Project Life #3

Solomon has been out of town for a while.  He reneged very quickly on his promise to only deal with his direct reports, and he has micromanaged from a distance relentlessly.

During this time, many of the ground level workers adopted a position of either ignoring his emails and staying on the tasks assigned them by Nehemiah, or lightly pushing back, telling Solomon that they had other priorities.

The net result is that there has been great peace in the office, much work is getting done on the core project, and Solomon’s actual leadership has declined significantly in two weeks!

One other interesting development has been the emergence of a third leader from the rank and file who has seen the need for a new protocol at one point in the developmental process.  He saw the problem, envisioned a solution, shared with his peers and superiors, and went to work implementing it.

Real leadership, well above his title and pay grade.

Nehemiah has kept a steady hand on the team and the project.  At this stage of the developmental process, glitches are a frequent occurrence, and he has handled them with poise and wisdom, thereby increasing his de facto leadership in the team.

Solomon is due back soon.  No one knows what will happen when he shows up with grand new vision.  Will he be aware or clueless of how his leadership has melted away?  Will he look for a scapegoat to fire so as to reassert his manhood?

Everyone knows the possibilities.  No one is preparing in any particular way.  They will see what happens and roll with the reality.

So here is where we pray for God’s will to be done, without having a clue what that is.  Things are sufficiently soft with investors that a few wrong moves on Solomon’s part could result in the closing of that office.  Solomon has a lot of career legitimacy on the line here.

On the other hand, if he can accept the fact that his team is really pretty competent, they could deliver an industry leading product.

What is God’s will?  No clue.

But we are on safe ground when each of us prays from the perspective of our own earned authority, that the life of God would flow into this company.  sapphire-business-dna-noble-subject-blog

Copyright September 2016 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Hmmmm…
    While the cat’s away, the mice can play… a few strategic plays according to design…
    Binding dear ole Sol, spirit, soul and body, to Father’s purposed love, His plans and purposes for him… As well as all the precious peeps who’ve been pressing on regardless, at the coal-face…
    Watching the play with connsumate interest…

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