Time and Space #1

As I shared in my NYE broadcast about the change of seasons for SLG, one of the things on the table for 2018 is to deal with the time and space challenges we have in the field.

In the office, there is a very high dominion over time and an over-the-top dominion in terms of space.  But, that does not extend to the volunteers.  When someone offers to walk with us in some project, they usually get taken out through devouring of time.  So we need to figure out a way to raise the water table of authority in this area for the whole Tribe.

I plan on using a number of tools, this blog being one.  I am going to go through Scripture for as long as the grace is there, pulling out clear vignettes of where God supernaturally aligned time and space to advance His kingdom.

My hope is that as we meditate on these Biblical stories, it will make a difference.

Any time you see a parallel to that Biblical story, in your life and can celebrate it in the comments to the blog, it will enrich the process.

For example, Sarah’s getting pregnant was a time/space issue.  In this case, my opinion is that God blocked the alignment for decades preventing conception.  I just talked with a lady today who tried so hard to get pregnant and nothing happened.  Then she got some healing and the next month she got pregnant.

She is quite sure God delayed her pregnancy until she had gotten past a milestone, because once the cleansing was done, her body was flawless in conceiving and carrying a child to term.

So this one/two punch of Biblical example plus contemporary illustration of the same picture will start us on our journey toward high corporate authority of rightfully aligned time/space.

On an individual basis, I generally shoot for 100,000 right actions, building authority over 20 years.  That means 5,000 thoughts and actions per year or more than a dozen a day. In order to change the spiritual climate for our Tribe, I anticipate needing far more than that.

Hence I will be beating this drum fairly relentlessly.  Spiritual authority does not just happen.  You have to focus intently on the truth in the Word and marinate your spirit and soul in those Biblical pictures, then link them to daily life.

Fortunately, drumming is something I know how to do!

For those of you who do Facebook, I am going to open a whole new page that is devoted just to time/space stories.   These will capture anything that we see during the week, whether it is related to a recent Biblical story or not.

This is my starting strategy.  More to come in time.

Copyright January 2018 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Here are some small acts of obedience that over time built up spiritual authority: Years ago Arthur suggested that on the first day of each month people take time to bless the month. I did this by getting some alone time and did whatever I though got God was leading me to do. Sometimes it was to pray, sometimes read the Bible, sometimes it was to have quiet rest. I did this small act for a while. The idea was to cleanse the month by offering God the first fruits of that day of the month. I also engaged in the processes of reconciliation during the four windows of reconciliation he wrote about on his website.
    Meanwhile I had a hope that my husband and I could use the growing equity in our home to buy another home. We both had the skills needed to be able to pull off this kind of investment (he is a contractor and I was a decorator). It took 17 years during which I would ask my husband if he thought it was the right time to “go for it.” In that time I learned patience, trust, and the joy of appreciating and blessing the land we lived on. By God’s grace we bought a sweet home pretty much at the bottom of the housing market. We have since remodeled it and try to use the home in such a way as to be a blessing to others.
    I notice that these and the other small acts of obedience have built to where I find blessings of time and timing regularly. Right now I am pursuing a second career that God has positioned me for and the blessing of being where I am supposed to be in the time I am supposed to be there brings tremendous peace. I hope this encourages you. I know we can feel so pressured to want change and growth quickly. I bless those reading to feel encouraged to walk in small acts of obedience grounded in love and growing trust.

    • Angela Clark says:

      Thank you for your post. I am new to this group, but I am finding myself being awakened to truths I somehow never even knew were there! Can you provide any guidance as to where to even begin in the process of diving in to many of these strategies your speaking of? I feel a little overwhelmed when I look at the articles and posts available and, truthfully, wonder if I can catch up! Oh, how I want to catch up! Thanks so much!

  2. Ellen Holt says:

    For years I have cried to the Lord for the space to spend time with Him alone. I am also an introvert, so having the space to be alone is healing. The timing was never right to have this space. Too many people in this small house. I am grateful that our house was a safe place for our adult children to live for the last ten years.

    I know that 2017 was a transitional year, one where prayers and proclamations for my family were moved upon. Joy was released, and I was able to let go of other things that I thought I was responsible for, regarding my family.

    2018 is the year where I will have a space (in my own house) to be alone with Him. Now that time and space have come together at my house, a new layer of deep healing was recently revealed to me, exactly at the right time!

  3. Moonsun says:

    I truly appreciate how you have put words to this and explained so well. The relationship between the time and space… I only thought of it as God’s divine timing when I am at the right place at the right time with the right people (or that critical person I need to meet at that time!). but never really put space and time together the way you have. I have so many little events that these happen quiet often no matter how small it might be and get amazed at His chess play. I usually share these moments as God is an amazing chess player. 🙂 so looking forward to this new journey. Thanks!

  4. Daphne says:

    I echo with this part, “God delayed her pregnancy until she had gotten past a milestone” (Congrats to Sarah by-the-way). As painful & frustrating as it can be, I think timing is very important. As much as I appreciate Arthur’s teachings & I am so grateful to have encountered these powerful teachings, I still need to be ready, so rather than rejecting what is being taught, I can see the truth & receive these teachings.

