Change of Strategy for War

I am pondering the mother/daughter warfare from yesterday.  I am still getting emails reporting a broad cross section of “stuff.”  It is too soon to make any claims of significant impact, but there certainly was an overt effort by the enemy to disrupt, and there was a LOT of connection between the Holy Spirit and your spirit, and from you to each other and to me.

Technology and communication in the natural didn’t work so well, but that is common with our tribe.  By the time we have run things two or three times, people get the hang of a new methodology and the administrative cost goes down.  We can then do what we came to do without the glitchy stuff.

And, as we go forward, we will grow in corporate authority.

On the table today is a discussion of mechanics.  Here are three different configurations.

First:  The blog is central.

We go forward with the current package.  I announce a topic, date and time in the blog a week in advance.  I war in private from the office.  You war from there without any electronic interface.

Two points on the upside:  we have the highest participation; I have the lowest administrative/technical cost.  A blog I can do!

The downside is rather large.  I may not be at my best when something is scheduled in advance.  When you schedule anything ahead of time — like a routine Sunday sermon or Thursday Bible study or seminar on a given date — you are guaranteed to have some days when the people show up but it isn’t God’s best time.

I so know what it is to have a message burn hot within me on the 12th, but when I deliver it on the 23rd, it is a pale relative of the flaming fire from before.  Yesterday was a variation on that theme.  You were all out there, primed and ready to go, some getting up at 2:00 a.m.  I was a mess.

We went forward anyway.  God honored the tenacity.  Lives were changed.

But what if I was at white hot passion when we did it?  Wouldn’t it be so much better?

That leads to option two.

Second:  Unscheduled calls, announced by Twitter

I have a Twitter account that I use very sparingly for serious stuff.  The address is @SLGArthur.  What if I used that to announce to the tribe that I was going to war in 15 minutes?

The positive is that I would have the best of me at the table.  The negative is that a lot of our tribe can’t roll on 15 minutes notice, so we would lose a lot of agreement.

Another negative is that a lot of people don’t use Twitter, and I hate to make anyone embrace any new platform in social media.  There is negligible risk since you can sign up to follow just one person and you won’t get spammed by presidents and movie actors, but still . . .

Third:  Scheduled calls with video on Facebook

These events could be either scheduled long in advance on the blog and Facebook, or be a fast response to a big burn announced on Twitter.

My team assures me that with “only two clicks” and no wires, plugs, dials, batteries or settings, I can sit in front of my trusty little laptop and broadcast to the world a video of the warfare that I do.  If I understand correctly, it can be done for free, and the video can be archived for future access by the people whose time zones preclude their participating live.

The major downside is that I am my most authentic and most dangerous when I do my rants in private.  Broadcasting to a whole world of Noble Subjects, Not-So-Noble Boo Birds and highly intentional witches causes me to edit myself on occasion.

The offsetting upside is that many of you can engage more deeply when you have a visual, so perhaps the higher engagement from the field would offset the curbing of my fire.

Another negative is that a lot of our tribe shares my loathing for Facebook and would not feel comfortable doing warfare on that platform.  I highly respect that and would never want to be the cause of a single person opening a Facebook account.

So those are my thoughts.  No perfect fit.  A lot of trade-offs.  Any of them is possible.

What are your thoughts?

And before you comment, may I suggest you shift gears out of consumer mode?  A comment that starts out, “What I want is . . .” might just go straight to the trash depending on my mood when I am approving the comments.  Right this minute, I am not feeling very tolerant of self-absorption.  Can you tell?

So let’s have an adult conversation about how to advance the Kingdom of God, knowing that whichever approach we take, someone will be inconvenienced.  Maybe you.  How can we set the most people free, and equip the most people to war on their own in the future, at the lowest spiritual and emotional cost for all?

(This is your tightly focused businessman speaking).

Copyright January 2017 by Arthur Burk

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50 Responses to Change of Strategy for War

  1. Wow! Wow! This is my first time seeing the blog. I am super excited! I missed the mother / daughter. I will be in full alignment in the future. Great idea!!!
    Appreciate all you do for people!!
    You are truly a God sent for the body of Christ!!

  2. Cathie Sheldon says:

    But aren’t we supposed to be honing the skill of interrupting our day to heed the call of Holy Spirit to war? I might be excusing myself to the ladies room more than normal, or storming down a school hallway with my body driving the intensity of the war in my spirit and not looking like I am doing anything —-but those actions will express and activate the myriads of prayers prayed in times I could speak and be free! YOU taught me that what was happening in my life WAS a verifiable way of prayer—-my ENTIRE prayer came again into play when I engaged with Holy Spirit intentionally on the subject. Cut us loose from the need to be plugged in 24/7.

