LAC Blessings: Megan #2

Think of a Rubik’s Cube.  You can be nearly right.  You change one thing and suddenly have three new problems.

The layout and design of a book is like that.  It is an ecosystem.  The proportions of the page, the leading and kerning, the font, the white space, the pull quotes, the chapter headings all need to work together.

Often a book designer has most of the package, but one thing doesn’t work.  And when they get that to work, a couple other things no longer look right.

A book designer can literally waste 100 hours trying to get a presentation that both works as a complete ecosystem AND that represents the content of the book well.

Add to that the fact that Megan has never done this on a book level before, that she is immensely artistic, that she is dealing with a complex subject and this one decision-making process has the possibility of derailing her for a month.

Only this won’t happen because she is a beloved Noble Subject, and the Life After Church community knows how to pray in the revelation of beauty through book design for her.

God already knows which days she has blocked off for a deep dive into the treasure chests of graphic design options.  Let’s bless that time ahead of time.

The right construct is already in her spirit, her soul just does not know about it yet.  Ask the Holy Spirit to brood over her spirit and to lead her on a dance of delight through the mazes of opportunities, collecting just the right sparkles along the way.

Pray that this specific facet of the production of the book will be a sweet memory for her, for a long time to come.

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk

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10 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #2

  1. Marinating in the bread and wine, as with the LAC communion…

  2. Rebekah says:

    Brooding prayers are always my favorite to pray. Brood Holy Spirit… brood! I hope you thoroughly enjoy the dance, Megan, be it a Waltz or a Tango…. enjoy!

  3. KJMatoska says:

    I bless you Megan as the Holy Spirit broods over your spirit and soul, that this wonderful combination of alignment will produce a special experience with the King unlike any other creative venture experienced before. May you see every sparkle small and great, may your spirit and soul partner together in amazing new ways as you prepare each layout according to your spirit’s blueprint. I bless those times you’ve blocked out to work on this project that creative, productive flow would be powerful. And I bless this overall experience, may it truly build an onramp to your joy as you reminisce for years to come marveling over God’s hand on your life during this process, your spirit and soul unpacking and building, and all the wonderful treasures you have discovered for the King. I bless you with thriving in this season of creativity like no other experience before. I bless you, my Friend.
    ~ Kristan

  4. Neysa says:

    We stir up the ‘juices’ in your spirit, Megan. May they all flow together in great harmony and create the beauty of holiness.

  5. Moonsun says:

    Amen! Coming into an agreement with everything that you said. Very excited about her new book and looking forward to the dat I will have that book in my hand (or in my Kindle). Blessings to Megan and you in this process.

  6. Pamela says:

    Blessings on you Megan as you munch the mercy flavored candy of complex flow with your book! Let it be like bumper to bumper traffic all moving seamlessly at just over 70 with no slow pokes. Everything coming together with class and elegance, exuding the essence of who you are into every last detail and merging right into place at just the right moments. May it bring great fulfillment and the utmost pleasure to the King who gives you the desires of your heart!

  7. Devorah R.G says:

    I’m reminded of a Bob Fitts chorus:

    “Isn’t it good,
    Good to be beautiful,
    Good in the eyes,
    The eyes of the Maker,
    The Maker of All
    That’s tender and lovely,
    And beautiful as you.”

    I bless the clarity of Megan’s sense of beauty as she wrestles with the realities of reflecting it in her work. May the strength of her spirit, soul, and body be invigorated by a deep sense of purpose through the confidence that her expressions of beauty are vastly appreciated by her Maker.

  8. Janis Leal says:

    Amen to every single thing Arthur said. And like a song that’s not yet been played or heard, this incredibly beautiful book design is in the heavenlies awaiting assembly on earth, each element ready to come together with the others, from the place where colors live, in the perfectly-fashioned visual symphony befitting Megan’s message.

    It’s there, but Father wants your joy, Megan, even more than the result — joy and fulfillment in the process. And Holy Spirit is also joyfully but peacefully hovering, stirring, awakening, birthing it, along with a part of you that will never be the same because of it.

    Love…. it’s something like that.

  9. jane62 says:

    Blessing you and your book Megan with sweetness that bubbles up from deep deep inside.

    May it reflect the beauty of your Mercy gift, all parts in harmony, flowing together. May the Lord prepare you, spirit, soul and body for just the time and place that He has in mind for you. So that both the process and the outcome remain an awe-memory and an heirloom in the Kingdom.
    Blessing you Megan from land that is soaking in and absorbing God’s own blessing much needed rain.

  10. Sonis says:

    With pleasure especially from marinating in her website:)

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