LAC Blessings: Irene #3

In Luke 7, we read the story of the Widow of Nain whose son was raised from the dead.

This story is in stark contrast to the raising of Lazarus.  With the latter, Jesus executed a carefully orchestrated plan in order to make a huge impact in the Kingdom.

Here, the resurrection appeared to be almost an aside.  Jesus was on His way to do something, and He just happened to see the intense grief within the cortege.  As an act of compassion, He stopped briefly, returned life to the son, and the son to his mother.

At any given time in our prayer life, there is room for both strategic reasoning and general petition for compassion.

Irene has had a long season of getting beat up while she seeks the Lord.  I know her story and a couple of the recent heartaches are quite intense.

So today, let’s pour out our compassion toward her.  Think of all the times when you have been stuck, having played your heart out and your best is not good enough.  Then ask Christ to show her the same compassion He did that widow.  Ask Him to set her free or reveal the place where the hook is, so that her pain can be replaced with the joy of thriving.

Copyright October 2016 by Arthur Burk


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5 Responses to LAC Blessings: Irene #3

  1. Lu-Ina says:


  2. Jessica says:

    I feel for Irene and commit to be diligent to inrecede for breakthrough.

  3. Betty Wiebe says:

    Yes, I can do that. Tears and compassion. Pouring.

  4. Rebekah says:

    I know how this one hurts. I can wrap my arms around this prayer for compassion.

  5. Thanking Him for what He’ll do!!!

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