23 Years Old

Yesterday was the 23rd birthday of Plumbline Ministries/Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. I spent some time pondering the last 23 years.  Here are some of the things that randomly bubbled up.

-Crazy, wild, messy.  As I look back on all the weird twists and turns, there are a lot of regrets over missed opportunities, wrong perspective, broken relationships, bad choices, messed up timing, and running away from things that might have made me stronger if I had stayed and fought.

-Crazy, wild big exposure. It seems really incredible that there are offices in seven nations and a footprint in 110 nations, considering the absurdly small beginning we had.  This is only God, not anything to do with wise planning on my part.

-Long term impact.  The devil has been trying to kill me ever since I was knee high to a tree toad and just can’t seem to work around the angels God has assigned to keep me alive. But even if he did manage to send me Home, it would be simply impossible to extinguish my impact in the world.  There are ideas from SLG strewn all around the world in so many different streams of the faith, and those will keep on speaking, long after I am gone.  It is really kind of funny when I think about it.  All the demons in the world cannot undo the release of those ideas into the Body of Christ.

-High impact ideas.  Redemptive Gifts, Nurture Your Spirit and Alien Human Spirits are probably the most high profile ideas.  Three widely differing impacts, but each of them transformational.

-The Steady Freddies.  The teaching on the spirit of jealousy is still landing deeply with new people and explaining a lot of oddities in their lives.  So is “Overcoming the Victim Spirit.”

-Sleepers.  I am still surprised that “Relentless Generational Blessings,” “New Spiritual Authority,” the podcasts and the teachings on business principles never got much traction.

-Unmeasurable.  I wonder how many babies have received nurture in the womb with our tools.  More to the point, I wonder what will change in world history as a result of some of them.  If that is all I contributed to making the world a better place, it would be very gratifying.

-Biggest disappointment.  I have never been able to get anyone to invest in learning the Bible with the same zeal as they invested in educating their soul.  A basic university class usually involves three hours a week of classroom attendance, followed by three to six hours a week of homework.  And it is not just busy work, but hard thinking work, designed to restructure their worldview.  Oh for a handful of people who would invest six or more hours a week for four months in drilling down hard on a single topic in the Bible to master it.

-Sweet memories.  Recording “Baby Blessings Joy,” unexpectedly, at the direction of the Holy Spirit.  That remarkable baptism in Houston.  The day I recorded the redemptive gift of Mexico and my spirit came into alignment for the first time.  Receiving the revelation of the Mercy Season in Wembley, England.  My time alone with the Lord in December of each year.  Being surprised by the “Blessings of Job” insights.  Some stealth projects.  All the times the Holy Spirit hijacked my mouth unexpectedly.

-High point of last year.  Surviving.  It was the third toughest year we ever had.  But in the midst of that, we successfully started the live streaming videos which have been transformational for many.  I think the Defiance series in the Worship and Warfare section was one of our best deliverance teachings, especially the one on the marriage covenant.

-The big surprise.  God’s statement in mid-December, that 2017 would be a year of harvest, then seeing the staggering turn around in short order.  Still in awe of how easy it is for God to change things.

-The engine.  There can be no doubt that the majority of this is due to generational blessings pursuing me and to the vast amounts of prayer you have poured into my life.  I am so grateful to you.

-The work team.  It continues to be small, but they outperform any other team I have ever seen in terms of passion, precision and power.  It has been a delight to watch each one grow, year after year, first healing, then unpacking their treasures.  Special kudos to Megan who published her first book last year.

-A deep joy.  I have changed the way a lot of people think.  We are more than just a new idea factory, although we churn out our share.  There is more to the Sapphire Tribe than being healed and bringing healing to others.  It is hard to quantify, but there are people who see God very differently than before they met us.  Many more who see themselves differently.  Some who see nature or their job or their nation differently.  Some have experienced a whole worldview change as they come out of slavery and explore sonship.  This is very special for me.  If people can see their world differently, they are most of the way to transforming it.  This is more important than people learning new data.  And a LOT of the Sapphire Tribe has experienced that mindset shift of moving from slavery to sonship.

It has been a wild and wacky 23 years.  And there are no signs of our getting our act together and becoming anything other than wild and wacky.

Copyright May 2017 by Arthur Burk


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25 Responses to 23 Years Old

  1. Linda says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsIt’s wonderful and interesting to read this as some one who has been tracking with Sapphire for 14 years. Thank you! The lack of interest in Bible study fascinates me….

  2. valynda says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI am so very grateful to be part of the wild and wacky SLG tribe! Thanks Arthur and team for all that you do!

  3. dkelly221 says:

    While I always enjoy reading your thoughts and insights, I found myself experiencing a number of emotions while reading this honest review of the last 23 years. There was one profound statement you made where it felt as though the host of heaven was celebrating and our King’s chest was bursting with pride. It’s when you said “There are ideas from SLG strewn all around the world in so many different streams of the faith, and those will keep on speaking, long after I am gone. It is really kind of funny when I think about it. All the demons in the world cannot undo the release of those ideas into the Body of Christ.” What a beautiful testimony as to the importance your work has been for the Body of Christ. Thank you!

