Medical Research Strategy

It is Saturday morning, July 1st.  I am back from the three nation whirlwind tour of Europe with a really solid feeling of good seed on good soil.

Running in the background was the medical research project.  It really caught me off guard and showed how absolutely pernicious low faith is.  I KNOW God said this is a year of harvest.  But I EXPECTED only two or three people to respond to my appeal for medical readers.

Low faith.  Reminds me of the pastor who called his church members to a special prayer meeting to pray about breaking a drought.  Only one person brought an umbrella!

In my case, in spite of no umbrella at my prayer meeting, dozens replied.  I have built a big old spreadsheet and am in the process of contacting each one and finding out how to build this out.  Clearly God has very big plans and I need to start peddling furiously to catch up with HIM.

Our strategy in the research is to look at the existing research that has been done in a particular field, to find the evidences of the human spirit or the Holy Spirit.  When a researcher does not have a grid for the spiritual, they call the odd data “outliers” or “artifacts.”

For the most part, we don’t need to do fresh experiments. There are billions of dollars of well documented studies which we can explore to find the evidence we need of the spiritual factor involved.

Then we will develop a hypothesis for cleansing or healing or empowering and have our wonderfully willing guinea pigs test them out.

At present, we have formed six teams.

The first is the cardio team.  We believe there are immense treasures – and spiritual defilement – in the heart.  We will start running EKGs this month since we have a top-of-the-line doctor ready to work with us in interpreting them, to see if we can find patterns that indicate spiritual dynamics.

The second team is the brain team.  There are endless things to explore there.  We will start with the thalamus and add the hypothalamus and the pituitary.  I would love to have a deeper understanding of how those three partner.

Recently the Lord had me do some spiritual work on my thalamus and the changes in how I see the world and how I process fear have been immense.

The third team will look at autism.  There is such an abundance of information out there on the biological dynamics.  I suspect we can find some spiritual spots here and there that will enhance the physical tools that are already in play.

The fourth team will look at prenatal and perinatal issues.  Our material is all years old.  It is time to get caught up with the latest fun stuff.

The fifth team will look at autoimmune issues.  If ever there was a medical topic that is primarily spiritual, it would be this!!  We will begin with Hashimoto’s since I already know a certain amount of spiritual dynamics of the thyroid, so that will give us an edge as we feel our way along in a new field.

The final team is hospice.  Jacob is a great example of someone who knew his time had come, who finished his business, then released his spirit.  For the most part, our spirit is evicted from a tired shell that just can’t manage any longer.

I wonder if there could be some training for the spirit in the 30 years leading up to death so that we could die with ease and dignity, without assisted suicide or physical ugliness of most deaths.

So there we are.  A wonderful team of people reading the granular research done by others. Project managers keeping the different teams moving forward with some degree of focus, without being so neat that we miss the treasures.

And me looking over the shoulder of the different team leaders, asking the relentless questions that will result in some solid results, not mystical mythology that is becoming altogether too prevalent in the Christian community today.

Starting each of these teams will be predictably messy.  No concerns there, but we would value your prayers for keeping them inspired through the uninspiring slogging seasons.

I am still working through the list of volunteers from our newsletter, seeking to find the right spot for each reader.  Lots of work still to do in placing all these treasures.

But my heart is singing over this new level of harvest in the Mercy Season key of music.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk

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14 Responses to Medical Research Strategy

  1. Carla Hereford says:

    I am a retired medical technologist. I was very much into diagnostics. It fascinated me. Now I am fascinated by what you are doing. How can I learn more? I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, depression, and some other autoimmune issues. I want deliverance.

    • SLG says:

      Carla, you might want to listen to “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts” so you understand our basic fractal approach. Then just keep looking over our shoulder as I share the process. We are a long way from “measurable, verifiable, sustained change” in most of these areas. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you listen to our album “Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar” since this is the foundation for all of our work — trying to find the places where the human spirit can interface with the body for healing, in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

      In terms of your neuropathy, I suggest you listen to our three albums on Alien Human Spirits. We have had good success, albeit not 100%, with solving that problem through this tool.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Would love to hear how the heart research is going!

  3. Courtney Carr says: to have found SLG; this blog is the FIRST thing I know of your tribe – blank slate; been dealing with RSD/Compound Regional Pain Syndrome, among other health issues, for decades -TOTALLY Trauma induced. So excited to even see the words fractal and Jesus Christ in the same sentence!

  4. Barbara Wall says:

    I am very thrilled for all you are undertaking here. I’ve been missing pieces to these puzzles for a long time myself. Thanks Arthur and team.

  5. Jenny C. says:

    This is so exciting to see how God is bringing this together, Arthur! Rejoicing with you all for the teams being formed and the new insights to be revealed!

    In the autoimmune area – I’m curious if you’ll look into Celiac and Endometriosis (my sister suffers from both horribly). The latter I know has a spiritual root and I’ve been seeking the Lord on it, but haven’t discovered it yet. The etiology is unknown, even among the medical elite. I was with my sister at Mayo Clinic last week for an appointment and to hear the doctor admit “we have no idea what causes it” (or how to heal it) … shows me that God has something to reveal to us on it!

    • SLG says:

      We are not going after either of those yet. We need to cut our teeth on something simpler, which is why I opted for Hashimoto’s. Maybe in a couple of years.

  6. dkelly221 says:

    Very excited to watch the fruit from this project materialize!! Much thanks to everyone who will be investing their time and energy here!

  7. Jim Alseth says:

    Ever since entering healthcare 30 years ago I knew western medicine was missing something and I agonized over the futility experienced by thousands of people crossing my x-ray table. I also knew as a Christian the Covenant of Christ and the Kingdom of God had the answers.

    So I started praying, not knowing what the answers would look like or where they would come from.

    When the grace of God connected me with Sapphire almost 10 years ago I had a suspicion I might have found the “where” question, for Arthur and the entire tribe were passionate about uncovering hidden treasure (Matt. 13:44).

    I am beyond words excited about this…

  8. Anna-Marie says:

    let me know how the autism research goes, I am recovering my almost five year old son from ASD thru biomedical means, prayers and decrees and therapy, courts of heaven stuff; and if any work on his spirit needs to happen I’d love to learn and implement it. Thanks for all you do, Arthur Burke!

  9. Nancy Henry says:

    WOW! I guess I missed the introduction to this! I’ve been praying and researching over more than one of these categories for several years now. I have been trying to comprehend what has happened to my husband and be a functional part in his healing. I would love to continue to give to and receive from the labor and fruit of this ministry. I’m paying for you and your team, as well as the broader ramifications. Thank you, Arthur.

  10. Francois Marais says:

    Arthur, I think you can guess which one caused my spirit to leap? Please keep me updated with the Hospice group. You and I both will benefit from their findings in the next couple of decades!

  11. Sherry says: sounds so exciting and amazing, I’d love to be a guinea pig or help in any way. I will definitely be praying for you all with this new adventure.

  12. Janis Leal says: love this….. So beautiful, in so many aspects…. Rejoicing over the abundance of volunteers, the rich and exciting research fields and opportunities to uncover the Lord’s hidden treasures for great impact. Let His wisdom prevail in every detail, as His kingdom comes and His will be done in these arenas. Love it….

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