Monkey in the Right Ventricle

Dr. Tracy has persuaded the software to get up and walk and talk and dance and she had the time to take a first pass at the first EKG.

Here are a couple of excerpts.

Dr. Tracy.   “For the first analysis we concentrated on only ONE chamber and mostly ONE lead.  In this case it was the Right Ventricle and lead 111.

“Now firstly and generally I want to say this. Only at ONE point in THIS particular EKG did the Spirit prompt me to look at the WHOLE EKG and that was just after the start and it correlates to you calling the spirit of this person to attention- WOW for a few seconds we have an absolutely ordered and pristine EKG. Crisp clear like a soldier in salute.”

My clarifying question.   “Let me say it back to you.  I think what you said is that when I called their spirit to attention, there was a positive, measurable, verifiable, NON-SUSTAINED, change in the overall function of the heart.  Is that a valid paraphrase of what you wrote?”

 Dr. Tracy.    “EXACTLY what I am saying, every nuance and every abnormality whether in the physical or spiritual realm took on the form of “as it should be” in that moment. It couldn’t hold it together but for those seconds it submitted to an authority and an order!!”

This is what I call “proof of concept.”  Our hypothesis was that the human spirit could act upon the physical heart.  In this one situation, there is an unambiguous YES.

There is also the obvious fact that it could not sustain the correction.  BUT we have opened a world of possibilities regarding the future for spirit/heart interaction.

As she looked at the right ventricle, she said this.

“This Right Ventricle never really seems to find its rhythm, line or length, the complexes and deflections are not consistent across the rhythm strip and they fluctuate as other parts of the heart are addressed.  

“There is no physical abnormality in that RV per se (doctor hat) but the monkey running up and down that wire is giving the RV a workout it neither needs nor wants. In time it will cause fray.”

Another valuable piece of information.  From a biological perspective, there is no problem with the RV, but because of the “monkey” messing with the electrical impulses, there will be, eventually, an identifiable physical wear and tear.

Obviously, in time, we need to identify the monkey and then see what can be done to evict him.  That would bring the RV up to zero.

The follow-up question is whether or not, at this stage in the game, the spirit in conjunction with the Holy Spirit can turn the clock back and undo the impact-to-date on the RV.

To me, what is interesting about this is that I know the person’s journey.  They have had some varied experiences with structural authority.  Now they are learning to walk in moral and spiritual authority and it is a great journey, improving by the month.

The RV is the locus of Jesus Christ in the fractal of four, and He is about dominion.  So the picture fits.  In daily life, dominion is functional, but hardly exceptional.  In the RV, things work, but are not exceptional.

Now it so happens that we took this client through deliverance the very next day.  I can’t remember whether there was any junk in the RV, but it will be fascinating for Dr. Tracy to look at the follow-up EKG (without knowing who it is) to see what she says about the RV during and after deliverance.

In the immediate future, Dr. Tracy will look at the right atrium on this first EKG to see what she finds there.

Why do we do this?  Because there HAS to be a better way.

What if half our heart disease is from spiritual roots, not diet or high pressure lifestyle?  What if spiritual roots could be identified and healed with spiritual tools instead of the pills or the knife?!

What if we are talking about YOUR heart?

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk

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12 Responses to Monkey in the Right Ventricle

  1. Hugh Stevenson says:

    I have a question about a utube clip that you did that talked about the difference between male and female worship. I loved it and wanted to share it with a worship leader and can’t find it. Could you tell me the name of it or send me the link to it. My wife an I have followed you for years and been to several of you seminars and have many of your cd series that have impacted our lives and those that we’ve shared them with. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

    Brother in Christ Hugh Stevenson


    • SLG says:

      Nope, I don’t think that clip is up there any more, but we have an entire seminar on the topic at our website. Called Colors of Love.


  2. hansielouw says: this on hansielouw and commented:
    This is a place where we need to go to find a better understanding and to find healing


  3. Barbara Wall says:

    Thankyou for organizing and looking under this rock! I for one would be interested in all the better ways out there.


  4. phyllis says:

    I am struggling at times to keep up with the spiritual “headiness” of these discussions. But thank You Father, that my spirit is Not limited and therefore I can catch what He wants me to hear. Arthur, I believe that there is a shorter way for all of us for “freedom” in heart and heart. As my own journey unfolds, at just under 62 I am realizing and understanding a lifetime of “things” that I would have had to search for continuously in the past. There is truly something about my age range that is significant for the body of Christ. I am beginning to see God’s way of contributing to the freedom of those even older as well as those coming behind becoming free in Christ as He originally designed.

    I had a vision (my very first one before I knew one could/should have them) 20 years ago at an all night prayer watch (also my first). In the vision was the city of Jericho. Inside the walls were all the lost (in Christ) waiting to be found. Also, those who were found but remained bound by lies of various degrees. The army marching on the outside led by worshippers was the “freed” saints marching around the exterior interceding for those inside.

    I believe the “walls” have been crumbling and torn down little by little thus far, but that the Lord will cause a great crashing of those walls as we find the right notes, frequencies and rhythms while we continue to march.

    The above example of “heart” frequencies is exciting to say the least.

    Press on Arthur and Company!



  5. Agatha Rub says:

    This is something that fascinates me, when the work of the Spirit can bee seen by medical tools. Thats the reality, even we did not know it yet. Yes! Go on, there is a better way.

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  6. jennygps says:

    This is so exciting and just plain cool! (forgive my lack of vocabulary to describe it…it’s way past my bedtime) 🙂 I’m so glad you all decided to press into this pioneering research and I bless the process as God reveals more insights through the data. How fun and much needed!


  7. Janis Leal says:

    This is utterly fascinating and very exciting.

    “What if spiritual roots could be identified and healed with spiritual tools instead of the pills or the knife?!” Yes, Lord!!

    And MORE, Lord!
    Let Mercy Season rain fall on this work and all involved, His revealing and revelation flow like a river in His time and perfect way, with His smile of joy and His very own heart of passion.


  8. Amazig how that when you “called their spirit to attention, there was a positive, measurable, verifiable, NON-SUSTAINED, change in the overall function of the heart.” Sounds like an opportune start up point. Human spirit has this sector of dominion even at this fragile level?
    Sounds like an agile little monkey running quietly amok in my heart! Mercy and Ruler are so on hand to bring order, yet it, the jungle critter, doesn’t stay caged!
    Been cheering this research from the sidelines since it was first mooted! Go Team! Go Dr Tracy! Deeper and deeper! And Deep calleth unto deep!
    Wonder what breed the little guy is, or if it matters? Would there be different kinds of damage wrought as it bounces on our heart-strings???


  9. peter stevens says:

    This is exciting.
    Referencing July 10 and the Time of the Trinity plus and triple thread to us – could this be His reins as in He is the Driver we are the horse. This would link well as a connection to our adrenals and kidneys (reins in KJV). I was wondering if The King’s threads might also or connect to our heart and by fully cleansing the plug and the threads critters in the heart would be pressured to move on or anyway be weakened.

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