Wholeness Week

A year ago I was listening to a faith healer who was quite passionate about his walk.  I only remember one sentence from all the stuff I listened to.  He said something to the effect, “If you have a healing service, and only half the people you pray for get healed, DON’T STOP AND DEVELOP A THEOLOGY OF FAILURE.  Just schedule another healing service and see if you can get a couple more healed.”

Fascinating perspective.

That is where we find ourselves at this stage in our quarterly live streaming video times of Worship and Warfare.

In October of last year, we had our first round of five “mass deliverance” sessions.  There were some results, but they were modest.

In January we had another five days of deliverance teaching and ministry.  By then, the spiritual connectedness of the tribe was so far higher than before.  The teaching was much more forceful.  And the results were vastly greater, especially in the warfare against Lilith, and for marriage covenants.

However, the stark reality is that only a fraction of the people listening got transformed.  I wish it were more.  It wasn’t.  Some people came with the most intense commitment, tracked closely and were not touched by the Spirit in any measurable way.

That makes me very sad, since “the least of these” matters to the King and to me.

Nonetheless, we will go forward with another series, reaching much further than before.  The five in January were well tested teachings with a solid track record.  Here, we are overtly pushing the limits of what we know, speaking into areas where we have very modest success, if any at all.


Because Peter got out of the boat, that’s why!

When the 12 were called, there was no full disclosure statement.  They had no idea how far they could go in terms of spiritual power.  The only way to find out was to experiment and test the limits.

James and John got busted for trying to go over the line, calling down fire from heaven. Other than that, no one seemed to be scolded for taking the initiative to reach further.

So instead of developing a theology of failure to explain why so few were changed the last two times, we are going to develop a theology of growth and see if in the last three months, our corporate faith has grown to the point that we can move a rock or two farther than last time.

On Monday the 10th, we will tackle the problem of spiritual structures in the brain that keep certain portions of the brain from coming on line with the rest of the brain, and other structures that keep the spirit from engaging with parts of the brain.

On Tuesday we will tackle the area of defiled dreams, especially those where there is shape shifting.

On Wednesday the theme is vicarious bondage where you are tied into something that happened decades or centuries ago to someone else, but it is crippling your body or soul or spirit.

On Thursday my excitement is so high for dealing with this one.  There is an access point in the brain stem that seems to let in Leviathan on an ongoing basis.  People who have repeated infections need that opening closed.

And on Friday we are going to tackle the “holy grail” of modern science which is repair of the DNA.  I have some thoughts about the fractal of four and the four amino acids involved in DNA.  We don’t know if my knowledge of this fractal and our corporate faith is enough to move this rock at all, but we are going to pull a Peter and try to get out of the boat.

The only way to find out how far we can go is to try something new.

After all, that is what we are about — revealing new colors of the polyvariegated wisdom of God.

Love to have you join us with your passion and your pain for one or all of these.


Copyright March 2017 by Arthur Burk


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12 Responses to Wholeness Week

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  2. Nancy Henry says:

    Dear Arthur, This Is one of my favorite posts you have done. I saw myself, as a covenant wife and caregiver, in all of it. A worthy cause, undaunted perseverance and knowing if there is a calling from the Lord, there will be sufficient help from Him to work through it. One of these days I’ll walk on water. Blessings and courage tp you.

  3. Sherry says:

    I was told once, ‘Just deliver the message’…and I am grateful that that is what you do, even though sometimes you do not see the results that you’d hoped for; that can be sad indeed. I believe that we are being transformed by your teachings, prayers, and communion in ways that we may not realize yet. Unfortunately, there are times that I do not realize that I am being changed, or impacted, by the Lord until months later, when a light bulb goes off in my Sprit, and I realize I’m not thinking the same way I did a few months ago, even if it’s just in a small way. Your next set, Worship Warfare, sounds awesome and I am really looking forward to that one. Blessings to you as you keep getting out of the boat and taking others with you.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Each of the sets of the five Worship & Warfare streams have impacted me deeply. I find myself going back to them, even re-purchasing as needed, to receive again from that stream. Your power in deliverance is sufficient that if I need an extra push in trying to dislodge something, I will listen to the stream where you are doing warfare against that particular critter, and it’s always effective. If I’m feeling disconnected, they help me re-connect, because, especially in the January set, the strength & love of the Sapphire community is tangible in waves throughout each stream. I find myself hoping that they could turn into a DVD set, because I love having them as tools, even after the warm glow of the actual event has become history.

  5. Harald Olsen says:

    Oh, it is so good to read about some “Peters” going out of the boat. I am so tired seeing and hearing about people that are settling for only a fraction of their calling!!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Rob Ruckert says:

    Bring it on!!! I am all in and bring expectant faith to the table for massive breakthroughs, but will still celebrate even the hard fought inches of progress we have made and will continue to make. Thank you Arthur and everyone else who is willing to step out of the boat.

  7. Patty Ajuria says:

    Very timely & exciting!!

  8. Joy Phipps says:

    Will this be available as a cd later?

    • SLG says:

      No Joy, but it is archived in the Streaming Video section so you can go back and listen to it any time you want for the indefinite future.

  9. Kim says:

    Grateful for the honesty and tenacity of the process which remain some of my favorite characteristics of Sapphire! May you be bold and courageous – when many choose to comfortably sit in the boat and wonder why you would even consider getting out! I enjoy the feeling of water under my feet and may others feel the same.

  10. Dayle Hooker says:

    Counting down the days with anticipation. I liken my journey to peeling an onion layer by layer. So I am among those that are moving forward inch by inch. I would love to see the dramatic breakthrough when all the opposition comes crashing down but until then I celebrate every inch with great joy.

  11. Janis Leal says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Keep going — Higher and farther than before — why?
    “Because Peter got out of the boat, that’s why.” LOVE IT. Exactly!
    Courage. Faith, no doubt — and we all join in this together.
    Thank you.

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