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Time and Space #13: Now and Future

God brought Abram to Canaan to steward the land.  Instead, he enjoyed it. And his grasp of stewardship was so dismal that he illegally gave away half of the land to his nephew who had anti-stewardship software running all the … Continue reading

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Time and Space #12: Deadlines

Is there a defacto deadline when there is no announced deadline? Ponder God, Abram and Terah. Notice the sharp contradiction between these two passages. “The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye #1: Trona

As I watch the calendar, I know that if I am not intentional about saying good-bye wisely to the places in California that have mattered to me, the time from now until September will be gone quickly.  So, I grabbed … Continue reading

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Time and Space #11: What God Tells Us

God gave Noah instructions about building the ark, including size and future use.  Call that space. God did NOT give him any info about how long it would take to build or how long he would be in it. Call … Continue reading

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Time and Space #10: Dissolving Time/Space

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”  Genesis 5:24  AV I have watched several friends die by the inch, cruelly. I marveled at Jacob’s death.  He knew it was time.  Yet he had the … Continue reading

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Time and Space #9: Dominion

On the sixth day, God created bugs, animals and humans.  Those three groups were added to the fish and the birds who could convert time and space into motion and sound through an act of their will. Out of the … Continue reading

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Time and Space #8: Choice

After four days of creation being subject solely to the will of the Trinity and the laws of nature, on the fifth day, choice regarding time and space came into play. God created fish and birds.  He imbued them with … Continue reading

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