LAC Blessings for Revelation Feedback

First, a caveat.  In my interim reports on Facebook, I think I mixed up some of the names and reports.  I obviously used all fictitious names in the blog and may have gotten something backwards.  But for this blog, I have checked carefully

Jeb:  At the time, we thought we had an insight that would help.  The reality is that it produced a violent negative reaction.  We tried twice and only made things worse.  Yesterday I had a new idea to try.  His team prayed with him today.  It was one of those where the seer on the team saw a great deal, but Jeb saw and felt nothing.  Time will certainly tell whether there was any movement.

Jeannie:  We did get a big insight that brought immediate change for her.  It doesn’t seem to be the key to the whole project though, so we keep on pounding.

Jackie:   Not a flicker of a new idea for her.  I talked to her today, reviewing what I knew of her story line.  I felt like God brought my attention to the redemptive gift of her beloved grandmother.  We are all in agreement that the grandmother was a saint, but how that relates to the health problems is beyond me.  We are at quite the impasse.

Mindy and Cindy:  I didn’t get a new idea about heart issues, but I talked to Mindy and found a significant data point from her past that had not yet been addressed in her cleansing work.  We dealt with that, and she has gotten significant relief in the last few days, but not a sense of a stable situation.  I have not had a chance to talk to Cindy.

Sharon and Marjorie:  I had an opportunity to explore with Sharon my idea for healing a back.  We did not do anything, because the idea was so far outside the familiar territory, that her inside world needed to ponder it.  No chance to explore with Marjorie yet.

Sooo . . . it was not a slam dunk, magnificent, over-the-top success.

On the bright side, we had thousands of readers across the five days plus many this week.  That kind of excitement about the project is very encouraging.  Our tribe is maturing wonderfully.

Failure to get more revelation is a surprise.  I wonder if some of it is because I was in pretty intense mode, getting ready for the Texas event.  Would the results have been different if I had spent an hour or two each day, just listening?  Quite possibly.

Or is it simply that we need a greater concentration of firepower to get critical mass?  We will certainly do something different this coming week as we return to our model of one issue for the whole week.

One other angle is the fact that there is obviously still room for research!  Revelation alone is not carrying us as far as we need to go.

We fail a lot in SLG, but we do our best to fail forward.  No one was hurt in this experiment  – just significantly disappointed.  But we tried, and we will keep carrying these hurting people on our hearts.

And we will hit it again on Sunday with a new project.

Copyright November 2016 by Arthur Burk


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4 Responses to LAC Blessings for Revelation Feedback

  1. Teri Usiak says:

    I am so thankful that there are people willing to walk things out with others they haven’t met yet. I’m blessed to be part of this tribe. Thank you.

  2. Karen Pisani says:

    For jackie, could there be a generational curse that her grandmother was able to bypass?

  3. jane62 says:

    The reality of disappointment on the one hand … also to be balanced with ‘My God of Surprises’. Today I’m pushing back and knowing that ‘yet’ is still to come. And returning to Joy with Isaiah 55;12 Mountains and trees, clapping their hands. Blessing our tribe with every increasing JOY!

  4. Janis Leal says:

    So glad He honors and stores our prayers for His creative ways and time. And treasure is always there, even in the disappointments, as “failing” forward is “learning” when those with God’s heart act in His heart. Thank you so much for this.

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