  3. jane62 says:

    I’m not fussed what you decide, I’ll do my best to follow and leave the rest to Holy Spirit.

    By the way…you are the reason I use my twitter account…the only reason. Go figure.

  4. Claire B says:

    I’d be willing to try out Twitter just for SLG purposes. If there’s an auditory notification option, I could be alerted and ready for the spur of the moment type warfare.

  5. Bart says:

    hoi arthur ,

    just to say , me too I was distracted the moment you did warfare on mother /daughter ….remembered it sometime later ..although I really wanted to join ….but …

    I always said and meant it that I let my daughters free ( they are adults ) but …this afternoon ..I really FELT that I let them free and could see it and believe it so ….it felt great and I could pray for them in a different way ..

    so perhaps not so special mother / daughter , but anyway , something happened ..

    I really do not know what is best ….( for the question you asked about the ‘ how to do it ‘ , but I can pray for wisdom for you and the team …[😊]

    I hope you are well ….

    GOd bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Onderwerp: [New post] Change of Strategy for War

    SLG posted: “I am pondering the mother/daughter warfare from yesterday. I am still getting emails reporting a broad cross section of “stuff.” It is too soon to make any claims of significant impact, but there certainly was an overt effort by the enemy to disrupt, an”

  6. Cynthia says:

    I really appreciate having this discussion here and not on Facebook. The real downside of Facebook is that, even if I want to speak specifically to you & the Tribe, it ends up being broadcast to all those who do not need to be eavesdropping on this very intense & personal conversation. I’ve checked into privacy settings, and you can’t set it so only a certain group can see your words. Here, one has the freedom to speak one’s mind.
    And I’m up for any of those options, especially loving the idea of being alerted in the spirit to join in the spirit!

  7. Dear Arthur,
    Technologically speaking, you could host a Google hangouts (nowadays known as YouTube live) for free at either an appointed time or spontaneously.
    It’s gor unlimited seats and apart from preinstalling the software (free) it is two clicks away and no one has to look you up on Facebook.

    As for timing, I think God’s timing is greater than larger agreement.
    That said, I don’t use twitter. But since we are all on your mailing list, why don’t you send out message from there?

  8. Betty Wiebe says:

    Hi Arthur. I am wondering if you could do as you did for Mother/Daughter, set a time and war in your own way in your own private office BUT couldn’t you make a recording for a CD of what you are saying, for sale later??? I hate to see those precious words get away, because no one wars like you do. They open whole new vistas to me, and others, I am sure. Never heard, before you, of asking God to open the books, etc. So many things I’ve learned from your prayer words.

    Then one can go over and over those words, filling in where we have missed it, even though you have prayed it, and I believe those prayers. Just need to know (I think) what really happened to me.

    I know something happened to me on Monday as you prayed, the back of my neck is so sore today, trouble turning my neck both ways. Daughter comes Thursday, we’ll see. Likely not done with this yet, but a marvellous start!

    These are just my thoughts, hope they don’t land in File 13!

    Be blessed and Protected Arthur!

    Betty Wiebe in Lethbridge, AB

    P.S.— I hope you can take a day off after you’ve been beat up to just rest your body. SLEEP, Arthur. That beat-up is REAL. Virtue goes out, sleep and eat and being quiet a while helps your strength to come back. At least it does for me. Just sayin’.

  9. lila1jpw says:

    I was so inspired by the first call to warfare that I’m still processing. This intercession touched more than my immediate lineage–it included a family that I’m acquainted with as well. Whatever format the call, please count me in!

  10. Dayle Hooker says:

    For me also, all three depending on how you are led. When you broadcast a warfare session, I learn so much about the subject and how you approach the warfare so my skill grows. So many nuggets and aha moments. But also appreciate the need to hit hard and fast at times so have no problem with a Twitter ac and receiving alerts. I set up a Twitter account just so I could follow you on another subject previously. It wasn’t too grevious and I just ignore the plethora of suggestions of people to follow by Twitter. There is the drawback that we may not be in a position to participate at such short notice but can we trust God to ensure that sufficient of the tribe is available at that time to achieve what needs to be achieved. Because the ability to mobilise a team at short notice is valuable.
    Facebook broadcasts mean we can be more intentional about our engagement and I do like that but also love the freedom of my private times with God so can understand your preference for being free to move in prayer however the King leads and not be restricted.

