LAC Blessings: Megan #6

In childbirth, the mother and child begin the adventure as partners in a grand transition.  At times the trauma becomes so great that one or the other disconnects from the joint mission in order to focus all their resources on their own survival.

This breach has significant implications over time.  A skilled midwife will reconnect mother and child after birth.  Otherwise the scar of abandonment cripples all subsequent relational constructs.

The same is true for a book.  Many an author has drifted from love and passion to anger and frustration over the “baby” being stuck in the birth canal.

Conversely, an elegant birth exponentially enriches an already strong relationship between mother and child.  As spirit engaged with spirit through the physical transition, there is a deep sense of the dependability of community that is imprinted deeply into the spirit and body of the new inhabitant of our world.

I invite the mothers, midwives and doulas in our tribe to pray into the bonding of Megan and the book, so that it goes forth with a spiritual imprint that is robustly positive.

It baffles me how material things can have such an imprint, but I can walk into a bookstore or library and pick out the books that were the product of a heartless sausage factory, those that were loved and abandoned, and those that were loved all the way to the bookshelf just by handling them.

So a new adventure for us.  A new color of God’s wisdom to be displayed.  And we have a robust number of women in our tribe who have strong feelings about childbirth.  If yours were tough, this is a chance to redeem the experience.  And if yours were great, you can share from your treasures.

Let there be love – all the way through the birthing, ever enriching the content with the person of Megan Caldecourt.  Team Work Spirit Soul Noble Subject blog

Copyright July 2016 by Arthur Burk

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6 Responses to LAC Blessings: Megan #6

  1. agatha says:

    Dear Megan
    As birth is comming to the end and the mother needs engouragement for the last way, it may help, when she is going to visualize her unborn child. Babys eyes, his littles hands, the hair and the smell of an newborn baby. I bless you, to see the coulors of your book, the feeling of holding it in your hands, the smell of the new pages, not only in nature but in your spirit and the JOY of your Father in heaven for that moment, when you are holding your precious book realy in your hands …..and in those of all future readers! Go for it!

  2. Maggie says:

    Its very interesting to note the addition of “Spirit and Soul” in reference to childbirth here, because when I had a child born to me ( at the time it was more like a child born from me or I ‘gave birth’), I remember having a revelation of the separation of my spirit and soul. To think of what that means now 30 years later is a very profound meditation and I had forgotten to mention the reality of that revelation to myself. Maybe now my spirit is stronger, my soul more subdued; it is worth writing to myself about what I have learned. Thank you for this reminder. What does come to me suddenly is the absolute realisation that men don’t have this privilege, my soul so caught up with my single motherhood it has just simply never been discussed, because the man was not with me to prod my intellect. I know that my soul’s knowledge of this revelation may have just dismissed the importance of it at the time, or was it just the practical reality of a baby and her needs took over and my spirit endured all that has followed and grew strong as the child grew beside me. Maybe I have a book there as well, because she doesn’t stop growing.

  3. Sandy says:

    Again, been there, done that, on both fronts; tough and great. It will be a joy to pray as Megan and her book are in the birthing-bonding process.

    Megan as you have begun, grown and now birth this book, may the inklings of anticipation you experience around this book’s identity, place and timing in God’s creation take hold in your spirit and flow forward in participation rather than possessiveness, sparking a curiosity and discovery that let you have new eyes each day to see the hidden gems God has woven between the words for you to find anew. And as you release it out into community, may you find freedom in delight at the revelations God will bring, allowing both you and the book to become more because of how you engage life together.

  4. Devorah R.G says:

    As one who delights in the spiritual potency of physical things, and rejoices deeply in the concept of “A BOOK”, and longs to see more of God’s life made manifest… I celebrate all of the goodness Megan has already poured into her spiritual/emotional/mental/physical “CHILD” and bless the wellspring of her joy with the abundance needed to saturate the entirety of its existence.

  5. Janis Leal says:

    The chord struck soundly and tears spring from the deepest place in this mother’s spirit from the first sentence of this post. Therefore: Gush Alert.

    From the climax of passionate love which conceives life to the climax of passionate pain which births it, the interweaving of one life inextricably into another — the bonding of birther and the birthed — creates an entirely new song, a new hue, a new expression of Life and Love Himself. The Lord’s birthing is where heaven and hell collide, and afterwards, release… instant, euphoric release… and heaven wins.

    Love wins. Joy is the new reality… because love is born, again, in and through the one who births.

    After the focused determination and unyielding resolve to push through, all perfectly seasoned with the grace to surrender and be carried through the birthing process by the Spirit, the laborer’s reward is not only instant but also lifelong joy, and surprises of joy through time.

    Written in the atmosphere with His signature, it’s engraved in the matter of earth and heaven with His own essence, imprinted from eye to eye, spirit to spirit. Too beautiful for this world, it’s an indelible bond, and a formative peace. Hell can’t destroy it, and abandonment has no place in it. Joy is indomitable, and intimacy is the only reality.

    New life carries the treasures of the Maker and bears the imprint of the one who delivers, rendering the labor and pain of birth priceless, and to be unhindered by process, unharmed by breaches, unlimited in its potential. The resulting beauty and power is inscribed in the spirit, like a cord of three strands not easily broken, woven together as God, the birther, and the birthed. And the birthing of one life is to become a fountain of life for many.

    All this is my prayer, Megan, as I bless what you are birthing to be graced with the infusion of your essence and God’s, ever reproducing His treasures placed within it with intense vitality. I bless your birth experience with the flow of Life unbroken, unfettered, unrestrained – etched with deep intimacy, undying passion, supernatural power, glowing peace, and marvelous, indestructible joy.

  6. Rebekah says:

    Laid hold of this one with the full force of my spirit!!!!!!

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