Oroville Dam: A Different Perspective

The Oroville Dam in northern California is in danger of failure.  There are about 180,000 lives that will be impacted by the relocation and probable loss of many if not all of their possessions, should the dam collapse.

I have spent a lot of time at the dam, on the water in the reservoir and in the surrounding communities.  My focus over the years has been on an extremely intense portal in the middle of the reservoir, under water most of the time.

It is my experience (or opinion) that this portal is large enough and toxic enough that it has been impacting/controlling certain sectors of California for decades.

What that means in practical terms is that if the dam blows, there will be a huge release of demons from that portal.  Obviously the people directly in the path of the water flow will be primarily affected.

BUT we learned from 9/11 that there is a vast transfer of demons via TV news coverage after an event like that.  People all over the world can get defiled by watching the disaster.

If you have any history of significant emotional turbulence or demonic distortion in the past, I strongly recommend that you avoid all video about the flood if it happens.  Go to a web news page, glance briefly at the headlines, but do not expose yourself to the details of the horror and devouring.

For those of you who are pretty solid in your inner man, I beg you to set aside specific time to pray for the survivors of SRA in the region who will be impacted by this.

I am personally familiar with the breadth of SRA in the region around Oroville.  I am sure I only know a tiny percentage of the survivors.  This will not be a safe time for them.  Pray for God’s peace and His presence to be with those who need Him most and know Him least.

I rarely send out Draconian announcements like this, but after having witnessed the amount of defilement in America caused by the relentless watching of the 9/11 disaster, I am choosing to sound the alarm here.

This is not a spectator event.  This is not a mere geological drama.  This is an intensely spiritual crisis.

Copyright February 2017 by Arthur Burk

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  1. gildaliu says:

    I find following disturbing disasters/news continuously can be destabilising to my personal relationship with God. I sense the shift, subtle at first and worse as time goes by. Never thought it could have been demonic defilement. One often thinks of reading or watching news as being innocent. Maybe I need to reconsider my thinking.
    And as we enter the last days, there will be more disasters. Are other disasters possibly toxic too? Does it mean we need to be careful about what we follow, even on the news?
    In terms of Oroville, should we not warn others? With media won’t the defilement be global?
    Am I reading too much into all this?

    • lila1jpw says:

      I’ve personally been watching my “eye-gate” for quite a while. I don’t have TV and seldom go to movies. If I inadvertently land on a website with violence or over-sexed behaviour, I close my eyes. I was urged to go to movies like Schindler’s List but said that I had beene exposed to enough books about the holocaust that I didn’t need to expose my eyes to that horror. Ditto with Killing Fields, etc, etc.

      Our brains have devoted great space to visual processing and I don’t think I wan that defiled. YMMV.

  2. Greg says:

    Here is also a bit from my world. I am an Heavy Equipment Operator who took my training a few years ago. Our lead trainer on our site was part of the “Red Team”, a group of highly skilled, trained and vetted H/E Operators and individuals who go to all parts of the world when disaster happens. Starting on 9/12 he spent 5 days sifting through the rubble and debris for anything with body parts and/or DNA on the jump site on one of the twin towers. The trauma which he wore and still wears to this day is profound, beyond words. He could only handle 5 shifts, then had to sit on a beach for six months, barely able to move or think or process the death and destruction. When he shared his experience with us in class, complete with pictures, it was a weighty and the smell of the fear and devastation was palpable. To this day, he said he could still smell the burning bodies, even though he had his nose medically cauterized to stop the damage done to his nasal passages.

    What does he and the others on these teams now carry within and on themselves?

    So, from the prospective of one who has had contact with those whose job it is to respond to the disasters, those who are on ground zero digging and moving the earth and debris and refuse (and bodies and souls and AHS’s) should there be catastrophic disaster, could I be so bold as to ask that we pray for protection and wisdom on how to minister to those who are going to be in the line of fire because it is their job to be there and bring order and healing back to the land,. The workers there now are standing in the gap, both physically and spiritually right now, working long and hard to try their best to hold back the potential of looming terror. They are being worn down, battle fatigue will be settling in, fears and hopes are hanging in the balance for them, attempting to do what they are told and what they can to try and avert this potential of devastation.

    P.S. Just a side note, half way through the first paragraph, my relatively new computer crashed and the fan pulsed off and on as if it was breathing, 5 seconds of nothing then 5 of the fan blowing hard. It did this until I did a hard shut down. Things which make you go “hmmmm”.

    • SLG says:

      Greg, this is sad to read. I know it in theory, but when you read the details, it hurts. So many consequences to that event that we don’t even think about because all the attention was on the obvious loss. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. Devorah R.G says:

    When I was praying for the Oroville Dam situation, I got an image of the Chernobyl Dome and had the impression to ask the Righteous Judge of the Universe to have a structure built over the portal in the reservoir to limit its toxicity radiation.

  4. Jim Alseth says:

    My thanks too Arthur. It just hit me as I read the responses, why God commanded Lot and his family not to look back at the devastation of Sodom…wow.

  5. Kat says:

    Arthur, you have presented many practical principles in your very diverse work that apply here–this is a huge and very visible situation where we can apply them corporately. Where we might not have the spiritual maturity individually, maybe we are earning it corporately. It seems like the Lord has had us practicing thru your recent warfare posts and streams, and is now deploying us for this, and for many others yet to come. I saw some internet coverage of the dam (I don’t watch TV), but until this post gave it spiritual context, I didn’t realize the depth of the urgency. My heart has been crying out to the Lord for all the people that have already been damaged by the sin that is rampant in that area, and that God will spare His chosen ones, and any others who will be saved through God’s revealing of Himself as this unfolds.

