Emergency Strike Forces

Arthur is out in the field at this time and so his communication is limited. However, the need has arisen for three strike forces and so I (Megan) am writing on his behalf.

We have been talking about what the Sapphire Tribe can do.  This is an opportunity for us to step up to a new level to accomplish God’s will in the Kingdom.

These strike forces are for specific purposes, so the profile of the people we are looking for is also targeted. Please read carefully the descriptions below.

If it is the right fit for you and you have the freedom to join, write to Serina@TheSLG.com and specify to which strike force you are responding.  She will communicate with you from that point forward.

Strike Force #1 – TIME SENSITIVE
We need five people to pray for healing for a three month old baby who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. We are looking for people who have personally experienced the supernatural healing of a baby. Please respond no later than 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Strike Force #2
We need ten people who move in dreams and visions. This is a 90 day assignment.

Strike Force #3
We need six people who have a calling for defiant faith. You have endured a long season of deep pain and have remained standing. This will be a lengthy strike force. We would like to have coverage around the world, so we are looking for two people from Europe or Africa, two from the States, and two from Australia.

We are moving intentionally into the new flavor of the Mercy Season, looking for the alignment and the synergy to flow. This is the time to go to the next level as a tribe and bring our collective authority and power to serve the King.

Onward and Forward!

Megan Caldecourt


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5 Responses to Emergency Strike Forces

  1. I would like strike force #3. USA

  2. Michelle says:

    I am willing to be on strike force # 3 and live in the states

  3. LaVonne says:

    I am willing to be on the strike force # 3

  4. Kim says:

    Well the Orange Upper Room War Eagles move in dreams, visions, have psychic doors shut, meet every thursday, in our 5th year so we could be of help for strike force 2…in fact I dreamed Monday that we were working with Arthur x12 mos on a project that is why I am responding!

  5. Nico says:

    May the Hearts of the righteous men and women in the Tribe be stirred to take up their Arms, to step into the fray and to champion the cause of the destitute in this desperate hour.

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