LAC Blessings: Healing Revelation #1

After three rounds of group blessings by our LAC community, we have a definite pattern. Requests for changes of reality get a modest response.  Requests for revelation get a dramatic response from God.

That suggests that God is looking with favor on our design as a think tank.  This week, instead of five days of prayers for revelation for one topic, we are going with five topics. Since the grace is flowing so deeply, we don’t need to hoard it.

In each situation, there is one person I am specifically focused on, but each one individual represents many more in the tribe who have the same dynamic.  As you pray, cry out for revelation for the one I know about, as well as all the others God knows about but I don’t.

So our first person is Jeb.  He is a moderately well known Christian leader.  I have walked with him for years and watched him pursue his freedom with intensity.  He has traveled far, talked to many, read deeply, had a broad variety of ministry, etc.

In this time, Jeb has grown immensely in his spiritual knowledge and worldview.  He is quite versed in my material, listening to some teachings dozens of times in an attempt to get deep transformation.

But the frustrating reality is that transformation in Jeb has been modest overall, and utterly evasive at several key points.  I have deep compassion for Jeb over the huge investment and the tiny improvement.

We know his childhood had some bumps and bruises.  Some of the people working with him have hypothesized awful hidden things from the past.  Neither approach has produced significant fruit.

There is either a formidable deceptive device over the whole of Jeb’s inner world, keeping us from seeing what we should naturally be able to see, or there is one elusive key that will unlock a cascade of healing.

Either way, Jeb has a LOT of water behind the dam.  I strongly believe that when the healing and transformation starts, it will be huge and fast because of the work already done.

We can go two ways here.  What has been typical for our tribe is that God would give revelation that would unlock the mystery, and we then use the accrued authority to bring progressive healing.

I am fine with that.  Ask for it!

However, God is also moving us in the direction of power, so a unilateral visitation by God that instantly aligns all the inner dynamics would be spectacularly welcome as well.  lac-noble-subject-blog

Copyright October 2016, by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to LAC Blessings: Healing Revelation #1

  1. Praying for revelation of the nature of God and the HARVEST for Jeb!

  2. Arthur says:

    Noon on Monday: Talked to Jeb and we think we have found half the key. Press in for the other half.

  3. Janis Leal says:

    Amen, to both ways.

    “…cascade of healing.” THAT…
    so resonates…. gorgeously.

    “I strongly believe that when the healing and transformation starts, it will be huge and fast because of the work already done.” Yes, Lord, yes…. THAT.

    Let revelation light flow, releasing the overflowing, voluminous cascade of His glorious healing light and life.

  4. jane62 says:

    Praying for Jeb. This moved me. Praying in both directions. Did I mention I’m so excited about our community!!! Freedom for Jeb. Lord God, please move in revelation and power. Blessings of Joy Tribe-wide

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