    In summary all of the above works for me. I will fit in.

    • Daphne says:

      My thoughts are almost identical to Dayle’s, so no need to repeat that. With these 15 min alert, that would mean they come at random times, which also means that different people in different time zones get to participate at a time that may be more favorable to their time zones. So instead of always joining in prayer at 2:00am their time, it may all-of-a-sudden becomes a 9:00pm their time.

  11. Janis Leal says:

    The blog is a solid platform for a high number of people to see in advance of the set time, albeit a more advanced notice than on-the-fly, and also being lower in administrative stuff. But doing it when you’re white-hot is also great, yet may not reach as many people live on short notice. I think both would be a nice mix.

    It can almost be compared to things like travel, or intimacy, where you can plan, yet always be ready and open for the spontaneous — as in travel, usually planned in advance yet always having the passport ready for when God says “Go,” or as in intimacy, getting together when the mood strikes. Yet, a schedule is very advantageous in setting the time aside for a great purpose, and truly the mood can strike just as easily and quickly at the scheduled time – like the Holy Spirit is unlimited in ability to flow within a schedule just like in a spontaneous session.

    Since the blog worked well this time around, I think it should be a core avenue. Then in addition, maybe a spontaneous Facebook announcement once in awhile, 15 minutes in advance for whoever sees it at that particular time (not so sure about a video – seems more tech-heavy, not as fluid and whatnot, but maybe it could work…) — would sprinkle in some different spice and color.

    God is beautifully and creatively BOTH set and spontaneous, and we can be, too. I like both.

  12. dkelly221 says:

    Connecting via the spirit, without technology, is stretching but it’s time to stretch. A day will come when that will be the only way available to connect. Sounds like a great training opportunity to me. Regardless of what decision is made for this project, would love to see us develop the spiritual muscles needed to communicate without technology.

  13. David Michael says:

    I feel you should use all 3, depending on the atmosphere and Spirit flow and what God nudges. Each time and topic will be different. No need to discard any tool at present, although one may emerge as the go to. Synchronizing to the flow, SLG and you should be a priority, and honestly will be a good learning experience for us.

  14. Angela Chapman says:

    I am wondering If you could do #2, warring when you are amped up, and do a voice recording for those who can’t join in at that moment.
    Thanks for giving it your best shot as always.

  15. aoifezion says:

    Too bad we aren’t better at spirit to spirit communication… I’m reminded of your story of the guy in the the mountains of Central America who always “knew” when the American friend was coming and would come down from the mountains to meet him. Maybe we will be there sooner than we know in this Mercy Season.

    • SLG says:

      THAT is the best idea yet.

      • aoifezion says:

        I was thinking that no matter what method you chose, you could also be intentional about attempting to communicate with us spirit to spirit and we could attempt to be intentional at receiving. After all, the Mercy Season is about intimacy and alignment.

      • Janis Leal says:

        I agree with not relying on technology, especially in Mercy season. Technology is a necessary and awesome tool, but we’re becoming big enough boys and girls now that we don’t have to rely on it. That’s where we’re going — I’m up for that! And God flows as He will — we just need to be in His flow like jumping in the river. Flowing in His presence….

      • Kat says:

        If you give us what ever advance direction you can in this blog, and updates in what ever format you are led to in the moment, we can prepare by attuning to God’s timing. I would get on Facebook or Twitter if you decided it was expedient, but none of these electronic media have any privacy. I would guess those that oppose you can be reading this blog too.

        You as general know when to say to the troops, “NOW!”, to intensify the strike with this whole network of prayer warriors. I frequently get a hit to pray for you, your staff, your close in network, and what ever or who ever you are warring for. Just knowing how you do battle for people, land, or nations (etc). . ., its kind of a no brainer, that intercession could be any time of day or night. But I do try to listen to that spirit to spirit ping that something is up, just like when you get a phone call or an email, and feel who it is before you know with your mind.

        I love Roman’s 8:26, its kind of a theme verse for me: “The Holy Spirit helps our weaknesses–for example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts, knows what the Spirit is saying, because the Spirit is pleading for us believers in harmony with God’s own will. . .” (and all the rest of that amazing chapter, NLT.)

        Being included in the particulars adds focus and urgency, and the excitement of the tribe’s unity of purpose. Perhaps those who are praying in the moment with you are the snipers, those that are praying in the spirit outside of that exact time are the infantry, not as specialized, but equally important to the battle.

