LAC Blessings: Megan #5

Tell me if you know this one.

You ferociously watch your schedule all week, knocking out the mandatory stuff and chipping away at the little things that could, perchance, intrude on your weekend.  You ARE going to have a BIIIIIIG block of quality writing time on Saturday.

You allocate Saturday morning chores to the kids and make it abundantly clear that you are COMPLETELYOFFDUTY for the whole of the morning.

Bed welcomes you early on Friday evening as you bask in the feeling of having beaten your schedule into submission with vast dominion.  You feel wonderful about your achievement and are alive with expectation for Saturday.  You start writing in your mind as you drift off.

You awake with the birds, well rested, slip into your beloved, grubby, comfy, writing gear, grab a hot mug and gently close the door to the study.

THIS is your day.

When you try to open your files, you discover that some piece of software on your computer decided to update during the night, and it clashed with your virus protection which locked everything up to keep it safe from Guccifer 3.0.

You try to reboot, and it won’t.  You try a dozen other things, spend the morning on tech support with fully one quarter of all the specialists in India, and by 1:47 in the afternoon, your computer is working once again.

Incidentally, the epic article you were going to indite has fled the scene, and the only creativity left in the house is a fully formed plan in your brain to build a business where upset people can rent a shot gun and do target practice on computers for $200 per fifteen minute segment.

If you have lived that story, or something similar, this is your chance to help build a fence around Megan’s hardware and software:  hog tight, horse high and bull strong.

Pray especially into the razzle dazzle software feature that is supposed to automatically create the table of contents and the index.  Hanna has spent enormous hours battling that bit of high priced software.  When it works, it saves you vast amounts of time and produces a masterpiece with a few clicks.

BUT, it can be a fickle as a presidential candidate’s vision and values.

God has an awesome department of IT angels who can make any program work, whether it should or not.  Dig deep, find your angst then get out ahead of the devil and secure the gear.

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11 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #5

  1. jane62 says:

    You just described lots of my life! I so get that shotgun picture and Sandy pulling the plug! Yes!! take that Skurmunkels (thanks Mary-Anne for the South African version). So I’m offering up my experience, and breakthrough (not that I have arrived, but I refuse to give in…).
    Blessing you Megan with uncommon wisdom to discern what program potholes you should skirt around, also wisdom and discernment and Holy Spirit nudges to know exactly what is needed to make it co-operate. Massive.
    Go Megan!!

  2. lila1jpw says:

    Do I correctly recall one of the Leviathan heads that bumped up here? As I was praying about this, I got a quick image of a victorious woman riding on the head of a bridled dragon — almost an image from the Dragonriders of Perth!

  3. Devorah R.G says:

    OH I HATE the fickleness of natural technology. It is such an anathema to my stability loving spirit. God’s structures are designed to be as consistent and reliable as his eternal nature. May the absolute faithfulness of his designs and principles be the experience template for Megan’s work process.

  4. Sandy says:

    Yup, been there a number of times, most recently last Sunday while on media at church, where I arrived to find a somewhat disgruntled computer trying to grab centre stage in our attention on several fronts. The sound guy (pretty techie) and I found a few loose connections and a communication glitch with the projector, but our media program kept throwing up a black screen from time to time. We warned the guys up front, and did get through most of the morning, but when it did it again 2 songs from the end, while also throwing a different program up on screen, I looked at him, shrugged, and pulled the plug. Not quite a shotgun, but felt satisfying, and life went on.

    Megan, may you be blessed and enriched by being able to fully engage God in today’s process, surrounded by his heavenly guard over all animate and inanimate participants in the endeavour, find release for moment by moment attention to detail, having clear communication with/between key hardware andsoftware, and kept within his time and timing in the executing of each task… to say at end of day “no computers were harmed in the production of these materials.” 😉

    You go girl and may you continue to be amazing!

  5. louisebowley says:

    I am in full agreement that there will be no technical hitches for Megan this weekend!

  6. Janis Leal says:

    Once I get past laughing, then pondering and laughing some more, about the “fully formed plan in your brain to build a business where upset people can rent a shot gun and do target practice on computers for $200 per fifteen minute segment,” I’ll join in prayer!

  7. Lights, PC, phone emails… all in one hit! Grrr!.Angst ignited, and transferring on your behalf Megan! Target prayer? Impenetrable picket fence! Blueray technology laser beams across the top! God’s gotcha covered, Girl! Pinging perfectly!

  8. Mary Anne Simpson says:

    All software is NOT created equally. ..I am on this skermunkel (aka critter)….

  9. In addition to being elated (again) that it’s not just me (!!!!!), I am charged up and sooooo leaning in for her. Grrrr…..I have lived that sooo many times it hurts to remember. Go God fighting all the way for Megan’s Kingdom work!!!!

  10. James Powell says:

    Just today…..went through this fine scenario with printer issues. I can call down heaven into this!!

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