LAC Blessings: Megan #4

Megan was richly blessed with parents who exposed her extensively to classic literature, not pulp fiction.  Since leaving home she has continued to read widely, selecting her texts with an eye to the depth of the writer’s cognitive processes.

Along with her formidable memory for great verbiage, this background has produced a considerable archive of thought provoking quotes.

I have not read the manuscript, but I hear considerable discussion around the edges about the quotes, and whether she has the right one for any given chapter, which version of a much modified quote is legitimate, and of course, what is the precise spelling of the author’s name.

Locking down her paddock of quality quotes is another time consuming task that is still in process.  For this, she needs to find her occasionally AWOL linear left brain competencies.

So pray that on just the right day, God will extract her from the lovely vistas of creative opulence and grace her with the right flavor of detailed tenacity to bring her desired excellence to this part of the book.

From some of the people who have read it already, her quotes are a formidable appetizer to the main course.  Let’s not cheapen them, or allow them to become a burden to her.

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5 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #4

  1. Claire B says:

    I bless Megan’s left brain with abundant processing abilities and competence!!

  2. JOAN COMRIE says:

    Father, Megan is not writing this book without you. Let her spirit lean into Your Spirit for just the right words and the correct spelling of names. Father you already know the outcome , may it be glorious for Your name’s sake.

  3. Janis Leal says:

    May Megan’s left-brain implement right-brain’s vision, dreams, and ideas as only left-brain can so cheerfully and cooperatively do. May Left and Right joyfully partner together as the perfect team, on just the right days, toward the completion and sterling fulfillment of the project. Go, Team Megan.

    Sit and have a talk with Left Brain — it will understand…. 🙂
    (Right Brain’s joke of the day… but really, sometimes it needs a talking-to!)

    Lord, crown every quote, and every associated detail, with excellence.

  4. Devorah R.G says:

    May Megan’s senses be fine tuned to the resonance of the gemstone decor most effective for each potent context.

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