      • Soo Fee says:

        I have the same idea as aoifezion before I read what she wrote. I remembered in one of your teachings, you mentioned that the underground Christians in Muslim countries in Middle East would meet up for fellowship with the help from the Holy Spirit. Every single person in the group would be informed by the Holy Spirit the time and venue of the meeting.
        There is extra grace when we prayed about certain topics during a specific window of time. And so it is important to catch that window.
        So just as aoifezion has said, we are in the Mercy Season and we could ask God to ALIGN our spirit to pray. Whether we are sleeping or working (across the globe), we could ask the Holy Spirit to ping our spirit and log on to your blog/facebook/tweeter at that instant. For those who could not access the social media platform at that instance, we could ask the Holy Spirit to give them the word of knowledge on the topic to pray. After all, doesn’t the Holy Spirit triumphs over technology?

  16. Julian says:

    For those who are particularly shy of social media but may be willing to forgo a bit of quiet on their phone to get wartime tweets, I wonder Arthur, if you’d be willing to create a dedicated Tw account so they could be sure to only be alerted when it’s wartime. ie: @slgbatphone

    • SLG says:

      I could. But it is pretty obvious so far that SLG is not a quick turn around outfit, so I think the Twitter idea is DOA.

  17. Shonna Dalusong says:

    What if there were a scheduled time and location (platform) for rants but the topic was spontaneous? Would that keep the fire alive?

  18. Moonsun says:

    I like the unscheduled calls.. the spontaneity of going with God’s timing and trusting Him to bring the right people together to war against the enemy… sounds exciting! I believe that God will make those connections between the Holy Spirit and our spirits to give us the nudge to possibly check the tweeter or even FB if you are also going to post it on the FB as well. I am a very visual person, however, I don’t know about the 3rd option for couple reasons…. I would not want you to loose your most dangerous and authentic rants with the Father when it’s time for us to war, 2nd, what if I am at work? I can’t watch you on an electronic device and do my rant either! Most of the time I am always surrounded by people. I prefer to find it out through tweeter (or FB) and sneak out somewhere and do my rant if possible. OR Since you’ve already tried the 1st one, how about trying the 2nd option and see how that goes.. then if you feel like it still needs to be tweaked, then go with the 3rd option??

  19. Twitter twatted me so at the moment I’ll leave it! Seeing the awesomeness of the potential of these ninja onslaughts, yet not seeing what tools are there!
    Thinking of Gideon’s army of 300 chosen warriors, with minimal weapons that were not in the arsenal, partnered with a way-out strategy! “The sword of the Lord and of Arthur!” “The sword of the Lord and of SLG!” “The sword of the Lord and of Joan!”
    Releasing the strategists to hear Father’s strategies for these strategic forays into the enemy territory to reclaim it back from the ole ancient enemy! Sniffing the scent of incremantal victory in the air! Go! Go! Go!
    And an outpouring of the balm of Gilead on you Arthur… spirit, soul and body! Sweet restoration!

  20. Kristan Matoska says:

    It seems like there’s too many unaccounted variables to plan for. It might be helpful to try out each configuration in order to find the sweet spot. I suggest trying a different method this next time (any of the methods you mentioned) and compare the results to the first method. Wherever we have the greatest “harvest”, let’s do that one.

  21. Suzanne says:

    God will honor whatever time you set, and I would ask God how he wants it done. As we noticed before, we don’t need to be there to receive. We just need to be in agreement. How about having us check in with you at certain time per day? For emergencies, I like the text message option. I am trying to avoid twitter, but If that’s what you use, we will adapt.

  22. Pamela says:

    Reinhardt Bonnke often will say “Ok I’ll go live on Facebook in 2 hours!” It works and I watch a lot of those…but will your fire hold for 2 hours or one hour or however long?

    I like the Twitter idea too. In fact, I kinda like all three…but I’m a techie junkie. What about a tweet shared to FB with a shout out to the effect of “going live in 15!” On those days fire is burning a bit hotter. You don’t have to stick to just one way huh?

    Then as you feel a good simmer going on a particular topic but not yet boiling, maybe schedule a few and see if the simmer starts rolling as it grows?

    Hmmmm I may be creating more work for you.

    Yeah we may miss it, but if we have to miss, I might rather would catch the intense fire from the recorded version and join in that way than struggle to connect with a warm buzz ya know? Not that any of your warm buzzes are ever really just warm.

