2. Warfare: The Human Heart

We have a decision on the format.  We will continue with announcing the Worship and Warfare in this blog, well ahead of time.  There will be no electronic interface.  Each person will pray when and where they are, as the Lord leads.

We will be united in spirit, around the world, joining our authority, but there will be no mechanical connection or recording.

Our new target is the human heart.  We are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart.  The scar tissue of generations has given us hard hearts.  We will be cleansing trauma bonds to time and land, excommunication, jealousy, dealing with AHS in and around the heart, removing ungodly structures from the blood vessels leading in and out and everything else the Lord brings to our focus.

Tuesday, February 7th, 8:00 a.m. Pacific time.


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  2. Cynthia says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I will pray.

  4. Abraham says:

    Hi Arthur,

    Looking at the 3 options of the previous blog on my own I simply could not come to a decision on which option to suggest.

    I do however feel that you have made the correct choice for a couple of reasons: If most of our tribe are people living the normal types of lives we do in the western culture – it would be very very difficult to drop everything to log into e.g. Facebook.
    Our fully packed schedules and task orientated culture will kill our noble intentions – nearly always.

    From another angle: if I was from the dark side I would dearly like to sit in on a prayer session where I can hear exactly what is prayed – informing me exactly what needs to be opposed…

  5. Sharon Pittman says:

    I am intentional about my desire to pray with a team or
    Individually about Spiritual Warfare: The Human Heart.
    Redemptively, I am a strong mercy seeking to live and
    Walk that gifting out as a sanctified Mercy. The process
    Has been a long, wearing one. My heart seems to consistently
    War against inequities and injustice in the body of Christ. It
    Seems to have narrowed over the years to interceding with
    And for pastors and Ministry Leaders who often receive the
    Brunt of wounded sheep. The hearts of these leaders are
    Constantly questioning themselves in light of their own
    Performance, which leads to more bondage and prevents the
    Strategic war tools needed for effective intercession. The
    Enemy entrapment targets the human heart.

  6. Lu-Ina says:

    Intresting we will be in the same day. Not like new years.

  7. Debbie Clarke says:

    I am so in on this one! How long are we to pray? Tuesday’s are my day off, so I can free up lots of time.

  8. Soo Fee says:

    “We will be cleansing trauma bonds to time and land, excommunication, jealousy, dealing with AHS in and around the heart, removing ungodly structures from the blood vessels leading in and out”
    Wow! Thanks for highlighting all these factors that could have defiled and hardened the heart. Plenty to ponder upon. Care to elaborate more so that we can pray more specifically? Thank you.

  9. Rosemary says:

    Hopefully we will have full internet connection by then, otherwise connecting in the spirit! Yes, love that we can connect in this way. Thank you for staying true and being the trailblazer that you are.

  10. Jeannette says:


  11. Kim says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to it.

  12. Bonnie'sMama says:

    I’m excited about all the accumulated prayer building up in the next two weeks, with Arthur doing warfare with us with such skill! My spirit is excited about this new, cooperative form of warfare. Having this specific topic to pray into for the next two weeks will give me direction and will only do good things for my own heart. But how much more thrilling to think of the spreading impact of the tribe collectively praying about the hearts of our families, the tribe, and out from there.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Perfect! The Holy Spirit has impeccable timing, both in on-the-go alignings and long range. Just started a book group with friends –main topic: warring for our hearts! Evidently it’s hitting the mark– SLG website slow snd weird so far today. Pressing in!! Thanks for breaking trail!

  14. “The scar tissue of generations has given us hard hearts.” My spirit leapt when I read this, so eager to jump in! Seems like someone’s been reading my mail again! Yay!
    With global time zones for our tribe, this presents as the most workable plan to call us to corporate action. Arthur, I thank you!
    It’s in my diary:- AEST 2.00am. on Wednesday 8th, Aussie time.

  15. Patty Ajuria says:

    Yes!! Love it!!!

  16. Janis Leal says:

    Love this…. and look forward to joining with all my heart.

  17. Cynthia says:

    I like this version best of all the options that were listed. Will be with you, praying.

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