Report on Warfare #1 for Mother/Daughter Conflict

Our first attempt at this new project is in the books.  The plan was for the team in the office to do warfare and for the Tribe around the world to support us in prayer, without having any direct electronic connection.

We prayed for every single woman in the tribe. They may or may not have a daughter and they may or may not have conflict, but every one of them had or has a mother.

My observations are as follows:

-Our tribe is pretty lame at following directions.  So many people wrote and called wanting to know where the connection was for the live stream.  Sigh.  We explained in detail in a blog ahead of time and it was an exercise in futility for many.  For those of you who read and followed instructions and joined us in spirit, THANK YOU.  You are a balm to my soul.

-It was so important for there to be support from the Body.  I have been in very rough shape since a ministry I did a few days ago went weird and I got badly hurt.  Still trying to dig out from that.  What I brought to the table was my will, but I was really not well yesterday.  I am grateful that the well being of the Tribe does not depend on me.   Bringing our combined authority to the table matters a lot.  Your agreement yesterday put a hurt on the enemy.

-The enemy ran a lot of interference.  Several people have written of having put all kinds of reminders in place, and they did not work.  The most dedicated, well meaning individuals were effectively distracted at the hour and failed to consciously participate.

-God moved anyway.  Even though individuals were not engaged with the call on the soul level, several reported either a sudden awareness of healing or a sudden awareness of demonic manifestations during that time.  So God made the devil look foolish.

-We have lots of reports of manifestations and emotional warm fuzzies.  That is good.  It indicates that we achieved something, somewhere.  BUT, our metric is “measurable, verifiable, sustained change” which means the reconciliation of mothers and daughters in a substantial way.  That will take some time as all the soul stuff still needs to be overcome, BUT now it can happen since the critters are out of the way.  Time to press in with some face to face engagement to take back the lost ground.

So, as messy as it was, we put a scratch or two on the enemy with our first attempt.  We can do better.  I will be releasing a blog later today with our next strategy and date.

Hopefully someone will actually read it.

Copyright January 2017 by Arthur Burk

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19 Responses to Report on Warfare #1 for Mother/Daughter Conflict

  1. Amy Dudley says:

    Continued healing in the Mother/Daughter arena.
    This past weekend, Father so masterfully orchestrated a time of deeper healing between me and my mother. He opened lines of communication in spectacular fashion giving my parents and myself uninterrupted time to clear the air of very old structures. Then when I came down with a migraine (not my idea of fun) he placed me firmly in place to be mothered! My husband and children were not with me on this trip so he allowed my identity to be exclusively DAUGHTER. Because of the headache I ended up staying an extra night during which I remained simply their daughter. At 48 years old, God used this weekend to bestow on me the office of “sonship” (or whatever it is you call it….i can’t remember).
    Driving home yesterday I knew that for the first time in my life that I am their Beloved daughter; accepted & unconditionally loved. Never had there been a more deeply healing moment in time for me and my parents.
    WOW!!! Keep it up. It’s working. Much love to the whole tribe.

  2. Cynthia says:

    The fruit continues – tonight, my 27-year-old second-born daughter texted me, “you know, you’re not just my Mom, you’re also my friend.” 😭😭😭😭 Oh my gosh! I can’t describe the level of this turnaround. I’m soooooo grateful. ❤️

  3. Arthur says:

    We are 36 hours downstream from the Worship and Warfare and more and more emails are coming in with reports of significant measurable shifts in relationships between mothers and daughter of all ages.

    One that caught me off guard was two ladies who resolved issues with their dead mother who was still controlling from the other side. Now THAT is an intense application of our phrase “and their extended family.” Extended indeed!

    Very surprised with this much shift, considering how primitive our first attempt was. Truly we need to keep raising the bar and pushing hard. We do not know what the limits of the harvest are in this Mercy Season.

    What we do know is that it requires alignment and intimacy. Let’s keep pressing in.

    • Janis Leal says:

      Seriously!! That’s one of the things I “saw” and “felt” in the spirit during the prayer, but I thought it was just a little too weird to say — seeing and feeling mothers already passed on… on the other side… somehow involved in some of this. Extended family indeed….

      Awesome report on it all — And there’s more…..

      • Maggie says:

        I had a revelation the next day ( totally forgot to get up at 2 am to pray but prayed the day before) : the revelation of issues of my deceased mother based in some deeply hidden incest pain which I had previously had revealed to me but this time I felt the power of the risen Lord …I could see it gone, taken away, its been a lifetime struggle . My relationship with my daughter is well on the way to some seriously beautiful restoration already. Thank you Arthur for initiating this, and for everyone who was involved.

