When You Feel Disconnected

Take the test.

-Have you ever been in a crowd of familiar people but felt utterly disconnected from that community?

-Have you ever had a profound experience with God, but when you looked back on it months later, it was just data lying flat and there was not a particle of a sense of connection to it?

-Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself?

These are just a few faces of disconnect caused by Death.  Death is an entity, a spiritual power (See Revelation 6:8).  This is distinct from the event where our body stops living.

The Spirit of Death creates a pseudo time line for us which causes us to feel disconnected from everything God designed us to be connected to.

This audio clip is an extended warfare prayer you can use to separate yourself and our tribe from this false time line so we are only on the time line God designed for us before the foundation of the world.

When we are on God’s time line, we can embrace a sense of destiny.  When Death and Sheol are able to intrude a virus into our spirit, we feel disconnected at best, and struggle with futility at worst.   noble-subject-blog-unleash-power-of-your-story

From Disconnect to Destiny 

Copyright December 21, 2016 by Arthur Burk

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9 Responses to When You Feel Disconnected

  1. Lee-Ann says:

    Dear Arthur on Saturday I felt so disconnected and lost. What ever I did or intended to do I felt so alone and could not find myself. It lasted until yesterday. Today was much of a fight to just push. I really battled. This evening I saw your blog about feeling disconnected I knew I had to listen to your clip. Thank you. Kind regards

  2. Ronda says:

    Well, here I am on January 21, not December 21, finally getting to listen to and agree with this prayer, and expecting great things as a result. But I want to say that I will be taking a look back at my journal, as over the past few weeks I have pondered much the positive shift I have felt in relationships. I’ve struggled with “disconnect” for a good 20 years, with people, with my body, with the Lord at times (although less so with Him). but in the past few weeks I’ve seen restoration begin and wondered what triggered it. Hmmmm…. could it be the joint prayer of Dec. 21, 2016. I’m sure that’s a good part of it. Thank you! Looking forward to savoring the fruits of this prayer. What a blessing.

  3. Jessica Scoby says:

    This resonated with me so much! I had been under oppression from spirit of death and last night after listening to this teaching twice during the day had a dream about spirit of death and felt that there was some insight given to me about freedom from generational bloodline issues with spirit of cain. Thank you!! Disconnection has been a huge pain and wounding in my life from early years on and was really horrific during my teen years. But know that the Lord has complete healing in store! Thank You Lord and thank you for sharing this prayer!!!! What a blessing!

  4. smithtalitha says:

    Thank you so much for this profound prayer, Arthur!!

  5. Thank you for your powerful prayer. Let it be! Glory to our King and blessing to His Beloved Bride!

  6. Barbara Wall says:

    Arthur I cannot thank you enough for this. It was simply amazing. Ive been pressing in to this window more than ever. Your prayer added details I could not put into words. May it be as you have said. I am in agreement.

  7. Janis Leal says:

    Wow, wow, wow… Amen. Amen!

  8. LaVonne says:

    Grateful for this prayer, very powerful. Thank You Arthur. Am in total Agreement, and for the hallmark of intimacy with our King. Reversal of the disconnect, death and release treasure of treasure. 20 days on either side of this date, A day remembered as memorable day. King of Kings and Lord of Lord, whom we serve having an eternal Blood covenant. Amen.

  9. aoifemkeegan says:

    So timely. Thank you.

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