LAC Blessings: Hanna #2

Hidden treasures usually refers to minerals in the ground.  However, in the case of King Xerxes, it referred to the people in his kingdom.

Mordecai had been there for quite some time. He was sufficiently well placed to hear about the treason/murder plot.  But he was not known to the king.

Through the episode of insomnia, God arranged for him to become known to the king, and through Haman’s colossal ego, he became known to a major portion of the city.

The visibility did not change the essence.  Mordecai had been loyal to the king all along.  He had been skilled in the nuances of palace politics.  He understood law and administration.  He knew court polity and was able to function smoothly in those realms.

All of that was there, and the ones who needed to know, did not.

Once God supernaturally brought the treasure into view for the right people, national level changes took place very quickly.  But God had to surface the individual who had been there all along.

There is much that is wrong in the civil government, religious government, educational circles, and marketplace in Canton Bern.  God is in the process of removing the Hamans who have been championing the Moabite curse.

The removal of those people will create disruption in each of those organizations. For each Haman who is removed, we need a Mordecai who can step in a right the ship.

We believe that God has meticulously planned ahead and that there are an adequate number of Mordecais “hidden in plain view” ready to take the corrective actions needed.

Pray that God would supernaturally make them visible to the right leaders, so the transition from one season of life to another can take place swiftly and properly, without a lot of infighting among the would-be Hamans still around.

Copyright August 2016, by Arthur Burk

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5 Responses to LAC Blessings: Hanna #2

  1. Rebekah says:

    YES!! I celebrate our amazing God. He is The One Who Plans Ahead. He has planed for this season of transition effortlessly sowing His treasures into every layer of the fabric of Canton Bern. Let His Mordecais be displayed that His handiwork might be relished in the earth!!

  2. Devorah R.G says:

    I pray that the air ways of Canton Bern would be cleansed as thoroughly as possible by the righteous authority being directed at it, that the wisdom of the “Mordecai” people would be heard more clearly than ever dreamed of… May Hanna’s clarity cut through layers of self-protectiveness in the beings around her, to awaken fresh hope and courage where none had been experienced before.

  3. Agatha says:

    It is already a great joy to know : After ten years Hanna is no longer under the Moabite curse. Her autorithy against the enemy is so bic and her celebrate befor the King of kings is full awe and beauty and joy.
    But now I see, this strategy goes much more higher than “only” for one Person! Its about Bern, the capital of Switzerland, about the canton, about the system of life, work, scoul, faith, ethics, its about ALL. The dimensions of our God are so much bigger! Thank you Hanna and SLG and to all you are praying for my country and the people. Father, YOUR kingdom come as in heaven so on earth! Your godly, prepared man and women take place in the history of Switzerland.

  4. Excited about the changes already happening in the visible realm. The story of God strategically positioning Mordecai really resonates, especially because it is clear that God has done a huge work to position Hanna. So, if He has done that for her, who else has He put in place in this master plan!

  5. Janis Leal says:

    Amen — God’s perfect ways, connections, revelations, timing, efficiency and “suddenlies.”

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