  4. Betty Wiebe says:

    So we are doing your book–Speaking to our spirits—but from a distance,. I know it works. There is no time or distance in spirit, so I agreed, listened and felt a connection for some time, and prayed with you on and off in the spirit for about an hour

  5. Cynthia says:

    I have already experienced measurable fruit with my youngest daughter; there is new, wonderful spirit/heart connection in areas that we have NEVER experienced. I expect it to be sustainable, and am so grateful for your intercession for us!

    And I also am so sorry that you were hurt, and I join in blessing you for restoration and massive peace.

  6. Janis Leal says:

    Definitely felt things move spiritually during prayer yesterday, but agree that time will tell what’s sustained, verifiable, etc. — Praying that those impacted will have further freedom along with the wisdom, will, and grace to walk through and walk it out.

    Thank you, Arthur.

  7. lila1jpw says:

    Take heart, Arthur. I read it and was on time. I was encouraged by a little half verse that I had never noted before: “Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself for what he has approved.” (Romans 14: 22b) And I’m someone who second-guesses myself too many times. The Way is forward, not back! God gives us perseverance! Romans 15:5.

  8. Kim says:

    I woke up with anticipation and prayed a couple hours prior to the event. To make the timing, I swiftly transitioned from a work meeting just before this appointment, into my office to focus on prayer. Any amount of quiet time in my office can be a challenge, but it worked. For other Sapphire events I have prayed into, there has been a tidy on-ramp that easily glides me into the tribal connection. Yesterday was very challenging! I stopped and had to re-evaluate the atmosphere. Holy Spirit and I spent more time assessing the situation to pinpoint what I was to do exactly. Arthur – I felt I had to pray for you, then Megan, and then back to you before moving into the prayer for mother/daughter relationships. May your team be infused with strength, courage and renewal! Warring against an anti-community agenda and tackling mother/daughter connections in a combo assault is intense. Thank you to everyone for working through a messy start and pushing through to see the fruit!! For me personally, joining the tribe in this endeavor was rewarding but I couldn’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

  9. dkelly221 says:

    Your last line made me chuckle. Don’t grow weary in doing good Arthur and thank you for the intercession. I’m also sorry to hear of the bruising ministry session. Blessings and Be Well!

  10. Sorry Arthur, I read it, but it didn’t seen possible to do the project without actually connecting only in the spirit. So, I made an intrusive call and was set streight. I am glad that I did even though I felt somewhat foolish for not getting IT.

    So, I sat and I prayed until I felt a release in the spirit in Florida. IT was pretty awesome.

  11. Bart says:

    so ..thank you ..will pray for you , arthur !!!!!!!!

    ________________________________ Van: Noble Subjects Verzonden: dinsdag 24 januari 2017 17:52 Aan: Onderwerp: [New post] Report on Warfare #1 for Mother/Daughter Conflict

    SLG posted: “Our first attempt at this new project is in the books. The plan was for the team in the office to do warfare and for the Tribe around the world to support us in prayer, without having any direct electronic connection. We prayed for every single woman “

  12. agatharub says:

    During the warfare prayer time I was with a joung Family with massive Mother/Daugther Conflict in the family-background. At the moment, the baby (14days old) is not able to suckle on the mothersbreast because of some problems with her tongue. But both are doing all they can to fix it. At prayer time they just had their training-time. It was so beautiful to see, how that little girl was happy on mothers breast, even she could not realy drink of it. I felt such a love in the room and a healthy bonding beetwenn mother and daugther. I’m wondering for the next time, if something has also changed in the relationsship one generation back. Thank you Arthur and Tribe around the world!

  13. Barry says:

    Praying for your recovery.swift a skillfull dancer. 🙂 and tactician that you are.Obviously real and new territory is being taken by the tribe and this is the first of many scirmishes.

    • mtroxy3 says:

      I so agree with you Barry for Arthur, the new territory being taken and that this is the first of many skirmishes. Roxanna

  14. Kimberly says:

    Thank you Arthur….praying for you.

  15. mtroxy3 says:

    I couldn’t figure out why the LORD had me a wake at 0330 hrs yesterday and I do mean awake! Now, I know. I didn’t remember that it was a day of warfare until I read your blog. There was so much shalom and a total sense of everything was aligned and God was utterly in total control of what was happening. As if He knew I wouldn’t remember yesterday morning that the time of prayer was happening, He had me praying the day before. Isn’t He awesome to prompt participation in advance!! Roxanna

  16. Melissa says:

    THANK YOU, Arthur, for pushing through your hurt to bring healing to so many. I read the blog and participated in spirit, and I am so appreciative of this topic when there is such a tearing right now in the fabric of our culture in the area of womanhood. Women with daughters or who simply are daughters, the range of complex dynamics is impacted by this effort, I feel it.

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