  4. Jessie Mejias says:

    I have only been on board for your teachings since 2006 but Plumbline/SLG has been HUGELY transformational to me…and to everyone I touch! Thanks, Arthur, for your faithfulness to God’s calling.

  5. Curtis says:

    There are a few streams out there who have fed me and my family over the years and SLG is definitely one of them. You have a great heart and a great team. I have been blessed from your initial work “Blessing Your Spirit” and have yet to work through some of the later insights. My socks continually get blown off and my wonder and awe of God increase. God bless you all.

  6. Francois Marais says:

    Ok Arthur, so do you think you finally have the foundation ready to…go be dangerous?

    • SLG says:

      No, Francois, it feels like there are a few more key pieces that need to come into place before I can get airborne.

  7. Arianne says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsDo not despair, Arthur. Not everything is reported. The last year or two I feel a constant pulling to be reading the Bible more and more, to the point that I feel I’m neglecting the tribe, of which I’ve been part since nine years. I actually felt guilty about that, but it seems God’s words get clearer and clearer everytime I read. I can understand (with the I know that I know that I know kind of certainty) better and better.
    The downside is, that I am taking less time for the CD’s which really I shouldn’t, because I am getting deafer every year, so I feel I have to take he opportunity while I still can.
    However: congrats on the aniversity from Henk Paul and me and THANKS!

  8. Daphne says:

    I have been with the tribe for 10 months and I have had the best time of my life yet! It is as if I have found a new me in a new world daily, discovering one pleasant surprise after another. Happy 23rd birthday SLG. Thank you Arthur & the team, I cannot thank you enough. It was wonderful to see you in Calgary last weekend. Echoing with Janis Leal’s comments: “…with gratitude for the journey thus far and on going…” Thanks again.

  9. Trish Smith says:

    Congratulations! Celebrating with you.

  10. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js“Wild and wacky” – I couldn’t imagine it or want it any other way. It is SLG! It reminds me of the saying in the Chronicles of Narnia about Aslan. He is not a tame lion. But he is good. And this will never be a tame place to work, but boy, is it good. What a rich history to savor, to laugh about, and to cry about. What a tremendous joy to know that we have changed people’s lives, we have sown seed for the future, and we have partnered with God in ways that we don’t even see yet. I love the comment about the demons desperately scurrying to stamp out the influence of God’s revelation through Arthur. NOPE! Too many viruses have gone into the system. Too many people have seen the light and can never go back. It is with great anticipation that I look to another year. Further up and further in!

  11. lila1jpw says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsRelentless generational blessings as a sleeper?? I wouldn’t ever have dreamt of that. It has been one of the most transformational books that I have read. Lost my copy about a decade ago, but the message still rings in my ears.

  12. LaVonne says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsOH and yes Happy Birthday 🙂

  13. LaVonne says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThank You Arthur for all of your tenacity and Love you have poured out into SLG. May the Lord flood you with Fire touch’s from his heart. Clear and New teachings to come forth, with blessings and light, and healing released thru them to us and to you.

  14. Kim B says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsMy time in the tribe has not been long but it has an astounding impact for me and those around me. When I heard Arthur for the first time at a seminar, I remember thinking, ‘who talks like this’? And I was hooked. Birthright, Fractals, Portals, Land, Redemptive Gifts, Seat of Dominion, Leviathan, AHS were all revolutionary.
    Live Streams have been pivotal. Staring into a black dot must be odd, but I remember feeling so exuberant over communion that I wanted to dance! How exciting to feel and express so much joy when I’ve typically had only somber environments to partake. God expanded Vicarious Bondage live stream to release me from trauma of two car accidents. I could breathe again. Shocking to realize that I had accepted pain that I should not have and tried to spiritualize the situation to justify living with that pain.
    Your topics feed those that want to dip deeper into God’s goodness and release joy on a whole new level. I love it! I want to stand on the water and refuse to be completely satisfied by all the ‘boat’ has to offer.
    Thank you for love for my Exhorter city, Calgary. Returning to places that once did not treat you kindly takes considerable courage. My prayer is that the return on investment is exponential inclusive of sparky moments and new revelation.
    Thank you to everyone at Sapphire for all that it has required from you to celebrate 23 years. The technology, new experiments, global expansion and ongoing Holy Spirit revelation has provided countless places to expand God’s kingdom beyond expectation. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you His precious peace.
    May you celebrate! We celebrate with you!

