Led by Her Spirit

 Rebekah shared this story of Agatha’s spirit.  Enjoy!

I had the opportunity to meet Agatha recently.  She was traveling from Switzerland to California and invited me to visit her while she was in the U.S.  I live three states away from California, but with the help of an airplane I was able to enjoy her company for a few days.  It was in that context that I witnessed a fascinating ability in her spirit.

She picked me up from the airport armed with a GPS and rental car, and we headed off into the wild maze of L.A. freeways.  I felt enormous pressure to understand the road so I could help her, since English is my first language and the U.S. is my native country, yet my small town mindset was utterly useless in the big city.

When it came time for lunch we decided to look for a restaurant, so I whipped out my mobile device and began searching.  Before I could scroll through the first page of results she’d pulled into a parking spot and said, “This looks good.  Let’s go here.”

We were on a side street in a residential area with no restaurants in sight.  Utterly bewildered and wondering where she was headed, I followed her for a block before stopping her, thinking surely there was nothing in this direction.  She was insistent, so we walked on.  Still nothing.

Stepping into the shade of an alley, turning back to my abandoned mobile search, I showed her a restaurant saying “Let’s go here.  It’s only a 15 minute drive.”  She smiled and nodded, but her expression clearly said no way!

Just then a man stepped out into the alley.  “Let’s ask him,” she said, so I politely stopped the man, asking if he knew of a restaurant in the area.  He looked confused at first then said, “Ah, yes, there is an excellent restaurant just around the corner.  I’ll take you there.”  Obediently we followed him while inwardly I wondered how Agatha had known.

But that was only my first surprise.

After being seated, I observed the personality of the place:  small, unique, probably operated by the owners, everything spoke of skilled people who loved to present exquisite food.

When the food arrived we were not disappointed.  Fresh crisp veggies that probably had never seen the inside of a Sysco truck, and tender meat cooked to perfection, dripping with flavor tantalized my taste buds.  I was impressed, but mostly at Agatha’s spirit which had led us to the place with no help from her soul or my mobile device.  I decided to let Agatha pick the restaurants from that moment on.

The next day it was meal time again, and I asked some locals for a recommendation for a good place to eat.  The answer came back Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, big chain restaurants found anywhere across the U.S., etc.

Reporting back to Agatha, somehow I knew she would never be drawn to a chain restaurant.  Sure enough, I was right.  She flicked aside the list with little more than a glance announcing, “We will find a place.”

With amusement I wondered where her spirit would take us next, as she pulled onto the main street.  Driving for a few minutes, eyes scanning the road, she came to an intersection and  suddenly announced, “I like this street.  This is a very nice street.  We’ll turn here.  We’ll find something down this way.”

Looking at the street, I thought it looked a bit rundown, not as well developed as several other streets which we had passed.

A few miles of pleasant conversation and lots of laughter passed before she abruptly turned into a dingy little parking lot that made me feel a bit nervous, while confidently announcing, “This is a good place.  We’ll try it.”

Stepping from the car in front of a small oriental restaurant, the name of which I couldn’t make out, I wondered what awaited us as I followed her inside.  Seated by a young girl whose English I could barely make out, surrounded by non-English speaking patrons, staring at a menu with precious few English words and certainly no German ones, Agatha effortless decided that number 29 and 44 looked good, and she ordered.

She was right – again!

The following day when meal time came around, I kicked back in my seat waiting for the fun to begin.  This time she pulled into a shopping center with three restaurants in a row.  On the surface there was no soul data, but her spirit knew that one of them was really, REALLY good.  I stood back and wondered which it would be.

Turned out to be the one on the far right.   We stepped in and again were treated to an exceptional meal, in a family owned and operated establishment, serving mostly regulars, appropriately priced with carefully crafted food.

I was delighted.

Anyone blessed to go out to eat with Agatha’s spirit is in for a real treat.  In a foreign country, with an experimental knowledge of English, toting only her spirit’s restaurant homing device, Agatha nailed three for three.  Now THAT is special.

I celebrate the creativity of how God embedded her spirit with such a unique ability, and I rejoice that she has unpacked it, as I am grateful I was the beneficiary.  Thanks, Agatha, for sharing your gift with me.   Nurturing Your Spirit Noble Subject blog

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk

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10 Responses to Led by Her Spirit

  1. frieda says:

    great !!!!!!! that is how we want to live he !!!!

  2. Nico says:

    I wonder if Agetha and my Mom are related far down the line (as I understand, her family comes from the Woods on the border with Germany and Netherlands) – going to any unknown restaurant, she has always garnered order-envy from the rest of us. Always thinking what we ordered sounds excellent, but always smacking our lips as they serve her dish.

    The best question is simply: “What do you think I should get?”

    I had immense joy reading your adventure…may there be many more off the beaten path Spirit led events

  3. What a fun read! I have not met many people who have such confidence in their spirit’s leading that they would wander around in a big foreign city like LA (with plenty of not-so-nice places) and stop exactly where they are supposed to .. with anticipation for the goodness inside! Go Agatha! You have trusted God and His design in you to a level most of us do not come close to achieving. You are an inspiration!

  4. louisebowley says:

    This is such an amazing uplifting story! It reminds us that even if it seems as if our soul doesn’t know where we are going our spirit surely does and picks some good places. Her spirit is strong in that then. So encouraging!

  5. Janis Leal says:

    Greatly enjoying this! I so appreciate you sharing it.

    I think God is hiding something here, too… like those restaurants and exquisite food just waiting for Agatha’s awesome spirit to find, it seems there’s something valuable to be discovered in this experience and story.

    As my younger ones say sometimes before a meal, “Thank You, God, for this good food,” thank you, Rebekah, for this good “food” for the soul — Fun! And Agatha, you are an inspiration!

    Lord, give us the spiritual radar we need in navigating the new season.

  6. Sonia says:

    Enjoyed immensely!! Thank you everyone!

  7. Arianne says:

    I think I shared a meal with this same Agatha a couple of times. Anyway: those Agatha’s choices were spot on as well. Pretty cool!

  8. Bunmi says:

    That is supper awesome, encouraging too, it’s time to get back to using the internal compass and FOLLOWING the promptings. Thanks Agatha and Rebecca for sharing!!

  9. Devorah R.G says:

    AHHHHH, that is amazing!!! So reminds me of listening with rapt attention years ago to the stories of a big-spirited woman of God about finding her way around foreign cities. Exactly the same kind of competent confidence and fabulous results. That Agatha can do this with restaurants is such a Mercy Season expression of great navigation <3 <3 <3

  10. Irina Rivera says:

    I love this story! I’ve earned my kid’s respect about what foods I think they’d like to try but Agatha is on an entirely different level. I don’t think I’ve ever read about you enjoying food so much either which adds to the joy of reading this wonderful adventure! This story is an invitation to listen to my spirit more. How can we ever stop marveling at God?

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