    • SLG says:

      We could announce it on Twitter and Facebook both. It would not be hard, it just shoves the burden back on me at a time that I would be trying to go deep in the fire. Most people who do Facebook would not have violent objections to Twitter, so I would prefer people synchronize to me, instead of asking me to make it easier for them.

      • Julian says:

        That’s what I was thinking.

      • Pamela says:

        Well, my thinking is that if you were to choose FB Live (very easy and saved to your page) the tweet could get the word out fast.

        If you just wanted to get a quick note out to announce the time and topic of prayer, then I’d think you’re on a good track with a spur of the moment post – strike while the iron is hot!

  23. Julian says:

    Hmm. Since your middle name is most definitely On-The-Fly, why don’t we first try twitter as far in advance as you can manage, ie: 15-45 minutes or whatever and see how it goes?

    Not a social media fan at all. But based on what you said about twitter can subscribe to one person, I’d be willing to create an acct against my better judgement and send it right to my phone. I’m shocking myself right now. Those who are available at the moment can go gunslingin with the bulldawg and we can assess.

    If it dives, we move to another option.

    • SLG says:

      True, Julian. The cost factor of abandoning any one of these plans is minimal, so we could experiment before committing. Good call.

    • Julian says:

      I personally wonder if the upswing of your spontaneity would offset any lack of participation. Worth a try?

  24. Lize Daly says:

    Hi Arthur, I have a friend that does Periscope. We can watch him do his preaching/teaching live and it is saved to be watched later by those that could not make it!. You are warned with a distinctive sound on you device that the person is live and the broadcaster then nomally gives the listerners time ( few seconds) to come in with greetings etc. Listerners can also invite their followers on facebook, twitter and most social media platforms! Hope that helps. Give it a try, it might just be your answer. Stay blessed sir and thank you!

    • SLG says:

      I could learn a new medium. But my guess is that we would not gain much. I can’t imagine that very many people who despise Facebook are on Periscope.

      • bbthigpen says:

        Actually, you would be surprised. I was going to suggest Periscope as well. I have a close friend who will not touch Facebook but does have a Periscope account and uses it pretty regularly to listen to teachings and so on. Take a look at the story of Periscope and its founders.. Looks a lot like the diversity of SLG and the global community. It seems to be simple to use since it will even allow you to use your phone to capture the event- and a GoPro I believe!! Maybe you could take us with you on some of your hikes? Just a thought. Personally, I believe it creates more room to experience the AWE of God- can you imagine if you used a GoPro while you were recording The God of the Mountains warfare prayers?? And we could be there with you and SEE what you see? I wonder how God would use that to speak to each one of us, using our own specific design?? Ok, sorry… got carried away. But yes. I think Periscope may be a great idea 🙂

  25. Sam Roberts says:

    Dear Arthur and team,
    Thank you for your investment and for including us. Super cool.

    Nothing wrong with this platform.

    What if you made the announcement here, as you did before (even if it is short notice), and applying the concept that God is outside of time and He can handle time zones, allow for a 24 of 48hr window for us to agree in prayer too?

    • SLG says:

      Our experience last time is that God honored the prayers whenever they were prayed, but a lot of people found significant value in the specific point in time. I would like to retain that feature, whether we plan ahead or are spontaneous.

  26. What about using the blog for broad themes and strategy, setting up the things which make sense to be done ahead of time, and sending urgent, timed alerts via Twitter, Facebook or even text alerts. What if people signed up to receive urgent prayer text alerts from you? People often see texts before social media accounts, and those who can mobilize quickly will.

  27. Sage says:

    What if…. you announced the topic ahead of time, no set timeline for what ‘ahead’ looks like, a few days or a week or a few weeks, just whenever you know the next target….then, take in the flavour of the day, see where and when God is partnering and when the timing is right, send out the notification a number of hours ahead for the warfare. Gives notice while hitting the target when you are at the ready and builds agility into the tribe. I love the idea of the whole tribe coming together where they are without actually being connected electronically.

    • SLG says:

      Sending an alert out several hours ahead of the event won’t work in our environment. The spiritual climate can change repeatedly in a couple of hours. Our choices are either planning ahead or being spontaneous. There is not a hybrid arrangement that will work.

  28. says:

    Hi Arthur,I share your loathing of Facebook, and understand the need to not wait a week for a scheduled call.  Question: why limit unscheduled calls to Twitter notification 15 minutes in advance? Could you notify via e-mail or text message, perhaps an hour or two‎ in advance? Thanks.Curt

    • SLG says:

      I could, Curt, but around here, the probability of things being the same two ours later is nil, so it might as well be two weeks in advance.

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