LAC Blessings #4: Innsbruck

There is a particular flavor of joy that comes when you finally “get it.”  Remember the first time that bicycle stayed upright under you?  I still do.

Obviously I will have to prime the pump with examples of strategy, but my objective is to teach them a simple model the first time or two, and then see if I can get them to take those principles and apply them in incrementally more complex situations with strategies they built.

In live events like this, there is the inevitable desire to not look dumb by making mistakes.  I understand that, but growth curves require a messy beginning.  It is the nature of things.

We commonly endure a lot of failure “for the joy set before us.”  That is why I wrestled with that miserable bicycle for months until it became a joy for me!  That is why I went through four years of college (the supposed joy at the end was seriously overrated).  That is why we learn to use new technology!

So pray that God will release a spirit of “I can DO that” in the room early in the day so that the joy and anticipation will push them vigorously, with high energy, through the messy part of floating ideas that are not necessarily on target.

This prayer is especially for you early adopters and relentless problem solvers who are quite comfortable with a learning curve.  Bring your earned authority to bear on this and chase shame from the room in a big way.

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Airborne, an hour and a quarter from DFW

Why can’t we be there already?


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4 Responses to LAC Blessings #4: Innsbruck

  1. Nina says:

    Yes! From the student In The front row wildly waving their hand to volunteer.

  2. Peter Stevens says:

    Popcorn Style and a Flip-Chart
    This post reminds me of encouraging our finance staff at the engineering company to enter the company contest to come up with a new company slogan, and win $1,000. So we got together in front of the Flip-Chart. “Call out your ideas, popcorn style – unexpectedly, unpredictably, surprisingly – no matter how unsure you are, how wild, how crazy – someone get us started. Who knows maybe your ‘silly’ off the mark idea will stimulate someone with another one, one that prompts you to offer THE ONE that wins the prize”. At the end of the week, the results were judged – a member of our department won! The engineers weren’t happy that an ‘accountant’ person won, but morale in Accounting was HIGH. The slogan was “Quality from the ground up”

  3. Claire says:

    Yes!! I’m in. May early adoption and ideas for application flow with grace and ease!! ‘Aha’ ideas springing forth as well. And as shame flees, may a double dose of honor and excitement feel so tangible in the room!! Getting excited for what you will feel with all this glorious joy!

  4. Rebekah says:

    I can DO that!

    WOOooo HOOooo!

    This ones mine with joy!

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