How Much Can the Tribe Do?

The Sapphire Tribe has been transitioning from individuals with a common focus to a community with significant collective, focused engagement.

The first major milestone was the first live stream we had.  For the first time, I felt the emotional connection with the Tribe globally for hours before the stream.  It was mostly a feeling of giddy excitement colored with some nervousness.  There was a new bright sparkly toy on the shelf and people were looking forward to playing with it.

As we got into the presentation, the engagement shifted away from the medium onto the message and you tracked closely with your spirit through the spiritual ebb and flow of the ideas.  Communion was very special that night.

Last week, when we had our quarterly week of Worship and Warfare around the theme of Defiance, you engaged with me in a new way, joining your authority with mine, intensely. It made a big difference to have a global agreement as we were doing global deliverance.

The results have been dramatic. Lots of people experienced significant freedom on the spot.  But what was really exciting is that we extended the deliverance to everyone in the Tribe, whether they were there or not.  And we have reports of people who experienced the deliverance when we were doing it, but didn’t listen to the archived teaching until days later.  Clearly God honored our petition.

AND we include our extended families in the warfare.  Here too we are getting reports of transformation in those who have no particular interest in Sapphire, but are related to those who do track with us.

On Wednesday, I was celebrating what God was doing and proposed that we test the waters and see what was available to us.  I referenced some Noble Subjects on the coast of New Zealand who did not have good enough Internet reception to watch the live stream. We asked God politely if He would be interested in connecting a lot of people who are in rural areas or with old infrastructure.

And He did.  Fantastic stories of technological impossibilities came back, as God honored our request.

So clearly, we bring something to the table with our collective authority.  We have no idea what the limits of our authority is, so we must test them by reaching for more freedom.

Here is the current plan.  Most mornings, I meet with one or more of our intercessors for a time of warfare.  We are going to start including the Tribe some days in specific deliverance prayers.

We began today.

We warred against the Moabite curse which is expressed by leaders exploiting their followers instead of building a platform under them.  We cried out for perspective to those who thought they had to endure it, and for freedom from demonic and human bondage.

It will be interesting to see what kind of measurable, verifiable, sustained change that prayer had with just three people against the critters in the whole Tribe!

Going forward, I invite you to join us.  We are not going to broadcast, but one or two days a week, I will send out a two paragraph blog, announcing what the topic will be for the following day.  Our prayer times are at 8:00 a.m.  I would love to have you join us in bringing your authority to bear on the deliverance effort for the whole Tribe.

This is very new territory for me.  It is so much more natural to work one on one where I can see the individual and tailor my presentation to the situation.

But, if God is making grace available for a larger, group deliverance, let’s do it.  I do absolutely believe that it will make a world of difference if you are agreeing with me from around the world.  This is a Tribe, not one person.   We got results last week, because it was a shared investment of all our earned authority, focusing on an issue around the world.

For now, if anyone felt a release from the prayers about the Moabite on Friday the 20th, I would love to hear.

Meanwhile, figure out what time it is in your neighborhood when it is 8:00 a.m. in California and watch for the next blog that announces a theme.  lac08-noble-subject-blog

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13 Responses to How Much Can the Tribe Do?

  1. jenniekidz says:

    I’m in Missouri,and from 10:00 to 10:15 I was being literally overwhelmed by the Spirit of God. I felt immediate release to the point I was laughing AND crying from relief. After MONTHS of feeling sadness and a sense of being “stuck” something shifted. That would have been enough for me, but then multiple doors opened for me that had been closed….all in one day!!! Praise God for leading the way into freedom! (I am experienced in inner healing ministry and still am surprised at the level of power & freedom given immediately!) I texted all my daughters and asked them if they sensed any shifts in their lives today. One had a major identity breakthrough/epiphany, one felt hope, one still at home spontaneously came in and talked to me for a half hour (not a common occurrence). I never want to miss any future opportunities for things like this. Thanks Sapphire Tribe!!!!!!

    • SLG says:

      Thanks so much for sharing. We have gotten a lot of emails today about warm fuzzy feelings, but at the end of the day, changed relationships are the major point here. So I love your report. Not bad for our first experiment of unity without technology!

  2. Janis Leal says:

    “For now, if anyone felt a release from the prayers about the Moabite on Friday the 20th, I would love to hear.”
    The Moabite prayer had a definite effect, but manifesting today, not yesterday the 20th, and not how I would expect. The prayer was catalytic, setting off a process of “release” that won’t be easy. But freedom from Moabite was the prayer, and it had a direct effect.

    Meanwhile, I’m on board to join in spirit with the Tribe’s prayers going forward.

    • SLG says:

      We will gladly take an immediate lurch or a longer process. Freedom is freedom and we love it. Looking for some interesting shifts on Monday morning.

  3. merrylin120 says:

    How can I connect with this streaming? I need simple directions. Thank you,  Merrylin

    • SLG says:

      It is not streamed. Just join in the spirit. Go back to yesterday’s blog where I explained the concept.

  4. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much for this great idea! I’m in! Being 5am for me, means NO worries about other appointments in the way!! Yay!

  5. My spirit is so glad to see a manifestation of flow on a community level! Yes!

  6. Theora Meyers says:

    Well, as I read this I could hardly believe it! Last night I dropped my Bible, and in picking it up, a printout that I had regarding the different curses you’ve taught on fell out. As I perused it, I was riveted upon the Midianite curse and came into agreement that it was broken off of me. !! Then I read “We cried out for perspective to those who thought they had to endure it, and for freedom from demonic and human bondage.”
    Isn’t our God amazingly wonderful!
    And you guys.

    Thank you!

  7. Bill Manduca says:

    You wrote: “We warred against the Moabite curse which is expressed by leaders exploiting their followers instead of building a platform under them…”

    As I was watching the presidential inauguration, there was a definite shift in the atmosphere as the oath of office was being taken. I am not promoting a person here, but noting a difference in the spiritual realm before and after. Much of the language of the inaugural speech would indicate the warfare you did yesterday had an impact. You might compare the timing of your prayers and the inauguration (accounting for time zone difference). God was being invoked more dramatically than in recent memory and at one point, rain began falling as the speech began. Franklin Graham made the comment that rain is often God’s sign of blessing. Again, I am only noting what I perceived to be a shift in the atmosphere that may correlate with the timing of your prayers.


  8. Arthur says:

    Good news. In an email this morning we got an ecstatis report of the Moabite spirit being shattered in one family. For decades there had been emotional brutality and a defiant attitude toward God and suddenly, yesterday, with no other known cause, there was a massive shift in the predator.

    So, even if just one person was set free, it was profitable to fight back. I am encouraged and committed to going forward.

  9. Fiona Ingham says:

    Hi. Can I ask what day you were praying against Defiance last week. Have only joined this last week so interested to see if experienced we had are linked

    • SLG says:

      Hi Fiona. The theme all week long was Defiance. Five different days with different topics. Here is a direct link to the Warfare and Worship archives which are still available if you wish to participate in any of those topics. Our next week of warfare will be in April. Watch the newsletter for details.

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