First Cardio Tests


On Monday, Lisa, a coronary cath nurse, drove up from near San Diego and filled our white board with a long lecture on heart function and dysfunction while I interrupted her sporadically with my odious, “But what if . . . ?”

During lunch, Megan, Roxanna and I digested, processed and dreamed a bit.  Then we settled in to do our first round of cardio tests.

My current model is that the heart represents the fractal of four:  Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom, in the order of the blood flow.

Roxanna had flown in from Colorado for this.  She is a retired nurse with major ER experience, so a ten lead EKG was old hat for her, and she taught Megan along the way.

We had three guinea pigs on standby.  The process was very basic.  They would sit still and give us a baseline of the soul/heart behavior.  Then I asked their spirit to go to each chamber of the heart, assess its condition, then ponder their relationship to the relevant portion of the Godhead while there.

It was extremely basic.  We simply wanted to see whether there was any variation in heart behavior when the human spirit was being directed.

One interesting issue was that each one of the three reported some pretty gnarly stuff in one or more chambers of the heart.  That was a bit of a surprise since the three collectively have had hundreds of hours of ministry.

They were available for Tuesday morning, so we wired each one up, and took them through deliverance for the things relative to what they had seen. There was quite a variety of issues.  Demons of course, but also significant trauma bonds to time and land, some offices that were being held up, as well as some essences that needed to be returned to their rightful place.

Each of the deliverances was between 30 and 60 minutes, and we had them wired the whole time, so that should provide a LOT of data.  Possibly the first time someone had an intentional deliverance, while doing an EKG!

So we have six EKGs now that have been sent off to Dr. Tracy for her to inspect and report back.

We expect some input next week.

The million dollar question is how dramatic and how precise the EKG traces will be.  Are we looking at very minor nuances, or substantial patterns?

In a dream scenario we would be able to – in time – read the spiritual condition of a heart before any heart procedure and clean it up!

If you are going to have a triple bypass for biological reasons, wouldn’t you want to have that surgery with fewer critters in your heart, rather than more?

Time will tell how precise or imprecise this tool is.

For now, we rejoice that after a year of talking and planning, we have begun.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk

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8 Responses to First Cardio Tests

  1. Jim Alseth says:

    So compelling.
    You ask the question Arthur “If you are going to have a triple bypass for biological reasons, wouldn’t you want to have that surgery with fewer critters in your heart, rather than more?”
    I agree, but even further I would like to see in how many instances the removal of critters cancels the need for surgery…

    • SLG says:

      I am sure some heart procedures are the results of critters, and removal of them should preclude the need for surgery. BUT most heart surgery is the result of pervasive and pernicious lifestyle sins and you can remove all the critters in the world, and that doesn’t change the fruit of 100,000 small, wrong choices.

  2. Sharon Woods says:

    Will this help figure out about A-Fib also?

    • SLG says:

      Sharon, possibly eventually, but can’t promise. We do have one tool for dealing with a-Fib in our album “Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts.”

  3. Jenny C. says:

    So exciting! Look forward to what will be revealed in the coming weeks!

  4. Cynthia says:

    This is so exciting!! And I can’t wait to find out the results. I also can’t wait for you all to release the CDs from the Deliverance Practicum coming up on Aug 5th, so we can learn more about fractals, essences, etc. Much light on the horizon! Please keep us posted.

  5. Richard Given says:

    This is a wonderful update. I have pondered and prayed on this matter in my own less detailed manner for some time now – and prayed over people “believing what I believe” without telling them and have seen some small movement in the right direction. I pray that Father brings you more insights into this ministry.Blessings and love to all.

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