LAC Blessings: Hanna #6

I met a man decades ago who had the redemptive gift of Ruling.  He understood that he was particularly gifted in bringing order out of chaos.

He began helping a small ministry that was about to go under, rescued them, and built them into a group with self-sustaining momentum.

That produced some fame that caused him to be noticed by an international organization that had vastly outgrown its structures, in pursuit of a supersized vision.

Again, in a few years time he took them from chaos to a smooth running organization that could support the continued expansion of their vision.

By then, he was a well know name in the religious circles.  A very large church approached him about coming on staff with them.  In terms of fame and fortune, it was a superb opportunity.

However, this Ruler was quite canny and he knew who he was.  After the email connections segued into a phone call with the search committee, he asked them one question.  “Do you have any chaos there?”

They proudly shared how well everything was running and told him all about the well oiled machinery he would inherit.  They were convinced he was the guy to take the efficient operation to the next level.

They knew of his previous work and pointed out how much farther he could go if he started with excellence and built on that instead of digging out of a hole.

He acknowledged their logic but informed them that his gifting was bringing order out of chaos, and if they did not have any chaos, he was utterly disinterested in the job.

I like that guy!  Not for sale.

He was determined to walk in his design, not in the culture’s cadence.

Chaos is just another word for an opportunity for gifted people to shine.

My wife experienced that years ago when she was a teacher in California.  A referendum was presented to the voters mandating a particular kind of training materials in the schools.

The school districts and the text book publishers uniformly refused to prepare, certain that the new law would go down to defeat.  In fact, it passed.  The school districts still would not move on it, certain that they could easily overthrow it in the course.  They lost at the very first round and were shocked.

Suddenly it was the beginning of the school year, the law was in effect immediately, and they had NO materials for this modality.

It so happens that my wife’s expertise was precisely there but she had not been able to showcase her strength because that modality was not part of the school system she was in – until the law passed.

She began writing lessons in that niche, three or four days out ahead of the kids.  The other teachers at that grade level were desperately making copies of her work for use in their classes.

Through a simple cultural shift, my wife went from being “just another teacher” at an enormous school (twelve kindergartens) to being in the spotlight, as THE change agent for the school.

That is what happened for Mordecai.  If he had been promoted to a high rank in times of stability, there would have been a long, slow process of figuring out the players and the game and carving out a spot for himself.

Because he was thrust into a situation where the Prime Minister had been declared guilty of treason and just been executed, and his legal agenda needed to be countered immediately, Mordecai was catapulted into a place of dominion.

Pray for that same dynamic – an opportunity to shine – for each of the Mordecais that God is trusting forth.  Pray specifically for Hanna as she starts her training on Thursday and then starts her new job the following week.

There doesn’t need to be a crisis at the new company, but there does have to be an opportunity for her to showcase some great asset she carries that they do not know about yet.

Pray big for each Mordecai to have an opportunity to shine as soon as they are in position.

Copyright August 2016 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to LAC Blessings: Hanna #6

  1. katshea says:

    What touches me the most in this series of posts is praying for a city and people I don’t have any direct connection with, but has something strategic for what God is unfolding on His world stage. It’s teaching me to see vicariously thru prophetic eyes to understand land and cities and countries, and the people God has raised up and positioned (known and unknown) in the same dynamic way the Old and New Testament stories have shaped world history. It is the Bible being written real-time, and our prayers count!

    Describing the nuances and layers makes it so much more real than typical “prayer requests”. . .the vitality I feel being a part of this collective momentum is such a privilege. My heart and prayers are with you Hanna.

    As the chaos in the world is gaining intensity, and versions Haman are in leadership in our country and around the world, seeing how God is moving in the Esther’s and Mordechai’s gives me real and tangible hope–even excitement! OUR GOD REIGNS!

  2. Rebekah says:

    This prayer focus taps a deep spring of joy in me, and from that torrent of pleasure and delight I pray fervently that Hanna will be displayed in all the nuances of beauty that God has crafted in her. May our God and King take great joy in crafting the vacuums that are perfectly suited to showcase His treasury with in her. May her light shine brightly and may her joy be compleat as she makes the Father’s joy compleat. And may that joy multiply in her wake to all the Mordecais. Blessings of unspeakable joy be yours dear Hanna!

  3. Janis Leal says:

    Amen. Praying for the divine arrangements, ordained unveilings, God’s handpicked exhibitions, and open eyes in perfectly timed moments.

  4. Devorah R.G says:

    Mmmm, what beautiful stories! The process of bringing chaos into a place of order… oh wait, one is supposed to say it the other way around, but nah, I’m sticking with that… is so very divine. I bless the surroundings of each Mordecai with chaos-revealing light. May every unit of suppressed disarray be brought to the surface in a precisely orchestrated sequence, to create an intricate setting for each person’s excellence to be magnificently highlighted.

  5. Sonia says:

    Leaning into these prayers for he Mordecai’s and for God orchestrating one of my favorite stories with one of my favorite uncle’s. His love and persoective of the bigger story Of Esther’s life has had me since I was 7.

  6. Praying big for Hanna and all the Mordecais!

  7. Nathan Noble says:

    Amen! Praying for Hanna’s new situation – that the Lord would give her opportunity to shine, be thrust forth, that He would establish the work of her hands (Ps. 90). Amen…so be it Father.

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