  5. Lisa says:

    i have come to treasure and celebrate the times when God has perfectly aligned time and space as a sign of his love and favor. I have 2 stories to celebrate. As a single mom with a newborn in the big city, I had an expectation that God is God and knew my need for parking spaces– (It is hard to lug around groceries and a newborn in a car seat, in addition to a diaper bag and purse …. and He never let me down. I was a shift worker, and got off at Midnight– yet God never failed to give me a parking space smack in front of my Chicago apartment– I used to marvel, as I would see a car pull out, just as I was driving up– imagining God woke them to go to the store in the middle of the night, to free up a space for ME at 1AM! Same with stores, and restaurants– I would tell people driving with me “don’t worry, God loves me and there will be a parking space!– just watch” lol Sure enough, one would be ready and waiting for me– and I would proclaim that He is the God of the widow and the fatherless. Yes He is!
    More recently, several years ago, I was convinced to snorkle during a Manta Ray night dive. Problem is, I don’t like fish. I almost drowned as a kid when a muskee swam by and startled me. I am easily startled by fish and do not really enjoy snorkling at all. But a friend who owns a dive company convinced me to come along on the trip and snorkle– to face my fear, while my husband and daughter night dived. There were 5 dive tour boats with about 10 divers each and 20 snorkelers– easily 70 people attending the night dive. I started to have a panic attack with all the fish and their darting movements (they put lights up to draw the fish and the mantas. All of a sudden, I realized I might have a nervous breakdown when the mantas showed up. I prayed “God, please, I don’t think I can handle the mantas– please don’t let them come.” Well, the tour guides there say they come EVERY NIGHT…. ALWAYS. But after 15 min, no mantas— no worries, said the tour guides, they ALWAYS come! (money back guarantee they are so confident of this) 30 min… no mantas– oops tanks running out of O2, time to come up! The tour staff were baffled— and kept going on and on that this is THE night manta spot in Kona– they come EVERY night! 5 tour boats of excited divers ready to hang out with the mantas– and one frightened but trusting daughter who believed that her Father would not give her anything she couldn’t handle– And that night I marveled at His love and kindheartedness for the needs of one— overriding the desires and expectations of the many. What love! What compassion! He is a good good Father and it is such an easy thing for Him to bring time and space into alignment. 🙂

  6. Jenny Lynn says:

    I like where this is headed! Count me in.

  7. Andrea C says:

    On this issue your timing is perfect. I’ve been wondering what’s going on over here with time and this will help a lot. Thanks!

  8. Cynthia says:

    I love the “one-two” punch. Perhaps this might be another example: Hannah, in I Samuel, cried out to the Lord for a baby for years, but it was blocked – “the Lord had closed her womb.”

    At some point, her heart for God’s Big Picture opened up, and she promised God that a miracle baby would be dedicated to Him, to be consecrated for the Lord’s work, for what HE desired for the child. That was the point at which she conceived, and true to her word, brought Samuel to become a priest of the Lord.

    Contemporary illustration: our church was born of a group of believers who began meeting in someone’s house week after week. They called out to the Lord for a church home, a building, a pastor. Everyone had their own individual heart’s desires, left over from their previous church experiences. But their ability to move forward to purchase property to build was continually blocked.

    There came a day, about ten years ago, when they all came together in prayer, and turned over the future of their worship community to the Lord. They agreed that whether the Lord might call them to urban ministry, missionary work, or whatever His pleasure, that they were committed to following what HE wanted for their new church. Not their own desires, but God’s Big Picture.

    That was when the perfect property at the perfect price opened up at the perfect place at the perfect time downtown, and they were able to move forward, build, call a pastor, and open the doors of the New Church to the community. So another birthing, brought out of the time/space alignment that came of obedience and relinquishing one’s dream to the Lord for Him to re-write according to HIS desires.

    Thanks for this! Keep beating that drum!

  9. That is beautiful…thank you so much for this, Arthur….at the beginning of the year there always seems to be strong headwind pushing against focus and tempo.

  10. I appreciate your numerical breakdown of needed ‘right thoughts and actions per day’. Even more, I appreciate your understanding that shifting the spiritual climate is not instant – you referenced a 20-year plan.

  11. frieda de winter says:

    I sooooooooooooooooo love this …and so wonderful how God waited with this lady her pregnancy till after the healing …so loving of our God …..I can add a little thing about alignment time space …one of the very cold sundays last month …it had been snowing ….after church, I went home by bus ….there is only one , every half hour …you imagine …that bus did not come …I had two choices..complain of being in the cold for half an hour or praise the Lord and trust that He had a hand in it …wel …..it was like that …when the next bus came, I met a lady, who the Lord brings on my way often to build a loving relationship with …and ..a drunk man, whom, I connected for the first time , and the week after that , I met him again but he was sober and I could challenge him to seek the Lord ….not seen the fruit yet , but …He is at work …may this little thing add a bit of authority in the time / space thing ..If I understood right what arthur meant ….

  12. Harmony says:

    Hello from Worcestershire in the UK. This isn’t specifically related to this post – I just wanted to say, I am so grateful to have found your teaching. Thank you for all you do and give and study and post. I have found truths and release in areas I never even knew existed! Your material challenges me and delights my soul – it is a lovely thing. Thank you.

    A tiny, tiny point, and it maybe that I missed an explanation somewhere: is the spelling of ‘Group’ on the banner at the top of the blog page deliberate?

    May the Lord bless you and all yours very much as 2018 unfolds . . .

  13. Dick Rabil says:

    I was thinking about this very topic. Time can be devoured in several ways. Mostly my own lack of authority and my own exhorter weakness. We have been praying for right alignment of time in our business. But Before we spoke last week I got a cold which really slowed me down. I’m just feeling better now. Then My wife suddenly got a stomach ailment yesterday. Is this what you’re alluding to? Of course the enemy doesn’t want us to have relationship but how much does God want us to recognize what He has to give us? I was thinking about how Nehemiah dealt with all the distractions around him as he pressed on toward building the wall. Look forward to more insights.

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