  15. Peter Stevens says:

    Re Biggest Disappointment
    ‘Yes and no longer’
    I have been disappointed in my not getting to the SLG Bible downloads, but offsetting that, aside from being sure that I will get to them, is the huge excitement I want to share.
    6 months ago, I disgarded all versions other than KJV as my main reference and focused in it on David Hairabedian’s 30 day challenge re the 4 gospels (took me 3 months) and then moved to Revelation which I barely knew. At the end of the 22 chapters I knew I really needed a Commentary to help me and found J Vernon McGee’s Thru The Bible Commentary integrated into The Tecarta app (as well as Strongs) AND I AM NOW SO FIRED UP. The Commentary can be opened alongside every book and verse – after redoing Revelation I moved to Daniel and am now starting Isaiah.
    I cannot tell you how amazing this is – how relevant the Commentary is to today’s scene – I don’t apologize for this promotion as it has been enormously life giving and absolutely bloody amazing (sorry grew up on the UK!!). I hope this fires up some of the tribe. [i shrunk at the $69 cost for the Commentary at first then found the free 2 day trial … I would pay 10 x that based on experience … one man’s opinion].
    Arthur, thank you for changing my life … the last 12 months have been THE BEST,
    Soli Deo Gloria

  16. Bethany T says:

    Happy 23rd!! Thank you for giving us permission to be “weird”. :o))

  17. Rosa says:

    Happiest of birthdays! Stay wild n wacky, it is a space for the wild n wacky ones to come to.

  18. Grace says:

    Kudos to you and the SLG team for being relentless in being dangerous and living BIG, at a level appropriate to our Great Great God! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead in your adventures with Him!
    I am one of those who have benefited from your ministry by having my boxes smashed and having a waaaay larger view of God, His ways, people and nature, than before I “met” SLG. Thank you for being you and for not trying to fit in. 🙂

  19. Janis Leal says:

    Sweet, sweet. Deep and high and wide… Love it.
    Celebrating… so much. Filled with joy for you, with gratitude to you for going on, and on, through the wild and mess, and go on! And thanks to the Lord, for all this and all the more to come. It’s beautiful — blessing the day, and all the days, and I bless you from the heart beyond words, and a smile.
    To Joyful Remembrance, the wild and mess of then and now and later, and to Joyful Life ahead!

  20. Cynthia says:

    I am celebrating with you! And celebrating for myself, because I have been part of the SLG tribe one year as of this month! The fruit of this year for me, my family, and my worship community has already extended to all the things you mention. We had two miraculous cancer healings this year that I attribute to learning from you how to nurture & develop the spirit. In each case, we invited the person’s spirit to go with Jesus & stop the mitosis of cancer cells. One of them was a 4th stage “hopeless” ovarian cancer, and last week’s CT showed NO CANCER anywhere in her body. In the other case, the breast cancer lasted for only 36 days, before the entire tumor disappeared, so that the surgeons found NOTHING.

    We had a woman whose body was not able to hold on to a baby, and she kept losing them. We blessed her spirit to partner with Jesus in helping her body to HOLD ON TO THE BABY, in bringing a healthy, normal pregnancy. Despite what the doctors said, last week she brought a healthy little girl to full term pregnancy. In fact, when she was 9 days past her due date (they said she wouldn’t make it past 7 months), her ob-gyn finally decided to induce her, because nothing was happening. At that point, we realized – oh my gosh! We never told her spirit that it was okay to LET GO OF THE BABY! So we made a hasty call to the delivery room, called her spirit to attention, told her spirit that it was time for the body to let go and release the baby into the world! IMMEDIATELY normal labor kicked in, and little Willow was born quickly and easily, with no complications. Mother and baby are healthy & joyful. (Oh yes, she listened to “Baby Blessings: Joy” with Willow throughout the pregnancy!)

    I could use all the space here to tell about the healing, the deliverance, the astonishing goodness of joy, the levels up in life quality, the power acceleration in prayer ministry, deeply increased connection in hearing the Father’s voice, breathtaking discoveries of birthright and office, cleansing and healing of old, broken family relationships that have been restored and filled with love, old torments that have ceased, pain that has disappeared, and minds that have been miraculously restored to wholeness. I’m so grateful for you & for the 23 years of standing your ground, plowing & reaping with the Lord, persisting through the pain and the backlash, and loudly proclaiming the truth that God has given you, even when it hurts. So much fruit. So much more to come. God bless you in many splendid ways that you haven’t thought of yet, to be even more dangerous than you have ever dreamed.

    • SLG says:

      Too, too funny about the baby! You have one obedient spirit there!!!!!

    • Janis Leal says:

      Wow, Cynthia! and AMEN! Thanks for sharing — that lights a fire. 🙂
      I’m just about at a one-year mark with the Family, too… and for me right now there are no words adequate to express all the change, connection, and more since then. A wonderful wild mess and more.

      Thank you, Arthur, with gratitude for the journey thus far and ongoing, and a deeply warm yet energetic sense of newness for the season ahead.

    • Daphne says:

      Wow! That’s amazing!

  21. Soo Fee says:

    Happy Birthday SLG!

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