LAC Blessings: Megan #3

The book is written but the extras are not:  forward, acknowledgements, end notes, table of contents, index, ISBN, Library of Congress number, etc.

It is like moving.  The last 1% seems to take 15% of the time and effort.   I have never known any author to experience the grace of God on those things.  They are just mechanical nuisances that need to be ground out as an act of the will.

Because they are not “spiritual” and not “artistic” and for the most part, we don’t really expect people to read them, and we really truly don’t expect anyone to be spiritual or socially transformed by them, we concede them to the “secular realm.”

I, however, am passionately opposed to the separation of sacred and secular and want to reduce the world to one dynamic, once again.  A world which God inhabits.   We give lip service to erasing the line between the secular and the sacred, but at the end of the day, most of us really don’t expect the presence of God while we are folding socks, clipping our nails or writing out tedious end notes.

So let’s change that.  I believe there is a wonderful new shade of the poly-variegated wisdom of God that includes visitations from the Holy Spirit in the midst of the unspectacular 1% of the book writing process.

Here is a wonderful problem that we can wrestle to the ground in order to be true to our calling which is to reveal the poly-variegated wisdom of God.

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14 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #3

  1. Harald Olsen says:

    About the sacred and the secular: My mother told me once she was baking buns in the kitchen, she got a strong impression that someone was behind her, looking over her shoulder, extremely interested in what she was doing. Then suddenly an idea popped into her head about how she should divide the dough so that the buns would be exactly the same size. That’s revelation in the kitchen 🙂

    Blessings on the small things, Megan!!

  2. This blessing and your prayers is perfectly timed! This weekend is a time for the small stuff – or at least that is what I had planned! Always leaving room for the Holy Spirit to determine otherwise. But if He does not give me other marching orders, it will be time to pound on the details. And one of those things is the quotes for each chapter, which are important to me to find just the right ones. All of your prayers and blessings are deeply appreciated! :D)

  3. Serina says:

    Megan, I am happy to bless each of the different processes. What an adventure! Looking forward to read this “diamond”.

  4. Sandra Iglesias says:

    Am loving the picture Abba gave me of the Bees Swarming, ever so intelligently over this honey of a project with all of its hexagonal detailing filled, just so!

  5. Bethany T says:

    Megan, such a pleasure to get to pray for you and your process(es). For all you’ve done for us, it’s an HONOR to return the blessing!

  6. Soo Fee says:

    Father, we know that you are a God that has poly-variegated wisdom in the mundane things that have often gone unnoticed when you created the redemptive gift servant. I ask that you would release the original perfect template of the servant fractal that you have created from the beginning of time into Megan’s servant portion so that your wisdom will be greatly manifested through the unspectacular portion of the book.

  7. May you major magnificently in the minis, dear Megan!
    (A quirky quote from distant Scots heritage springs to mind- Many a mickle maketh a muckle)
    I bless you as you collect all those whisps of seemingly expendable fluff and then craft them into the glorious crown befitting your Masterpiece-by-Design!

  8. Devorah R.G says:

    Fresh from the latest of my dance/worship/warfare sessions while hanging up the family laundry, I bless the practical details of Megan’s book with deep spiritual and natural integration. May the light of her spirit saturate every single point of contrast which defines a line of information resting upon a background of luminous purity. Remembering how precious the cataloging information is to the work of librarians, I celebrate Megan’s dedication to excellence in areas that only matter to a few.

  9. lila1jpw says:

    The word, secular, is far too divisive for me! (Not everybody realizes that the word means cut in pieces.)

    For over a decade I used this as my sig line:
    May my life be like Jesus’ garment — seamless and all of one piece,
    knit together by my Father who knows the beginning from the end.

  10. Sonia says:

    Indeed, I bless you Megan from the poly variegated wisdom that revealed God in my life in training horses, brushing my daughter’s hair, planting a garden, washing dishes, watching movies, reading science textbooks for fun and raising chickens, the mundane that doesn’t match the intensity of a prayer ministry session but still carries His imprint with beauty and awe! With awe, I release the blessings upon you Megan for your book from my immense love of libraries, ISBN numbers, categories, titles and the many times God revealed himself to me in the aisles, on a shelf, in a spine before I even opened the book! May He partner with you to reveal how He wants this book to be packaged in this 1%. For that moment when someone comes along and sees the spine and something lights up in their spirit knowing here is a book written with heavenly language and mysteries that could only be revealed from the Ancient of Days, their Abba.

  11. Janis Leal says:

    Amen. “…the presence of God while we are folding socks…” can be very real! (also in sweeping, making charts, every mundane aspect of life). And it reminds me a little of Brother Lawrence in his book “The Practice of the Presence of God,” as he basked in the Lord’s presence while washing dishes. God is in the details, for sure, in every humdrum necessity — so huge but with such “small hands” touching in imperceptible ways. That’s just another of the infinitely lovable things about Him – under every common unturned stone, or uninspiring ISBN, there He is!

    Let the Lord be seen in every detail, even the “boring” (but not) last 1% of Megan’s book. In every dotted “i” and crossed “t,” from the first to the last, let the rule of God be magnified, let His Spirit flow freely. Lord, show yet another beautiful and alluring facet of Your manifold wisdom and grace to Megan in the final extras, and through them to others.

  12. agatha says:

    I don’t know way, but I do love ISBN-Numbers. They are like little doors, witch opens up to somthing great behind. They are important. So I love to pray for those structure-things. God has a lot of them in HIS Book. Its important for God, its important for us. Be blessed to put them just the way God loves it.

  13. viviennehines says:

    Arthur , I think that everything in my entire life is spiritual ,but folks say I am weird for it and I make no apologizes.Megan is a speritual person so is her book

  14. Pamela says:

    Blessings on this book that even in the “unnoticables” there is the mark of the King who shares secrets in ways we don’t expect! How many numbers are there in scripture that seem insignificant on the surface but underneath contain mysteries? NOTHING us impossible for Him, even in the Library of Congress numbers…. may even something about THEM shine in the eyes of those who need to read this book.

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