    These are the principles that I am working to pray God’s will, but please correct me if you have a different perspective:

    1. In order to have authority over this impending flood (that is somewhere between a natural, weather related and man-made threat), we have to have a lifestyle of living in the opposite spirit to the violation of God’s law that brought it on.
    2. It seems like SRA was a similar level of sin that preceded the flood of Noah; and the meekness and obedience of Noah to God, and resisting the tentacles of the world that surrounded him is a clue to what coming in the opposite spirit looks like. His authority didn’t stop the flood, but kept a remnant alive.
    3. The servant portion of our spirits has a God given authority over weather if we are not trying to manipulate God as if He is beholden to our religious expectations. He could be allowing this. Its always safe to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. . .
    4. God has been willing to spare a disaster if there are 10 righteous. We can pray Lot’s prayer over this area.
    5. Daniel repented for the sin of his nation in Daniel 9, basically saying “we” deserved what “we” got; and we too can repent for our collusion (which can look like the passivity of “the silent majority”) in all that our culture has done to violate God’s righteous laws.
    6. There was a huge weather manifestation as Jesus was headed to deliver the Gadarine demoniac. Could it be that this area could be on the verge of a similar break through, and the demons that use that portal are trying to stop it?
    7. What we look at we empower, so the hypnotic news can program us to be in agreement with the death and destruction that the enemy is planning. I somehow knew not to watch any of the 911 footage or even look at magazine pictures, until almost 10 years later. Now I understand why–and that I am one that needs to guard from this too.

    “To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him”
    Dan 9:9

  6. Maggie says:

    Amen I am so disgusted by the projection of news broadcasters often using the word “spectacular” to describe devastation like floods and fires…..its is so heartbreaking. Your direction on this is awesome…helps me understand more , and how to pray. Thank you so much Arthur.

  7. Arthur, How do those with water niche anointing pray? any insight on this?

    • SLG says:

      You would have to seek God on that one. I have not had any instructions about intervening to divert the disaster — just my role in helping if it should come.

  8. debbgriff says:

    Forgive me if I’ve missed something, but what is SRA?

  9. Thank you, Arthur for the unique perspective and for the call to prepare in a way that nobody else is thinking of. Personally, I had no idea of all the damage caused by watching the footage of the twin towers. I basically did not watch much at all myself. Not only is this a vital call to prepare for a possible current disaster, but it is a huge piece of understanding for the future. I will absolutely pray now for those in the surrounding area, especially survivors.

  10. Soo Fee says:

    Thanks for sharing. Praying for God’s protection over everything (the people, the land, the water, the atmosphere ……) that are impacted. Most of all, praying that God will reveal His new color of wisdom to you and your team that will utterly dumbfound the principalities and powers.

  11. lila1jpw says:


  12. I pray that the fires and floods of the region would soften the hardness of heart, and cause the eyes and ears to be opened to the calling of the Lord, and for repentance to be applied to all the offenses toward our Saviour by our heritage and our ancestors.

  13. Lorraine says:

    Wow wow! I am new to this site but this makes soooo much sense to me now!!!
    I was flooded out of my home in the late 70’s. I was a single mother at the time when 23 people crammed into the only house in the valley not covered in water. I had to flee my home in the middle of the nite and then my neighbours home collapsed. My home was totally ruined and I then had to move into the city.
    With every sunami I watched on tv,years later I would become so emotionally overcome. I’ve struggled with my emotions ever since. I’m now 63 and more stable than I’ve ever been but now know why it’s been so hard for me all these years.
    Thanks for the revelation!

  14. Vanessa Doucet says:

    Thanks Arthur. I know you as a Man of GOD and a reliable source. Thank you for sounding the alarm. I also see the spiritual side of this event. Very strategic!

  15. Cynthia says:

    Wow, that’s so horrible. Agreeing in prayer for peace and protection.

  16. Rosemary says:


  17. Deborah Foster says:

    Thank you so much Arthur for sounding this alarm! Praying!

  18. Sherry says:

    Very insightful post. Thanks for sharing and will be praying. Shines light on other situations as well.

  19. Nancy Bentz says:

    Thank you for BEING a watchman on the wall and sounding the alarm, not a spectator yourself. “Pray for God’s peace and His presence to be with those who need Him most and know Him least.” Much agreement with you and Holy Spirit in this.

  20. Claire B says:

    Wow! Very interesting to know. I’ve never been able to watch news coverage of disasters or horrors and usually wait a long time before going back to read some details from factual not emotional sources. Thought that was strange on my part all these years. Thanks for the alarm! Will pray for God’s peace and presence.

  21. Mary Okkema says:

    It is an area where I visited close family members. It shocked me how pagan they had become. Realizing through your teaching how land can affect the culture.
    First thoughts were from Mark 5. In Hebrew a body of water, like the Galilee, is called an abyss.

  22. mtroxy3 says:

    Thanks for the heads up and the other perspective. It will help in prayer.

  23. Janis Leal says:

    Joining in spirit and prayer for all potential impact for all. Thanks for the alarm.

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