.   God knew before time began that she would be designing the book during the next two months.  He has loaded her time line with hugs and more.  Let’s bring her daily schedule under the control of the Lord of Time, so that there is perfect alignment of her availability and God’s loving gifts to her.

Then there are the night watches.  Sleep comes in a 100 different flavors.  God does much of His finest work when our busy little souls are not chattering away.  Pray that night time would be subject to the will of the Creator of Night and Day.  We have no idea what the Holy Spirit might want to do during Megan’s sleep, but for those of you who are awake when she is asleep, this is your time to shine.

So three specific aspects of aligning time.   We will focus on this all week (and as long as you want to after that) but on Monday, there will be a new focus to add to this one.

This is our first fruits project in LAC community building.  Let’s make it memorable!

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk  Dynamics of Time Noble Subject blog

From the office — eagerly awaiting the evening engagement

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20 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #1

  1. Darrell Balfour says:

    Megan,there is a very inexpensive yet powerful graphics design program called Creator by Laughingbird Software. I use it to make posts for Facebook, create FB timeline covers and that only scratches the surface of it capibilites.

    Praying God’s amazing GRACE for you as you labour for Him!!

  2. My friends and Sapphire family, thank you! This outpouring of joy and prayer in the final stretch of writing is a blessing of a magnitude I am still trying to comprehend. The theme of the alignment of time is huge. I was talking to Arthur and Hanna about how much it matters just to have the creative mood and the time available actually happen at the SAME time! So often the creative mood happens when you can’t entertain it. Or you have a block of time and the creativity of a gnat. Then you have to grind. Thank you for all that you are pouring into the Kingdom of God through this prayer strategy. It is a special gift to know that I have all the gifts of your prayers and enthusiasm behind me when I write and begin designing.

  3. Rob Ruckert says:

    Super awesome ideas! I’m all in!!!

  4. Sonis says:

    Megan’s tools on time are immense and have transformed my life! My discerment has sharpened on time through her teaching on Dynamics of Time. I’ve grown in awe of The Ancient of Days due to Megan’s light reflecting His glory on time. I’m wholeheartedly in on pouring out prayers and thanksgiving, spirit songs and dances for you Megan this week for your book!! Thank you Arthur for this exercise of honour in the new community of Life After Church within the SLG tribe, Im am excited!

  5. Claire B says:

    I will joyfully dive into this three-part prayer strategy of aligning time!

  6. viviennehines says:

    Megan Arthur I,m in blessings

  7. Ben Thomas says:

    COMMUNITY—Loving/ Praying/Caring for our tribe’s brothers and sisters by name…AWESOME! While all around us is shaking, we can build a stronger COMMUNITY! I’m in!

  8. Sophia Venter says:

    I absolutely love the idea – wll be joining you in prayer!

  9. Deeds Irwin says:

    That sounds like a splendid idea!

  10. Jenny Leiter says:

    Megan, I bless you with kairos time, moving, flowing, entering the Sabbath rest of God.

  11. Devorah R.G says:

    Will be easy to add Megan to the sleep blessings I do for Sapphire’s Chief <3

    May the valley of diligence be filled up with her history of diligence, so she has a mountain plateau of flow and sparkle to roam on.

    May the nuances of vividness in her words, and in her presentation of those refined words, glitter, glow, and gleam. May the minute adjustments that bring such a vitality to precise alignment be visible to her when she wants to see them.

    May the luminosity of her current time wisdom blind the efforts of the enemy to interfere with her righteous use of God's complex gifts. I rejoice in the Creator's generosity to Megan and celebrate her ability to synchronize to her Father.

  12. louisebowley says:

    This is so great! 100% behind this – Megan is a treasure!

  13. Darla Rasmussen says:

    I will be praying!

  14. Rebekah says:

    Overjoyed to have a practical, tangible way in which to give back to Megan. Great choice of a first fruits!!

  15. Cynthia says:

    Super excited, and will be praying!!

  16. agatharub says:

    Dear Megan
    As an unborn child grows in the womb , then any growth has exactly his time , the body parts , the brain , the heart . God has precise plans for each moment .The birth will be at just the right time period . So I bless you and your book , that the last chapter of his development exactly run according to God’s pleasure and every detail is just perfect the way God wrote it in heaven. Thank you for the honor to accompany this birth in prayer .

  17. Janis Leal says:

    Amen, amen! Megan – you, yourself, are a treasure, and may this treasure you are producing be rich treasure for others, for the kingdom, a facet and reflection of the King, the Lover of our souls and Life-giver of our spirits. May this first “baby” of yours come to full term in the perfect timing, alignments, and ways of the Lord, with the grace, energy, and creative surprises that only the Spirit of the Lord can give. Deep peace in your deepest part, and may the fountain of Life bring forth abundant life in this birth, with “eternity in our hearts” and “beautiful in its time.”

  18. Sherry says:

    I love this strategy and am honored to be able to bless Megan in prayer. Since following SLG, when it was Plumbline, Megan has blessed me in many ways, and I love to be able to bless her with prayer.

  19. Nancy VanderSchaaf says:

    It is with great joy and anticipation that I will dance in prayer over Megan and alignment of time!

  20. I’m on it! excited to hear the fruit

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