LAC Blessings: Healing Revelation #2

Jeannie comes from a pretty chewed up back ground and then she made some poor choices of her own.  God pursued her, brought her into the Kingdom with pizzazz and immersed her in an intense discipleship.

Over the years, she has been exposed to a variety of different streams of the faith and has drawn different treasures from each.  Her journey back to wholeness has been fairly predictable.  Unlike Jeb, deliverance and inner healing works for her.  Some tools are more effective than others, but aside from the season in an intensely religious tribe, she has steadily grown in her knowledge of God and in her healing.

However, she is stuck now, about 5% away from a reasonably complete healing journey. There is absolutely something there that the devil is holding on to, defiantly, that is keeping her “less than.”  She has a good life, is grounded in her relationship with God, but cannot be truly secure with this corner of her life held hostage by the devil.

Various people with differing gifts have looked and probed.  The existence of the treasure is confirmed by the demons who quite defiantly and blatantly celebrate and announce that they are holding it, while assuring us we will never find it and she will never get it back.

So, Jeannie is a person with a face and story that I know, through one of our other Noble Subjects who met her along the way.  My sense, though, is that there are dozens of Jeannies out there who have simply stopped going for ministry because no one can find the missing piece.

God knows exactly what the treasures are, where the demons have put them and how to neutralize the demons.  And Jesus Christ’s death on the cross does not contain an asterisk at the end of “It is finished” exempting these treasures from being found and restored.  He has already paid the price for Jeannie’s freedom.  Let’s cry out for complete revelation and power to set her free.  lac-noble-subject-blog

Copyright October 2016, by Arthur Burk

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5 Responses to LAC Blessings: Healing Revelation #2

  1. Cynthia says:

    Praying Isaiah 45:3, that for Jeannie and ALL the others, the Lord “will give you the treasures of darkness, And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.”

  2. Janis Leal says:

    Amen. All the way — 100%.
    And then 110% — and then more, beyond all limits and into a new realm never imagined by anyone, part of the mystery revealed.
    Let wisdom, revelation, power, and freedom be unleashed and flow, in the name of Jesus who finished it ALL!

  3. Bunmi says:

    I heard the word ‘technicality’ while praying. Father you are a revealer of secrets and mysteries. Expose the technicality and bring about complete healing. Be to our tribe as You were to Daniel, in Jesus name!!


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  4. Kathlyn says:

    Totally In agreement and totally identify. Yes it is finished.

  5. Elouise van der Merwe says:

    Complete freedom, complete healing!! Thank you, Jesus!

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