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Project Life #3

Solomon has been out of town for a while.  He reneged very quickly on his promise to only deal with his direct reports, and he has micromanaged from a distance relentlessly. During this time, many of the ground level workers … Continue reading

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Coming ‘Round the Bend!

This is Megan and I am delighted to report that the content of my new book was delivered to my proofer for the “final eyes” round.  YAY!  And there was much rejoicing. I wanted to share with the tribe that … Continue reading

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Project Life #2

The product continues to flourish.  And that intrigues me. On the one hand, it could be just plain old fashioned good engineering.  On the other hand, God might be blessing this product.  I can’t tell yet. On the surface, it … Continue reading

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Project Life #1

We have a member of our tribe working in a secular company.  At one point the Facebook team provided some prayer support for a particular issue and got some unexpected, mixed results.  After pondering, we have decided to broaden our … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning in Innsbruck

My trip over last week was generic with the exception of two small points.  On one flight, I enjoyed watching the grace with which Rene did her job.  Passengers on airplanes are tending more and more toward insensitivity and selfishness, … Continue reading

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LAC Blessings #7: Innsbruck

AND the deepest source of joy in intercession is God moving with power and creativity in our lives. As you know, SLG is a celebrating tribe.  We do glory stories with fierce intentionality, and we plan on building that value … Continue reading

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LAC Blessings #6: Innsbruck

I am passionate about interceding based on individual design.  Each person has God-given strengths.  We need to identify them, legitimize them and show people how to begin their strategy from the place of design, not duty. It is probable that … Continue reading

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LAC Blessings #5: Innsbruck

For me, a huge part of the joy comes from seeing the abundance of different strategies that can be built.  Imagine playing Scrabble with three letters all your life, and suddenly you are seated at a board with permission to … Continue reading

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