Playing Baseball with God

I love it.

When He sends me a fast ball over the plate, I can nail it.  It looks so easy.

I am currently in Safford attending a family reunion.  The drive through the mountains was a bit messy, so I moseyed through a car wash after arriving, before heading to Mom’s.  On the way there, I noticed a Walgreen’s and remember I needed something.

With the usual male mentality, I turned a shopping trip into an exercise in efficiency.   I marched in with an alpha male cadence to my boots, found the item and proceeded to the check stand.

The lady behind the counter was carefully helping an elderly lady who was struggling with the process.  Eventually she found her discount card, and her credit card, made the purchase, then struggled anew with getting the change in her wallet, the cards in their slots, the receipt in her wallet, the wallet in her purse, the purse in her cart, and then the cane and the cart and the legs synchronized.

I had long ago switched off the alpha male vibes and was standing back a ways, not crowding her.

The clerk however, was feeling very anxious about my potential impending wrath since she had seen me come in exuding conquest.  She reached around the lady, inviting me to hand her my item so she could expedite my checking out.  I waved her off.

When the lady finally left, I moved forward and said very calmly, “We will both be that old someday.”

She was a bit flustered, then I followed through.  “Besides, I owe you one.”

She looked at me startled since she did not remember ever having seen me before.  And she hasn’t.

I said, “My mother retired to this community.  She is 86 years old and you have all treated her very graciously.  I am indebted to you.”

She was undone.

I left smiling at all God had done to set that one up, beginning with a car wash.  It was too easy for me.  A fast ball over the plate!

Love it when He pitches batting practice.

Copyright Sept. 1, 2016 by Arthur Burk

From room 129, on the road.

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20 Responses to Playing Baseball with God

  1. This is a stunning example of how He sets us up for setting others up – I LOVE THIS! Especially the part about it having been an elderly lady!!!

  2. Heidi Colquhoun says:

    My mom turns 92 next month. She thinks she is 32 and is frustrated all the time, when she can’t do things as she used to. You made me think of her…and the many forgotten seniors who have faded into to background of our busy lives. Bless you.

  3. Jeanne Regenold says:

    What a beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes and a further remembrance to pay attention. Even though I am a female, because I hate shopping for anything, I often enter a store in a conquering mode–get it done and leave. Will be more intentionally looking for the fast ball thrown my way. Thanks for posting

  4. Holly B says:

    Blessings on your visit. I was born in a town an hour away from Safford, lived in the Valley for a season, and most of my family still live in the area. I love that area, as it is “home” to me, even though I live far away. So here is a hearty long distance “welcome” blessing from a native daughter.

  5. Lize says:

    Thank you for sharing. That just blessed me all over.

  6. frieda says:

    your story puts a smile at my face !! I could see it all in my imagination !! we have a lovely God !

  7. Carolyn says:

    Blessings to you and your family. Have a wonderful Family Reunion.I appreciate your ministry.

  8. Claire says:

    LOVE it!!! Thank you Arthur for your continued example. I am following hard to shower my grocery store and other clerks with dignity when I can, like you’ve so beautifully detailed. I love the brilliant picture of showering them with sapphires!!

  9. katshea says:

    I read this post right after listening to your warfare against the shadow of death audio prayer on the home page again. Since God named it as a shadow, it reminded me of what He showed you about the clouds meant to shadow the river of life in the riverbed of our time line (the end of Accessing Intimacy CD set).
    I grieve over the many shadows that hide God’s intimacy to us, or our intimacy to each other. It so puts a glass ceiling over community. The shadow of death must be the principality. . . I always saw those clouds as a poetic metaphor, so I thank you for revealing the insidious evil spiritual reality they represent.
    You spoke of those moments of awkwardness or complacency, when some part of our ability to transmit the love of God through our whole being is blocked. . . Yet, if that’s all we know, we live with the shadow of death hanging over our longing to live fully as ambassadors of the Most High God, and the actual embodiment of Jesus.
    And then there are the moments when His light shines thru us in such an ordinary circumstance like your moment at the check out stand, but it leaves behind a burst of His Glory. Its such a practice to overcome the shadows of our wounding and programming, and continually strive to live the Christ in us, the hope of Glory. . . I pray more and more of those moments for all of us! May our tribe increase as love warriors!

  10. Serina says:

    This is so beautiful and how you gave her dignity too!

  11. Patty says:


  12. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Arthur!
    It warms my heart to see love in Action and so tender!

    Kirsten from the Kirchen at home in Germany

  13. Elouise says:

    Love it! Biiiig time!

  14. Betty Wiebe says:

    Nice, Arthur. Really nice!

  15. jewestaway says:

    Wheeee! That hit the sweet spot!

  16. Rebekah says:

    There you go again, Arthur, refusing to deal in the world’s currency and here’s a perfect example. Dribbling a handful of sapphires onto the counter, you sauntered off with a “keep the change” tossed over your shoulder.

    Now…… where’s a clerk to put THAT in her drawer?

    For all the times your best hasn’t been good enough there have to be at least a dozen, like this, when you’ve stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth in a shutout game only to crack a home run.

    The world might not know what to do with a sack of sapphires in Walgreens, but that just makes it more fun!

  17. Jennifer says:


  18. Cynthia says:

    Home run. Well played.

  19. Janis Leal says:

    She’s not the only one undone. Thank you!

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